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  1. Got our nickle and bronze coins in the mail today! They look great but the gold version is still our favorite.
  2. I had Sarah check our coins... no 006's. Good luck.
  3. We'll have v3 geojellies (Goldschlager and Berry Blue Martini) as well as gcf group coins and whatever I have in my bag that hasn't been traded yet... a Morpho Butterfly or 2, Stealth Bomber, The Cacher, Log Book, Cachosphere, couple AT geocoins, Cache Matrix... I think thats about it.
  4. AWWWWEEEEEE YEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH. Those v1 yimes looked awesome and I wasn't into geocoins when they came out (I know... hard to believe anyone could NOT be into geocoins) so I definitely pre-ordered on these ones. I'll be looking for you a GCF as well!
  5. I can assure you the pics of our coins are not copyright protected... use them all you want!
  6. Jeff and I have jellies for trade. I am new to this thing too and I am not sure what to do. We both have version 3 Geo-Jellies and would love to trade with others for V 1,2,and 3. I have to get better pictures taken to post and will work on that soon. We both have glitters. Jeff's jelly is called Goldschlager and mine is called Berry Blue Martini. Please send responses to our email.
  7. Got the butterflies today! They are for my wife who has, like clockwork, asked about her butterflies once a week since I pre-ordered them... needless to say she loves them. They are great looking coins. Well done!
  8. Thats a really cool looking project, I just wish I had more geocoin-funds available. Maybe I'll save some of my geojellies v3 to trade for some poker chips.
  9. Hi everyone, got some new trader coins and am looking for a trade or two. The only coin not on my trader list is the antique silver B-2 Bomber coin that recently came out. Check out my lists and send me an email. Jeff
  10. I should explore other areas of the forums more often. Sarah and I are from Oakdale near Pittsburgh.
  11. CONGRATS Red Otter Pick your coin DANG SLOW TYPING! Congratz Red Otter.
  12. St. Joan of Arc and St. Rose of Lima
  13. Got some new coins recently and looking to trade for more new ones! Here's what I have to trade: 1 - Future Geocoins 1 - Notorious Cacher (Antique Copper) 1 - Army Geocoin 1 - West Virginia (Black Nickel) My wish list is in my sig, but I like pretty much any cool looking coins Send me an email. For some reason I can't receive PM's because "member does not exist" however I have full access to every other feature on the boards. (If anyone can help with that email me too). Thanks, Jeff
  14. Completed my first trade... GCC - August 2006 from geodiamond. Also included a BONUS geodiamond v2 coin! Thanks.
  15. I'd like to get some trades going. I don't really have many coins to offer right now but maybe someone would be willing to trade for one of the more common coins that I'm seeking. I'll also be getting a WV (non-resident) coin soon. Shoot me an email or PM.
  16. US Navy Reserve 2003-Present Engineering Aid 2nd class Amphibious Construction Battalion 2 Joined the reserves without having any prior active duty time but at the time I joined I was a little older and had a job. I needed money to go back to school. My dad and grandfather both served in the Navy as well. My dad in the first Gulf War and grandfather in World War II.
  17. I'm looking to get into some coin trading and had a question. When trading coins should I retrieve the activation code (but NOT activate the coin) and provide it with the coin when I trade it or should I just not retrieve the activation code and let the recipient retrieve it? I might have more questions that pop up soon. Thanks for the advice. Jeff
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