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  1. It's somewhere in the middle of the last two answers. Closest by 10m gets it.
  2. How many metres above sea level is the highest elevation on PEI? Let's say to the nearest 10m...?
  3. Jacket of Arms The phrase was, "...someone with much more TIME IN..." LMAO.
  4. It's the Tri-Service Crest. The crossed swords represent the Land element, Albatross represents the Air element and the anchor represents the Sea element. The "three services" of the Canadian Forces. The crown represents the current monarch, in this case, it's the Queen's crown, and the maple leaves represent the other symbol of Canada, the Maple Tree (not the beaver). Each element has its own service dress and, in the case of the Navy (sea), they also have their own rank structure. The old RCN (Royal Canadian Navy), RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) and Army joined forces in 1967 to become the Canadian Armed Forces. The CAF was later changed to CF due the the "Armed" portion of the title being seen as too aggressive (or so the myth goes). If it goes by another name then perhaps someone with much more time in can enlighten us to that name. Those names do not include the cornflake or the golden pineapple...
  5. Am I allowed to answer this one or is that considered having inside information?
  6. I'm guessing GAG1? It's only a guess.
  7. I'm in, just post a date and I will follow the rest of the Lemmings. I'd like to vote for a section of the Trans Canada Trail.
  8. The Victoria Cross, but I'd rather not take credit for this one. I've never heard it called the "Dead Man's Penny" before, but that hint gave it right away. As a side note, and maybe to pass this onto someone deserving; the bronze used to cast all of the Victoria Crosses was/is made from what item?
  9. Some hardcore geocachers have found a way to load caches as POI's (points of intrest) so they can cram 5000 caches or more onto the memory card. Thankfully Binrat isn't that bad yet Yes he is!!! hehehe
  10. The prototype #2 coin is awesome. It's a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. If anyone in Kingston wants to see it, e-mail me before I head home on 26 April. Anyone on base in Kingston just come see me in the Ammo Office at Base Clothing. Barrie folks have to wait until the end of next week to see it. I may even let you touch it.
  11. Is there one on Quebec City? Is it considered a Martello Tower? My count was 11. All 6 in Kingston still remain. I let the cat out of the bag, I know. I hate drawn out questions. I guess its over to you knitter.
  12. That's right on both accounts knitter. They were built around the same time as Fort Henry, mid 1840's, in response to growing hostilities with the US. Their purpose was to defend the Kingston Harbour and Shipyards. Now, if nobody can tell me how many are still standing, as far as I'm concerned the next question is yours. I will check in now and then to see if anybody knows.
  13. Correct number. Now, how many remain and why were they built?
  14. Ok, another history question, I guess. I like history, that's ok isn't it? The Martello tower is a popular historical and architectural attraction. It is believed that they are named after Cape Mortella in Corsica (had to look that up). There are 11 of approximately 200 still standing in Canada. How many of these were built in Kingston, Ontario, how many remain, why were most of them built? This is a trick question and the answer may surprise you!!!!
  15. I don't know if I'm right, but I remember something like this from Infantry nav class. Let me try it out anyways. I believe it is the line that runs directly south of magnetic north; where the declination of your compass is neither positive nor negative.
  16. That date is correct. Greywynd took the next question though because I haven't been online all weekend. You guys can duke it out for the glory. Cheers,
  17. Correct, now what year for all the marbles? No peeking!!!
  18. They should make the Stanley Cup a Travel Bug...hehe.
  19. I'm going easy on this one because I want it answered quickly so I can spend the weekend with my wife, whom I haven't seen in two weeks. Canada has the oldest continuously operated canal in North America. What is it, what two major centres does it link together and when did it open? Easy peasy. Good luck.
  20. Surely you can't possibly believe that Vancouver is going to make it half as far as Ottawa once again this year? Didn't you see Sidney Crosby cry last night?
  21. So I was right the first time? That never happens.
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