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  1. That's the one....I've sent him an e-mail as well. Here's the website URL....Bill's Electronics
  2. You will be very impressed with Bill's Electronics.
  3. It's Point Pelee, and I believe it's French for "bald point"..or something close to that...or "bare point"...
  4. Yes, there's Barrie too...hehe...
  5. You're not supposed to Google, but since you're fairly new to this we'll let it slide. You got all of 'em. Onto you for the next question...
  6. Invest in a lanyard and hang it around your neck...it works and it keeps it warm on cold days.
  7. Ok, I'm feeling the pressure of asking the next question...therefore I'm going to wuss out and ask one relative to my last. Sifton Bog is considered an "Environmentally Signifigant Area (ESA)." London, ON has 6 of these ESA's, what are the other 5?
  8. Look at the coniferous trees. The long branches on the bottom generally point south. Whereas the branches on the other side - presumably north side - are much shorter and may be missing completely.
  9. I dealt with Magellan customer support once when I had problems with my unit (500). I was redirected to the Canadian Repair Facility and had the unit back in my lap within 3 working days - repaired. When it went down the second time, I mailed the unit back to the shop, e-mailed both him and Magellan and a new unit was returned to me in 4 working days. I am extremely impressed with the servcie that I have gotten from Magellan...more so the Canadian repair guy in Mildmay, ON. I've had no service interruptions to speak of and when it came to the crunch, they replaced my GPSr no questions asked. NOTE: I have only spoken with Magellan customer support once; more like yelled...I was not impressed with their phone service "individuals". I will only e-mail my intent and send it straight through the mail now whenever I have a problem.
  10. The only time mine isn't in that configuration is when I'm caching with it.
  11. That pretty close. It was actually Sifton Construction Company. I bet if you do some research though, the two are mutually inclusive. I will pass it onto you then, unless danoshimano has any objections.
  12. You are, in fact, correct!!!! woo hoo!! Now, can you name the person or ORGANIZATION that donated money to the preservation of the SIFTON bog, therefore having the bog renamed the Sifton Botanical Bog? Remember that this benefactor is an unlikely one because of the nature of their business; that business being urban development....oh how's that for a hint? I'm a Londoner too...so I'm a little heartbroken that people don't know more about my home town...hehe... I'll give it one more day, and if nobody can give me the answer then I will pass it off to TOMTEC and danoshimano to duke it out for the glory.
  13. Here's another hint. This one is the location. This area is also notable for John Labatt, Insulin, and Guy Lombardo...just to name a few. Any hints that I give for the benefactor at this time will be too obvious. TOMTEC, if you can answer it then go ahead.
  14. I swear by my 500. But make sure you do shop around. There are plenty of deals for the unit brand new at $199.00. The 500LE package may or may not come with the Li-Ion battery, mine didn't, but it did come with a coupon for the battery and charger for $19.00 - this is an extraordinary deal if you look at the price of new battries. You will not be disappointed by this GPSr.
  15. If it's still viable and causing a great deal of enjoyment I don't see why you should get rid of it. If it's becoming a maintenance nightmare for you then putting it up for adoption might be the answer. Having someone adopt it might open it up for a new look or location, but without pulling the cache out completely. Plus you have to consider people like me who go through the old logs and read what those before me have had to say. I don't think that euthanising your cache is an option.
  16. Indirectly, but no...it was named after a major, and unlikely, benefactor...kind of ironic actually.
  17. You are correct, Sir. If anyone cantake the next two parts the glory will be all yours.
  18. What is the southernmost acidic bog in Canada, who is it named after, and where is it located? You may be surprised at the answer.
  19. I third that!!! Even the snowblower doesn't want to play anymore.
  20. Maybe it's just me, but I've never had a problem with Magellan Tech Support. As a matter of fact they knew to redirect me when I did and I had my problem solved - including new GPSr in 5 days. I was even happy with the coupon for the discounted Li-Ion battery and adapter that was back ordered and only took an extra two weeks to be delivered.
  21. I was looking into S&D myself and what I get from it is that it's not compatible with any of the eXplorist series. It seems that the only product from Magellan that is is the topo series of maps. Your best bet to check would be to look through the menus and find the GPS set-up. If it prompts you to look for comm ports then you're out of luck, unless you have a USB-Comm adapter I guess. But then you're getting into image compatibilities which I cannot help you with. Cheers,
  22. Very nice coin and very generous of you. Thank you very much.
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