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  1. Thank you! I assume I would need to do this individually, rather than being able to do a PQ? Is the .loc readable as a text file if I open it with a text reader?
  2. (edit - Sorry - not sure I mean the H - it is a very very old yellow that I got >10 years ago and was second hand at the time. Question stands though) I've just started geocaching again after a long hiatus. My old GPSr is still perfectly functional. However, it being an old model, it allows entry of a max of 6 letters in the waypoint name. Now that all the caches have 7 letter names, will I still be able to use it by sending the .loc files (assuming I can find a computer old enough to have a serial port!) I don't really want to shell out for a new unit.
  3. quote:Originally posted by Slytherin: quote:Originally posted by The Wombles:..It includes a clause that it will be illegal to use a hand-held electronic device whilst on the move in the car, which could be applied to a GPSr... GPS devices are OK, as they do not transmit. The regulation only covers devices that 'interact'. This is from the Dept of Transport's web site. _ Q4. Will drivers still be able to use navigation equipment or personal digital assistants (PDAs) or other computer equipment that sends or receives data (which would include GPS transmissions)? Yes - providing that it is not a hand-held device....(emphasis mine - P-D) Still got that "handheld device" clause in there. Looks like the interpretation of that is that mounted GPSrs are okay, but it will be illegal to use a handheld one...like an Etrex for example.
  4. Been away from the forums, so a bit slow on the uptake. Congratulations!!
  5. I might be able to catch you in Peterborough, but my chances would be a lot greater if Cambridge was added to the list.
  6. I've also signed. Heritage is more important that gravel.
  7. Some of the worst 'tat' I have found was one cache where someone had left a handful of stones. Not nice shiny stones, not agates, not minerals, just stones which could have been picked up from the path in! I also found an opened pack of sweets in another. I have found I am doing an awful lot of TNLN or TN left candles/pencils/etc at the moment. It can be quite disappoiting when you struggle though to a high diff/terrain cache and find nothing in there worth marking the achievment with (except the log entry, of course *g*)
  8. I would either log a not-found or post-a-note. If I am sure I am in the right place and the cache is missing I tend to post a note. There is a cache on my nearest page that used to be a physical cache but has been trashed. It has been left active, you can now log if you get to the location and the cache isn't there. I find this very annoying as I don't think logging where a cache isn't counts as a find, but I am going to end up logging it as a find just to get it off my front page. I actually found the cache immediately after it had been trashed - the front page of the log book was still in the woods, but I logged it as a not found as the cache was trashed. The next person along logged it as a find as the log book was still floating around!
  9. Hi, Glad to hear Boysie is feeling better. I'll bear the glucosamine thing in mind should MistyDog have problems.
  10. [sarcasm filter: on]They are a friendly sounding bunch. I particularly like the way they are so polite to each other, and obviously have a great deal of tolerance for people with hobbies other than their own.
  11. Okay so I only met Omally at the HCC event, but he definitely seemed to be a nutter.
  12. quote:Ah, that sounds like a good idea. We were wondering how to keep the BBQ stuff cold the other day. I don't know how well this will work, but I am putting the food frozen into an insulated bag with an ice pack, and then placing the whole into a cooler box with more icepacks. I reckon that by Saturday evening it will be thawed but still safe. The other thing is that many food poisoning type things can be avoided as long as the meat is thoroughly cooked. I tend to avoid chicken breasts and thick things when barbecuing as it is difficult to ensure they are cooked through.
  13. quote:Originally posted by Wood Smoke:I have an idea........ ......I think we should start a new type of cache....... ......._The Wandering Cache_....... .....it could be great fun trying to find it. Each finder hides it somewhere different and logs the change on the web site :-) WoodSmoke I tried to find one of these whilst in St Louis on vacation. That one didn't move into other caches, but actually changed its location, with the co-ords being updated by each person who moved it, through the logs. Very irritating when the log wasn't updated more than a week after it moved to Cincinatti, and we spent a long time crawling round the undergrowth looking for it! Interesting that these are now disallowed - is that a UK or global thing?
  14. quote:Originally posted by Team Blitz: The night multi-cache is all prepared, including a few "twists" (and breaches of the "guidelines!!) that can only really be done on a one-off cache like this! Omally and I will probably be seen giggling as people walk the route! Paul As a female who caches alone, thank you for this, as night caching is not something I would otherwise get to do, for personal safety reasons. This sounds like a lot of fun, and I suspect from the tone of Team Blitz's post that there will be people queueing up to throttle them and omally afterwards (all in the spirit of fun, of course!)
  15. Are there any Travel Bug Hotels within easy distance of you? They seem to be quite large, as the aim is to be able to fit several TBs in at a time.
  16. I said No. IMHO, a glass container is more likely to cause a hazard than a non-glass container. With as wide a range of alternative containers available as there are, it seems unnecessary to use a glass one. The "traditional" tupperware and ammocans are less likely to break than glass. Breakage of metal/plastic is more likely due to wear and tear, and gradual damage like that I would expect to find reported on in the logs anyway, giving time to act on it :before: a hazard develops.
  17. Sorry for the double, I got caught by this thread before seeing the other thread for HCC helpers. I have volunteered for geomuggle shepherding over there too, if the two jobs are not part of the same, I will go where I am most useful but would prefer to take geomuggles into the woods after the 12 caches being set up for the day.
  18. quote:Originally posted by THE BRAMBLERS:Taking members of the public into the woods to show them how to cache, including good caching practice. There will be 12 caches set for the day. Looked at this thread after the one where O'Malley has been recruiting for his geomuggle multi-cache. I will volunteer for this task too, and be happy to be put to work in whichever role is most useful. Personally, I think I would rather help out with this task rather than the multi, but I offered my help there first.
  19. quote:Originally posted by Omally:One thing I'd like to check with y'all: I've set up a GeoMuggle training multi-cache for the day. This means any experienced cachers who turn up may well be called upon to lead GeoMuggles on a merry dance thru the woods to show them exactly how to find caches properly. Is everyone up for that? I mean, you all have a GPSr and the GeoMuggles don't: they're gonna need some Sherpas! Yep, definitely. Said I was coming along to help, and that wasn't *just* for the free camping!! 1 dame with GPSr, hopefully also with Landranger map of the area by then.
  20. quote:Originally posted by Team Tate:What time will kick-off be on Sat? - could have a focus on if we camp on Fri night. Team Tate From the HCC website the event runs on Saturday 19th July from 10am-4:30pm.
  21. quote:Originally posted by Team Blitz:On the Friday night, I was thinking about organising a projector, a screen, and a DVD / VCR player, so we could show some entertainment. The best idea I've come up with so far is to play a load of cartoons: kids of ALL ages will enjoy them, you can make good sarcastic comments at them, you can drop in & out of watching etc. Cartoons and sarcasm, you manage to combine two very enjoyable pastimes; sounds like a great idea.
  22. quote:Originally posted by Geoff & Bonnie:Just wondered if any other "Geocaching Assistants" will be taking their K9CCs (Canine Caching Companions) on the day. I'm sure that a lot of visitors will have their animals with them as Farley Mount is a very popular dog walking area. Geoff I'll be bringing Misty, my excitable cavalier king charles spaniel. She is very friendly but likes to shout at other dogs a bit.
  23. 1 x car 1 x adult 1 x excitable Cavalier king charles spaniel Intending to camp Friday and Saturday nights.
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