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  1. You finish your Altoids and think hmmmmm, if I painted this flat black and ... "The hardest thing to find is something that's not there!"
  2. I have the situation right now of looking for a cache, knowing I'm at the right spot because of all the tracks but still haven't found the actual container so I have not claimed it. I found out that it was moved a 'little bit' because of the traffic so I guess I'll have to revisit the area and try again. "The hardest thing to find is something that's not there!"
  3. I've used ammo cans and I got another one prepared but at several locations, they'd be too difficult to hide. I'm thinking of painting an altoid tin container flat black, and then using a magnet to stick them to any metal signs or posts in the area. It seems to me it would be environmentally friendly as no holes to dig, nothing to move about, and simply unstick and leave if you must. This of course would be a micro cache. You could get some credit card sized items and perhaps a key-chain or two into it though. "The hardest thing to find is something that's not there!"
  4. I don't leave cash in my cache, but I did leave a 'gold' bar :-) which lead to this posting: April 16, 2001 by RiverRatGarmin (1 found) You can [delete] or [permanently encrypt] this log entry. I stumbled upon this treasure on April 14,2001 while doing some rock mining near my parents house. At first I didn't want to open it thinking it was a bomb or something (you can never be to sure these days!) However I know it wasn't there last fall and I just could not resist opening it. (think about that for a minute, I thought it was a bomb, but opened it anyway!) Well upon opening it I read congratulations, you found it... and I put the bag back and untied the box from the tree and walked down to the water and told my girlfriend I found it!. She had no idea what I was talking about. We sat down and upon reading the paper inside the box was suprised to find the gold bar. Now I'm really freaking out thinking some old man had left his life savings for someone to find. We made a mad dash home to share our good fortune with the family! I opened the plastic bag and read out loud to the whole family that had gathered around. Let me just say that was very exciting as I am an avid G.P.S user, but have never heard of geocaching. Well I didn't take anything (the civil war bullets were cool) but did leave a 2001 fishing guide book. ... As a sad aside, RiverRat has now destroyed this cache. He said he couldn't live with the all the traffic! (I've calculated 1 extra car down this public road every 3 weeks). It's a shame that after his excitement at finding this cache, he now wants to deprive anyone else from having the same fun. The hardest thing to find is something that's not there!
  5. I have a Legend and I really like the ease of downloading the waypoints with EasyGPS. One great feature of the Legend is that is you've downloaded the waypoints within a reasonable distance, you can 'Find the Nearest' one to your current location. The hardest thing to find is something that's not there!
  6. I've been thinking about developing a boat travel bug with the intention of releasing it in Pittsburgh - the start of the Ohio River - and see how far down the Ohio it goes. I believe a lot of boats that would spot this bug would have gps' and would be willing to log a find or to at least email where it was last seen. The design of the boat would of course be very small, well labeled, and made of soft materials. Is this type of travel bug appropriate? The hardest thing to find is something that's not there!
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