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  1. We are planing a trip to Montana in late June. I have heard that travel in the Indian reservations is forbidden. We were planning on traveling through the Blackfeet Reservation on Hwy 2 through Glacier County. Are there restrictions on the U.S. highway 2, just to pass through the reservation? Thanks
  2. As on4bam says, using GSAK makes this a simple job. Learning how to use GSAK can be a little tough. Load your cache list into gsak, put the number you want to add to the name in the User Data column then click on GPS and send to GPS. When the pop-up box appears, enter in the "Name" box - %User %Name. That's it. Send it to the GPS. Of course you will have to set up GSAK to recognize your GPS.
  3. This cacher: cachedude3, has been logging some of my hides today along with caches in Africa and somewhere way up north where there are polar bears! He did them TODAY. I think he's phony. What can we do about this kind of logger?
  4. I have a GPSMAP62 and it will show caches over a thousand miles away. On my new 64, it seems like they have to be within 100 miles or so of where I am. I have both machines set up the same (I think). I know I can have it search from a map point closer to the caches and they show up, but we are county hunters and there are times when we are over 500 miles away from where we are heading next. Is there anyway to get the 64 to act like the 62? On the 62 if I put in caches that are in Japan and there aren't any closer caches, they show up on the list. Thanks, RogFel
  5. Download the the GPX file. Plug your unit into the computer. Then using File Explorer, Open Garmin xxxxx(xxx is usally the name of the device), then click on the arrow (>) pointing to Garmin which should show folders on your garmin. Then just move the GPX file to the GPX folder. Unplug and you're done.
  6. All I do is - Press the 'Find' button, then select 'Change Route Activity', then select 'Direct Routing'. then I press the "Page" button and scroll the ribbon menu to either compass or Trip Computer. Sounds like a lot to do but only takes me about 5 -10 seconds.
  7. Thanks kunarion! You are correct that it only seems to be when I use GC's load to GPS that they show up. Loading the GPX file or using GSAK seems to work. Thanks
  8. We have 2 garmin's a 62s and a Oregon 300. It seems like lately (maybe it's always done it), when we read a cache description that is downloaded from GC.com, all the HTML tags are showing. Is there some setting that we can do to have them not show?
  9. Is there some way to get a list of caches that would be a certain page of a certain state? Project Geocaching has a great way of listing all caches in a selected county of a selected state. I would like to find something similar. Or, how do you guys do it? For example I want all the caches listed in an area that is on page 38 of Florida. I know I can do a pocket query of the area and then load that into GSAK and then run a macro to get the page number, but that seems cumbersome to me. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks Blue Square Thing!! Just having the map with the caches that are in a specific county is just what I was looking for! I think this will cut my mapping time in half! Thanks for directing me to project-gc. Never heard of it before. Very interesting.
  11. We like to find a cache or 2 in every county of a state. So far we have 15 states completed. I am in the process of mapping a trip through Kentucky to visit 103 of it's 120 counties. This becomes a long tedious process of using 2 sets of maps. I use GC.com (which doesn't show county boundaries)to locate caches in the area, then I switch to Streets and Trips to find where the county lines are. It would be so much easier to download the whole state of Kentucky, use a GSAK macro to add the county name to each cache. But with the 500 cache limit for PQ's it just doesn't work. GC's search feature only allows a search by country or state. Any good ideas out there?
  12. We just completed our 15th state where we have found all the counties in. We are pretty proud of this. How many states have you completed?
  13. I find I can't use the scroll wheel to zoom and click and drag to move the map around using chrome now.
  14. The version of Chrome that I'm using is: Version 22.0.1229.14 beta-m Beta version but seems very stable in everything but GC?
  15. Ok, it works with IE and Firefox but not with Chrome, my browser of choice.
  16. I used to be able to use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out and click and hold to drag the map. WTH is with this degrade?
  17. It's either broke or real slow.
  18. SLOW!! All cache pages are taking forever to open. EDIT! 5 minutes later, everything works ok now! Icons, speed etc. all ok.
  19. Down in FL, I have been getting about 5 minutes out an hour when things act normal. The rest of the time it is so slow that I could find a 5 star cache during page download! It was that way this morning at 7 a.m. eastern daylight.
  20. Is there anyway that I can convince someone that this app needs the landscape keyboard for us fat fingered people that try to do field notes while hiking?
  21. I think most people use rechargeable batteries. But a 12 hour geocache raid puts a strain on them. The point "I" was making was by turning the compass off for geocaching, you NEVER have to recalibrate it. You don't really need it to geocache! I live in the same area as Jetskier and have never been unable to move around. It's good to hear that the compass works better in the OR because I know it was terrible on the 60's and I never really tested it on the CO's or the our OR's
  22. Just curious, How does the compass help during geocaching? Of my 3000+ caches, I have never had the compass on. I follow the arrow till I get real close then I look around. If I need adjustment from there, I just look at the distance to cache and walk in the direction where numbers decrease. We have done it this way on our Magellan's, 60's, CO's and OR's. I have no idea as to why I would use the compass feature. On the Oregon, Garmin says it gets best reception with the top pointing up, which you can't (shouldn't) do with the compass on. I also read somewhere that using the compass puts a 20% drain on the batteries.
  23. I never calibrate my compass as it is turned off all the time. No need for it while caching. As long as you move the arrow points to the cache. Big plus, you don't have to hold level. Another plus - saves of batteries.
  24. Double post. Sorry
  25. I listed it on Ebay at $225 start plus $15 shipping. I also found the box, so it is as complete as it was when new.
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