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  1. I just finished my Leadership course in the Army. For Christmas my gf (Santa Claus) bought me a Ray-O-Vac headlamp from Walmart for about $20.. it has 2 red LEDs, one white, and one regular type light on it, it was the cat's meow!! After the others on the course saw it and appreciated it, they had almost all gone and bought one, I highly recommend it. Bzz
  2. Are you saying if I cache in BC this weekend, I have to do it in the dark?? I am on my way to Victoria and will once again be hitting some caches... Bzz
  3. Had you been using the metric system.. you could have waited till the temperature dropped to 0 or less before it froze up!! LCD screens have a habit of doing this.. I would suggest keeping it in a pocket between references, it should stay warm.. maybe make a "GPS cozy"? Good luck! Bzz
  4. Hey Dave.. it's all about layering.. I have all of us dressed in 3 in 1 jackets and with winter boots (mukluks). It's nice to have long johns and warm socks on. Don't forget a hat as that is where most of any heat escapes. I am investing in some snowshoes for the family that I hope are going to make winter caching that much more fun.. I believe www.mec.ca has sections on winter dressing.. you could also try www.clubtread.com but that's a western Canada site.. still lots of info there. Good luck!
  5. Yes, member of www.mec.ca, worry not.. lots of cash has been spent there by myself. I have seen some nice powderidge aluminum shoes at Cdn Tire. For the ladies it wasn't too expensive $65 for kids sizes, $124 for up to 150lbs.. I will check out the Atlas site.. and maybe hold off till end season... Bzz
  6. I am looking at buying a nice pair of snowshoes for each member of the family (myself, Holly and Cindy) and was wondering if anyone in here has any "contacts" in the snowshoe-ing (shooing, shoeing?) world? I would appreciate it, as they do seem to come a tad on the expensive side. Happy caching!! Bzz, Holly and Cindy
  7. Tried to login today to log a "no find" I could not get on... "NOT FOUND.. The requested URL /get was not found on this server" I was able to find and view caches though.. Bzz
  8. Hey mlord, it seems to work fine on my TREO 270.. nicely done.. haven't used it on a cache yet.. but I plan on it now.. next cache will be fully electronic/wap. Bzz
  9. I am all up for that, as I have a Treo 270... email me.
  10. Boohoo.. I just cracked the screen on my Treo270.. a moment of silence and any donations would be helpful to replace the $179 screen... Bzz
  11. For mere pennies you can prevent this from happening next time.. Ziploc bag, that's all it takes! Bzz
  12. Are there any other mapsource products that support auto-routing?
  13. Thank you very much for the answers.. I will have to check this out now...
  14. I have a Etrex Legend, and noticed something about "auto-routing" mentioned somewhere in these forums, did a quick search but no real answer. Can someone tell me, what is auto-routing??? Thanks
  15. Bzzliteyr


    Hmm, a good, skilled scuba diver and his buddy could probably recover those for the price of a tank of air.. if they knew the exact locations... just a thought.. hehe Bzz
  16. You see, what you have to do is this: Go to the nearest dollar store and buy a big bag of gumballs, as you walk down the trail, drop a gumball at regular intervals! It will solve you the hassle of getting lost and you can even eat them all on the way back!! Better than using that darn "bread crumb" tracking thing on your GPS!! And tastier too!!
  17. Haha, as I was reading down this post.. I was going to reply with "give it a hard hit on the side" but appearently you figured it out!! I have the exact same problem with mine.. I just give it a small tap and all is well... Bzz
  18. From Google Language tools: The Tb is now Raus from the Feltenturm, it soon in another Cache will land. Which is pretty close to what I was going to guess with my 1 year of basic German... Bzz
  19. Yup, 10 years in now. All of them armoured! 12RBC to be exact, posted to Armour School Gagetown, I confirm, there are swamps on the tops of hills out here, I was in one the other day!! DOH!! Bzzliteyr
  20. So, theoretically I would have to go to a known waypoint on my GPS and stand near it and see if it gave me the same grid? That would be the best way to test if SA would be active or not, wouldn't it? Bzz
  21. http://www.geocaching.com/wap I believe that might be the URL I should be using, I haven't hit it on my phone yet, but with WinWAP I can get Canada caches, although no specifics can be added eg: by province, login/logoff.. and appearently on Newfoundland caches are present!! I hope Groundspeak can implement these changes as I can see this being a very valuable tool and I would fork over the money for a premium membership if this was part of it.. Bzz
  22. Well, I am going to assume that they have done nothing yet, and the ground war is already long underway.. the reason I say this is that I was getting +-3 meters accuracy yesterday on my Garmin Legend, that is rare for me on a regular day, let alone a war day!! Bzz
  23. What do people think of trying to convince Groundspeak to create a WAP version of the geocaching pages? Those are pages for web-enabled phones.. I think it would be cool to visit a page on your phone if you were having problems and needed a hint, or to check and see if any caches are in the area you are visiting when you have no "hard" internet access. Just thought it would be a good idea, please input.. Bzz
  24. I am not trying to insult you or anything, but i made this mistake myself and wonder if it might be causing the file problem. I never accepted the licencing agreement part of the easyGPS downloads on geocaching.com. Once I figured out I actually had to click on that part.. I was downloading with no problems. Bzzliteyr
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