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  1. But will there be burgers IN the caches??
  2. I have one in Qikiqtarjuaq. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...60-2280ffc992e8 Be the first to find.. hopefully. But I highly suspect it's been locally pillaged by the kids..not much to do up there, you know.
  3. I have one placed on the island, in Qikiqtarjuaq. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...60-2280ffc992e8 I'd love to see it found.. chances are the locals kids have found it an pillaged it, but take a look and report back if you can..
  4. I'll play.. In Montreal right now with a home in NB. Let's get the party started!!
  5. Feel free to be the FTF on my cache in Nunavut.
  6. I am so tempted to mention the fact that GPS Central would not make a small shipping exception for me while I was in Afghanistan and needed a rear battery compartment cover for my GPSMAP 60C (I informed them how to ship for FREE and they wouldn't go the 730 meters to drop it off at a postal outlet for me during a lunch break). The price of shipping was more than the cost of the part if they used their shipping!! But I won't mention it as I don't want to hijack this thread any further. Cough Cough.. GPScity.ca has the Colorado 300 at $429.95 vs $459.99 at GPS Central. I am eager to see if they too will give me a military discount.
  7. Red90, small thread hijack here: how do you like your colorado? I will be searching the forum anyhow but can you tell me if it's worth replacing my lost 60C with one or should I just buy another 60Cx? Army guy and geocacher, btw.
  8. Thanks for the offers guys and gals. I might take a couple of people up on those offers. I hear the hardest part is going from Winnipeg across the top of Lake Superior. If it is as long hiking as it was driving, I can completely understand that!! I you are still offering up a place to stay, can you email your contact details (let's just go with place and phone number with real name) at (email address removed by moderator by request)? Thanks a ton, I head out tomorrow or the day after.. it should be fun!!
  9. Thanks alot to all of you.. I am not really sure of where my trails may take me so I'll take you up on your offers once I head towards that direction.. I'll drop you a message a day or so before I close in...unfortunately flying by the seat of my pants really doesn't give me too much planning to do. I do have a spare TB plus a couple I saved from Afghanistan so I might drop them off as I cross.
  10. Hey guys and gals, I just returned from a tour in Afghanistan and I am considering traveling across the country by hitchhiking from Victoria to Montreal as a new way to experience the country. I have driven across numerous times but want to expand my horizons. Of course, it's also a cool way to get to some geocaches I would not normally have seen. Does anyone have travel tips or anecdotes to share? Thanks
  11. Did I miss out on this one? I've been an Army nerd for 13 years..
  12. Wouldn't have an item number on that would you? To see it online? Or can you snap a picture of it? Doh found it on the .pdf of their flyer.. item #8139784
  13. Grabbing the postal code of the place you are staying and entering it on the geocaching site might also help get you started.. good luck!!
  14. To my knowledge, there are no GPS enabled cellphones in Canada right now. I am a tech geek and am pretty sure I would have seen something about it if there was one. www.howardforums.com is a good place for cellphone information all over the world. Here's a thread in the Rogers forum of that site... http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1038779
  15. Well geez, I always knew supply techs were good for something.. I wish more people knew about that section so there'd be more selection. Thanks for the info binrat!!
  16. Hmm, I never thought of looking for a Geko.. Geoslyca, I am.. PM with a price...
  17. Hey guys and gals, just wondering if you can point me to any sites where I might be able to find postings for second hand gps(es)? I have checked out the swap portion of MEC.ca and the forums here, looked at the refurbs in gpscentral.ca but I can't seem to find anything in my price range. I am looking for an etrex basic yellow or an equivalent. If you can post some sites or if you have a second hand one in good condition, please contact me. My sister is getting into caching but needs a machine as she has been borrowing one up to now. Thanks Bzz Edit: Forgot to mention I checked Ebay.ca too...
  18. That's a bummer, I also could have used that when I was in Newfoundland two weeks ago and all of a sudden wanted to cache. I went to "hide and seek a cache", typed in the coords from my location, then I wanted to pull the results down and upload to my GPS.. only LOC was available. From what I could see, LOC files had less data than GPX. The only way for me to get an "immediate" GPX would be to create a brand new pocket query and wait for it to download, right? (I could be going about that all wrong, if so, please tell me!)
  19. Perhaps for the northern most caches there can be a "bypass" clue once all the others are found? A sort of a "way out" to avoid getting up there? I personally think this cache idea is two years late.. as in the past two I have gone across the country twice!!
  20. Wish I could say that I would help for Nunavut, but my cache there was put on an expedition. As for NB, I might be able to play.. being only 20 kms away and all. You are in luck. I am in the military and posetd to Quebec City area. My wife is staying here in NB so we can do a double whammy and keep both maintained!! DoH!! Thought I had read through the whole thread, but guess I looked at an older update. My services are no longer needed. Unless of course, people would be willing to pay me to fly up north...
  21. typo Correction.. not a typo.. someone broke the cache page.. yikes!!
  22. There are a lot of factors involved, such as type of ammunition and temperature. Of course there is the height and angle of the barrel and all that but most modern MBT have a fire control computer in them that calculates that for the crew. I am not sure excatly what kind of "tank" you'l be firing from, but that might be a determining factor in the calculator you need.
  23. Okay guys, Ihave been wondering for a while, what do you need GSAK for? I create a pocket query (or if not premium, dload all the gpx files) then I open them with my (still unregistered) cachemate. I can then hit the cache with no paper at all and my CF gps takes me right to it! Conversely, if you already have a GPS then get GPXview and load the gpx files into it. It gives you the cache page with the hint. no images but you don't want to make it too easy...
  24. What I found as a simple work around with a USB/serial adapter is to plug the device on the cable, turn it on, THEN reboot the computer with it plugged in. For whatever reason, the pretend USB device likes it better, that technique has worked for my Legend -USB adapter connection since I have had it. Good luck.
  25. Bzzliteyr

    Google Earth

    I have never seen those triangles with my GPS/google earth technique. I open mapsource, I download from device, I save as .gpx, then I open the gpx from within Google Earth.. no triangles.
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