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  1. First of all, thank you very much for this detailed answer. I didn't know logs do have a timestamp which is only used via the API with this one app. Unfortunately, I am not in the i-world and only have some outdated devices of them. The premium price to get an iOS 10.0 device and buy this app isn't worth the effort. It's a bit sad that this feature is hidden in the deep waters of Geocaching and is unused until today. Sounds like it should be quite simple to add a time field beside the date which is set to 12:00 as default but could be edited for the reasons I pointed out above. I wish they added this one filed instead of developing two parallel map views (one fast and the other slow and selective).
  2. Hi Geocaching-HQ, it would be great to add a tool wherer you can move forgotten logs at the end of the day in the appropriate place of your geocaching tour. This would be nice to preserve chronological order of your cache finds and for TBs it improves their travel distance calculation. At the moment you have to delete or migrate every log after your forgotten log to achieve a perfect chronological order. An insert/move log tool would be a great premium feature for me. Greetings from Germany Tobias aka Adler 12
  3. Hi, ich suche Geocaching Anschluss im Raum Braunschweig zum (T5) Cachen. Bisher habe ich nur meinen Gurt mit nach Braunschweig genommen, der Rest kommt im nächsten Jahr nach. Technisch wäre ich bei allem dabei. Wenn man ein Seil einbauen kann, komme ich daran auch hoch/runter. Grüße Tobias aka Adler 12
  4. I wish I could find something like sort to nearest to your home location in a bookmark list, which are sorted alphabetical by default. It is very hard to find Caches near you if there is no possibility to sort by distance. Yes, there is a way to do it. With a PQ you can do all those things but the handling of lists without this step would improve a lot.
  5. Hmm it is still a bit confusing with all those different regulations. I've seen the "lessons learned pictures" a view times. You should include a drawing of what you can see (but always as a sketch). I think if it requires a digital picture you run into the earthcache.org guidelines. If you publish an earthcache you must confirm the earthcache.org guideline and geocaching hiding guideline. Both apply. To sum it up you can take a sketch as a log requirement but no photograph. Everything else is up to the mood of the reviewer. (And sometimes even guideline conform geocaches get refused.)
  6. The virtual Geocache guidelines allow an autoresponder and log pictures as a requirement to log the Geocache. As far as I can see the only difference between a virtual and earthcache is the topic. Both Geocaches ask questions about things nearby and don't have a physical container. I question, why aren't earthcachers allowed to have a log picture requirement like the virtuals? Are earthcachers just too ugly to show on pictures? Can someone please point out why there are different requirements for the same virtual Geocache type and why earthcachers are not allowed to ask for a log picture. Log pictures would simplify the logging tremendously and ensure that the Geocacher was there (a solution database would be useless too). Unlike other Geocache types earthcaches just require the correct answers to prove a visit. No other type unlike the lab caches have such a low requirement. A lot of earthcachers feel neglected and a bit discriminated compared to virtuals. A unified requirement would help new geocachers and avoid conflicts.
  7. Hmm that's somehow sad and I even pay for it. Looks like you can get the most out of your lisitng only with some GIF or pictures and edit it with font or table elements.
  8. How can I do this? (Example code if possible) Or do you just mean insert the index into the text? Like this just in an ul: A: OptionA
  9. I just want to create a nice and pleasant listing but somehow GC doesn't let me. If there is a nice list with supported tags and attributes i expect them to work, but they don't. E.g. I can't use the style attribute in the ol tag, but the start attribute somehow works. dl dt and dd tags are not working... <ol type="A"> <li>sand</li> <li>silt</li> <li>clay</li> </ol> Can you please fix this problem and update your supported list with the real supported attributes and tags. (E.g. every method to avoid a table command doesn't work too...) Maybe it is just because HTML5 doesn't support a bunch of those attributes and tags. But maybe it's time to update all of this. Or do we have to upload our listings as images to get rid of those problems?
  10. I just try to create a better Lisitng. I want to use the tag ol with the attributes type and start. As I can read out of the supported section this must work without problems, but it didn't. Here is my example: <ol type="A" start="2"> <li>sand</li> <li>silt</li> <li>clay</li> </ol> And i expect: sand silt clay but I get: sand silt clay What am I doing wrong? Pls help.
  11. Ok, today i have to log with the new website. Let's see, if there is any improvement: Pro: modern style easy to handle, because there are no more options Cons/you have to work on: It is less log-friendly due to one more click to open the trackables section (I wouldn't log any TB from now on, just to save time) One file upload - somethimes one image is not enough A high number of TBs create a longer list. Each TB takes more space. Other Regulations: How to log old Locationless Geocaches twice, which are now listed as Mystery (yes, there are only a few, but some other rare Geocaches are still existing too) Ok to sum it all up, atm there is no major imporvement and I would prefer the old website over the new one. But if you make your homework and solve those cons, the new page could become more favorable. Greetings from Germany Adler 12
  12. Hi there, as I try to log my Geocaching day, i always open all Geocaches and line them up in my browser, but here I got some issues. After an undefined period, the website starts to timeout. As I stop the script I only notice the function "visit all" at the Tracables section does not work. Maybe one reason could be, that only geocaching.com script in my firefox browser is allowed, because I don't want quantserve or google to collect too much data and support them more. (Maybe this could be a premium member upgrade, for a better privacy...) Greetings from Germany Adler 12
  13. I was Geocaching last week and found 17 Earthcaches and can't log them because Groundspeak blocks my E-Mails after the 6th one. Please increase this Number for Premium Members, else I will log Earthcaches Series greater 6 without your Guidelines and the Owner has to ask me for the answers or I will sent it after he deletes my log. This is a bad joke, only 6 mails? How long will the blocking phase last, till I can sent the next bunch of mails?
  14. Hallo Cacherfreunde, Ich heiße Tobias(19)und Cache jetzt seit ca. 1,5 Jahren (fast 300 Funde). Durch das Studium in Karlsruhe bin ich nun an 2 Orten aktiv (je nach Zeitraum) und suche noch nette Leute zum zusammen Cachen gehen. (Zusammen macht alles viel mehr Spaß) Es wäre toll, wenn ich auch einen Seilpartner für das T5 Cachen finde, mit dem ich dieses Jahr gerne anfangen möchte. Erreichen kann man mich am besten über adler12-geocaching@gmx.de Viele Grüße Tobias
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