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  1. Home The most common place name in Canada is Mount Pleasant (15) followed by Centreville and Lakeview. Guiderchachi That is correct...take it away!!!!
  2. Actually, Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo Jump is closer than Springfield...hehe. Victoria - no Home - I never thought of that. I suppose you're right, but that's not the answer I was looking for.
  3. OK...there are 203 lakes in Canada that are named Long Lake. This makes it to the top of the list for the most common feature name. My question is; what is the most common place name in Canada?
  4. It has the shortest/smallest international bridge in the world.
  5. Close! Rankin Inlet is about 250 km southeast of the community I have in mind. Pelly Bay, Nunavut
  6. Next question. What community is nearest to the geographic centre of Canada? Rankin Inlet, Nunavut
  7. Topo Canada is a fantastic resource; make sure that you pick up an SD card first, and check e-Bay, etc for a better price or acquire a copy of it. The software will run anywhere around $100.00. I also suggest getting yourself a screen protector.
  8. The Geological Society of America, that controls earthcaches, are an organization, yes. But they are a gc.com entity just like you and I. They are permitted to post their caches in the same manner that anyone of us has to, however, once they publish a cache they offer it for adoption to the person who researched it. They don't draught the entries, nor do they search for, or research any of the earthcaches that are posted. As I perceive it, they assist gc.com in regulating the criteria for a type of cache. Just my take.
  9. Since I was Bodega Y Quadra in a past life I can verify these facts. And as a sidenote, my friends just called me Bob.
  10. Mine are cool [] Ones I have done are cool as well, but there have been ones I have passed on because I didnt think they were particularly interesting. Such is caching! Yours are well organized, interesting and edumacational. That's what I've liked so far about the 2 earthcaches that I've done...both yours.
  11. I don't know why people keep referring to the LE as, "Not the full 500 model." There is no difference, and most of the LE's come with the Li-Ion battery or have the coupon for the battery. The CT sale is a tremendous deal.
  12. I just did Wasaga Dunes this morning. It's a most excellent earthcache.
  13. OK, in the interest of keeping things moving, the answer to the question is: Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park. Vasquez Rocks Earthcache And here I was thinking that you guys would be all over this question like pudding to chest hair; guess not. Whomever can come up with the next question, the floor is yours.
  14. No, but this park is near Santa Clarita.
  15. I'm going to wait until high noon, and then, 3 or 4 hours after that I'm going to reveal the answer to keep this forum moving. I see that questions of this type aren't all that popular. I'd do it now, but I'm trying to get my IMDG homework done before lunch....hehe.
  16. It's the only geology question I could come up with. Next hint; it's in California.
  17. Yes, but the Gorn Rocks are real, and they're geological...so I only kind of maybe bent the rules. BTW: I'm not a Trekkie, I was just really looking hard for a relevant question. Are those them huge pillar-like hexagonal (or maybe octogonal) rocks in Scotland? (or is it Ireland?) Maybe this isn't as common knowledge as I thought. Think of the rock that Kirk battled the green lizzard guy (Gorn) on. I hope this doesn't make me a Trekkie, I couldn't handle that. It's bad enough that I think Star Wars is the best movie ever made.
  18. Yes, but the Gorn Rocks are real, and they're geological...so I only kind of maybe bent the rules. BTW: I'm not a Trekkie, I was just really looking hard for a relevant question.
  19. OK, my turn again. What is the name of the park that the Gorn Battle Rocks are located?
  20. The mountain may be higher, but we're looking at the distance your GPS will free fall before impacting ground and going splat, not sea level. TOMTEC ooooooohhhhhh...well, in that case, I don't know.
  21. If it's the one I'm thinking about, it's located on Baffin Island and the mountain is named after a mighty BFL that was found in attendance at the COG Spring Fling event. (Ok, maybe the BFL was named after the mountain ...or maybe they were both named after the norse god, it doesn't really matter) Anyhow, I know the drop is greater than 1000m but can't remember an exact number. Let's see if someone else can use these hints to nail it? TOMTEC Mount Thor obviously, but I always thought that it was in excess of 3000ft.
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