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    2Happy2Gether aka Scott Theil will have a Military Tribunal Saturday at 19:00 - CFB Borden on Saturday June 2. He will have to explain his actions or risk having a tomato thrown at him.


    End Shoephone transmission.


    Cool, I'm out on a technicality. Check your spelling...hehe.

  2. When I went to UWO in London I remember seeing a map about Lake Maumee which I think made Lake Erie. Long time ago though.




    JD, you are a genius. Lake Maumee it is. Take it away; the glory is yours.


    PS: mrs happy and I went and saw Pirates of the Carribean last night so I can't be held responsible for talking like a pirate over the weekend...sorry.


    I would also like to retract the earlier statement that I made about the size of the lake in question; it was based solely on assumptions and heresay. I was unable to find any photographs that may have been taken or maps that may have been produced 14,000 years ago and I jumped to a conclusion. Without further proof of said information I cannot provide this forum with the scientific facts that will be required of me when I am eventually held accountable in front of a tribunal. My bad!

  3. No, not the Champlain Sea.


    I will provide an additional hint. The retreating glaciers left behind two "major" lakes; one was called Lake Chicago (Lake Superior), the other was called ?. Remember that Lake Algonquin became Georgian Bay, Lake Huron and N MI. The lake I am referring to became Lake Erie, Lake St.Clair and SW Ontario. It was much smaller than what we now call Lake Algonquin.

  4. Lake Algonquin


    I assumed it was Lake Algonquin too, which is why I posted this question. The answer will dazzle and amaze you. There was a much larger lake than Algonquin that extended down into MI and OH...hmmmmmm...making you think now.


    If I'm not correct I know that there are some on here who will find the error of my ways and stand proud to point that out...LOL.

  5. What was the name of the lake that covered SW Ontario when the glaciers began to receed from the area 14,000 years ago?


    NOTE: I don't think the locals at the time named it.

  6. NWT is the Territory for sure. Nunavut borders Denmark (Greenland) and Yukon borders the US.


    The Province would most likely be PEI. It seems that NF is too close to France, and NS is too close to the US. The rest of the provinces are no brainers.

  7. Take it away shearzone


    The seven tallest peaks of the Canadian Rockies have something in common. What is it? Hint: it has something to do with the orientation of strata that compose them.


    It looks to me like one continental plate has moved over top of another causing the rock to lift up at a really odd angle. The Himalayas were formed like this if I'm not mistaken. If I could remember the geologic term I would look brilliant, but I'll opt for this answer.

  8. Sorry, I've kind of stopped following this thread. Is the intent to ride from Orillia to Barrie in June along the North Simcoe Railway?


    There are tons of places to stop and eat in Barrie. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the NSR ends close to the west end of the city. It would actually be about a 10 minute drive back into Barrie from the trail. A good spot to park for pick-up would be Fort Willow. Sunnidale Rd takes you back into the city where you can make your way to Bayfield and pick and chose from restaurants.


    I'd still like to join you but we'll have to see what my schedule is like for the month. Plus I've done most of the caches along the way; except for the NSR series.

  9. I believe it's just naval slang for "nautical miles." It should really be spelled, "nauts."


    The navy has some pretty weird terms, like galley, head, and sailor (never did understand that one)... <_<

  10. I am going to Wasaga Beach for an August wedding. I'll only be there for a couple of days but would like to log a cache in Ontario (I'm from Newfoundland). I have only found one in the area. Are there more? Can anyone help me out? Thank you in advance.




    There's about 30 in the next town to the west, Collingwood. It's only about another 10 or 15 minutes down the road from Wasaga.

  11. Got a question ready, hope that's ok JP!


    What colour is used on a topographic map to designate contour lines?


    That depends, on the maps we use here the lines are a reddish brown, but I've also seen them green on maps.

  12. Horse is the answer I was looking for. Bit of trivia here, did you realize that in (at least some towns/cities) that your employer is, by law, required to provide drinking water for the horses? Often hitching posts are also required by law, though neither is enforced, obviously. Though if gas prices continue.......


    JP and Landsharkz can duel it out.....both posted at the same time.




    How did I know it was going to be a horse answer...sigh.

  13. What does Chomolangma mean in Tibetanese?

    Is this a trick question? Chomolangma is a Tibetan word... So I'd have to assume Chomolangma means Chomolangma in Tibetan! :huh:

    Semantics!!! Do you know what it means in English?

    It's the Tibetan name for Mount Everest and translates to something along the lines of "Mother of the Universe".




    Thanks, I did not know that. :(

  14. What does Chomolangma mean in Tibetanese?

    Is this a trick question? Chomolangma is a Tibetan word... So I'd have to assume Chomolangma means Chomolangma in Tibetan! :P




    Semantics!!! Do you know what it means in English?

  15. That's the one. Hamgran and I were just discussing this cache last week! Over to you!

    Cool, following along with that idea, what's the name of the highest (again, as in altitude) geocache in existence?




    Is it bigger than a breadbox?

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