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  1. Hydraulically? Guess that's somewhat implied.....beyond that though, what allows the chambers to raise/lower, or how is it powered? Water?
  2. We're amending the timings and meeting location for the event. I will update it tonight. For now, the event will end at 1300hrs, and the meeting location will be the trailhead waypoint.
  3. Only 12 days left until the event. We have approximately 25 people attending so far with a potential for many more. The last trip to the park confirmed that the area is in dire need of a cleaning. This will not be the last CITO that COG hosts in this park. We have adopted it for the year and intend to hold at least one more before next winter.
  4. I know there is a fairly new cacher in Kitchener by the name of Gillingham. You should also try the Central Ontario Geocachers forum at http://centralontariocachers.com/forums/index.php
  5. I'm missing something here... The Van Allen Belt is a bunch of particles trapped by the magnetosphere. But the satellites can't be inside them because all that radiation is not good for electronics. Perhaps it is the Van Allen belts that actually protect the satellites from the solar wind? I just learned something tonight, thank you.
  6. I don't hear that too often, thank you. Spewed my morning coffee on the 'puter! Sorry, my bad!
  7. Too Big! ..... btw enjoy caching in Kingston on the w/e I don't hear that too often, thank you.
  8. What time are you going to be here on Thursday?
  9. discombobulation!!!! That's the only big word I know.
  10. Good, maybe you can give me a hand with some of the DNF's I've gotten in the past two days. I think some of them are yours. Thanks.
  11. Spuzzum is the slippery substance found on the underneath of wet geo-log books.
  12. I'm stuck in Kingston this Easter on a tasking and looking for some Kingston and area cachers who want to knock a great big chunk off of their to-do list. E-mail me through my profile. Cheers,
  13. Sudbury, ON - Nickel Leamington, ON - Tomato ????, BC - Fly Rod Burwash, Yukon - Gold Pan ???, AB - Mushrooms I'm only positive about the two in Ontario, the Gold Pan might be in Burwash, BC...Yukon made more sense to me.
  14. But it's a nice shade of purple. I can take some spring phtos of my backyard, apparently the dog has been busier than I expected all winter..hehehe...
  15. Sorry, I want to make sure that I'm reading it right. Is the CITO on Wed, April 18th? I was on the listing and I didn't see a date, just some timings. Sorry if I've stirred the pot.
  16. 2happy2gether


    Central Ontario Geocachers are proud to announce their very first CITO event to be held at Ardagh Bluffs in Barrie on Earth Day, 22 April. For more info and to register click here
  17. IMO we have an event for June, I think sometime in July would be great...especially if it coincides with my summer holidays.
  18. If someone wants to take the next question go right ahead...
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