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  1. I find it easy to use the bearing pointer, head in the "right" direction on a beaten trail, and wait till the pointer aims perpendicular to the cache, then I turn in that direction and bushwhack. Bzz
  2. Is the one that I use, I find it is much simpler to have it set there, it takes you right to the location you are aiming for. Bzz
  3. I tried it from the cargo section of an Airbus once.. and it didn't work.. I told my mom not to send me "cargo".. I got really cold and hungry.. hehe But seriously, I had mine on the other day on my Tango flight from TO to Van.. no problems.. The Canadian Forces however, didn't like it when I dragged it up to my cockpit visit on the C-130 we took from Baffin Island to New Brunswick. guess they haven't "authorised" them yet.. Bzzliteyr
  4. Oh yeah, just thought I would drop all of you whose caches I visited a line.. Thanks for making my weekend a blast!! I had a fun time and "liberated" one Travel Bug from that thorny island!! I hope to make it down this summer with the two other parts to my "team" Holly, and Cindy. Thanks again guys and gals, cheers! Bzzliteyr
  5. Curious. is this an issue that you just discovered with the BFL plugged in? Because my GMC truck does that to me, stays on and lit until I open the door.. Bzzliteyr
  6. And if you look carefully, in the opening sequence of Star Wars, there are actual blank rounds littering the floor.. they apprearently used them to coord the "laser" fire with the reactions.. to make it more realistic!! Bzz
  7. I am going to show my family the fun of geocaching, the live in main Victoria area, any good caches I should be dragging them to? Bzzliteyr
  8. So.. is this going to be as nice as the southern NB hunt we had this summer?? I hope so.. we will all try to attend... Bzz
  9. I am heading to Baffin Island, in Northern Canada next month, just wondering whether or not my GPSr eTrex Legend will work up there, or am I wasting my time taking it with me?? Any experiences appreciated.. Bzz
  10. Is there any way or program that might help display grids onto my mapsource map so that I may use the Military Grid Reference System with ease?? I am used to using it with my maps, and just wondered if I could make it so that my eTrex legend displayed it in map mode.. Bzz
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