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  1. Debbzilla I have a PN-20 and I love it. For as low as $132.00 wallmart you can't beat this unit. I love the paperless caching ability and Delormes after purchase support is the best of any co. I purchased this and a Garmin Venture HC when my old legend started acting up and kept the PN-20 for myself and gave the Garmin to my wife :rolleyes: aslo I just upgraded to the new topo 8 release for just the cost of shipping (9.95) they also have a 30 day return policy so if you're on the fence it's risk free. Cladius. NOTE I also purchased the travel kit that eliminates the need of batteries (it does eat them up) and am getting 8 hours or so on a charge of constant use.

  2. I have two legends - old blue and new HC and a PN-20. The 20 is with me constantly and FYI with the new Topo 8 canada&mexico will be covered with a free upgrade. I love the paperless feature and would note the only negative I have found is short battery life compared to my garmins but I went with the travel pack (still put whole package under $200) and is now a non issue. I found the PN-20 way easier to use than my garmins. I bought the 20 to see if I would like it enough to send back and get a PN-40 but found no need to upgrade as my 20 is evrything I wanted and much more.

  3. I can be pretty inpartial as I currently owm five different brands of GPS's 1 furuno,1 TomTom , two magellons, 4 garmins and 1 DeLorme. and I have to say the Delorme PN-20 is the best value for the money of all of them! And I spent 6 times as much for some of the others (with less options and needing two antenas) as the DeLorme. I bought it as a backup unit and it has become my every day for every thing choice. I've seen them for $132.00 at Wallmart. You can't touch this for that price. Oh yeah paperless caching too! It's a no brainer. Scotty.

  4. I choose to be a PM even though I am casual cacher (80 finds) in several years, I don't have time to hide and service caches of my own to support this great sport so kicking in a couple af bucks is my way of showing my appreciation for those that do. I am fortunate that there are hundreds of caches in my area and very few are premium. Just the "send to GPS" feature makes it worth it to me. Enjoy yourself lifes too short to sweat the small stuff! Just saying. Cladius.

  5. I have a brand new palm Z22 all I've done is activate it never been in the field. I will add two rubber covers and a set of 3 extra sticks (stylus), all cables, CD's etc. in original box. I bought to go paperless then got a Delorme that does so. No scratches like new. Only been charged twice! All was purchased new (not refurb for $120.00) $ 80.00 to your door.

  6. I just did the 1.6 beta and loaded 50 caches in (only took 3 beers!) I wanted a backup unit for my boat and figured I would try out Delrome before I spent 300-400+$$$$ on one I didn't like. After just 3 days with the PN-20 I have to say I'm a believer. I still haven't used any of the $140.00 of free map down loads yet. If the PN-40 is better it must be awsome. Oh yeah I have had GPS's for over 10 years and just bought a Legend HC for the wife before this (for $50.00 more) sigh.

  7. Many years back bought 2 Garmin Legend GPSers. Now want to be able to download from Geocaching site on our NEW computer to the GPSers but our NEW computer dont have the ports for our OLD cables that came with our OLD Garmin Legends. Need to find USB cables that will connect to our old garmins or possible adapters to make the conversion. Any suggestions????? HELP


    You should be able to get an adapter for your old serial port to usb.

  8. The recient issue with my old legend has me thinking of getting a new hand held. I cache,hunt,fish off shore,metal detect, etc. old blue has bailed me out many times when I needed her. There have been several times I've had to out run Tstorms 30 miles offshore where I turn off all electronics on the boat and come in using my hand held VHF&GPS. I bought my wife a Legend HS for christmas that seems pretty slick or would the vista 60 CS be a better choice for my multi use needs? Thanks. Cladius.

  9. Well the good news is I found the cable the bad news is my laptop doesn't have that old style serial port connection. I will take it to work tonight and see if IT hasn't filtered me from doing it there. So far dissabling waas seems to be working. To be cont..................

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