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    What happened to the map preview in the pocket query section?
  2. Errr. don't you mean cube? or plane? I think he meant disc.
  3. Wouldn't straight down be, theoretically, moving closer to the Pole?
  4. No, it won't help you find addresses unless you have them waypointed. It's like looking at an electronic topo map.
  5. How much is the postage on cookies...chocolate chip?!
  6. I haven't used Direct Route, but Topo Canada is fantastic. It doesn't give you directions, but the entire map is there in great detail. For fishing and geocaching I suggest Topo...
  7. Driving to work for the past week?
  8. I agree...now. I was using MobiPocket pretty religiously. When it went down I sucked it up and paid for Cachemate...what was I thinking that MobiPocket was better. I stand converted.
  9. The main problem was that I couldn't get my computer to recognize the device. It said we needed to upgrade, but we couldn't upgrade because it wasn't being recognized. Maybe it's a computer glich, but we were going in circles with it. The second thing was the DVD software that came with it. We had it up on the computer but we couldn't do anything with it. Magellan support said I needed an unlock code and to call 1-866-whatever. There I got a guy who couldn't speak English and he told me to call back in September as they were out. Ok. Then I asked how much the code would cost and he said $250. I found it a bit ridiculous since that's more than the unit cost me. I was going to just go buy the software from walmart but then I was back to the PC problem. For this same reason I hadn't tried the GSAK and pocket queries yet. I only tried EasyGPS. On the other hand...I did like using the unit. It was usually very accurate and I don't think I ever lost a connection. All I had on it was the basemaps it came with, so in that sense it was useless. I was starting to draw the maps on paper from google so we wouldn't get lost! I am a rookie, and just learning so I probably was missing something. Hopefully I won't run into the same problems with another brand. Your computer not recognizing the device may be a faulty USB connection. I had the same problem, changed ports and it works beautifully. Basically the USB port that I was using had worn out and was too loose. I would look into the port first off and determine whether or not it's defective. I also found that you need to follow the directions for installation to the tee, any deviation can cause problems. I don't understand what unlock code they're referring to. The unit is good to go for geocaching right out of the box. You'll need Mapsend Topo Canada, but I'm sure that you can find that easily enough on the internet without having to fork out too much. I agree that the Basemaps are awful. I did invest in the topo software and it's amazing. I'm pretty sure that this is the case with whatever brand GPSr that you buy. If you would like more information on Mapsend Topo please feel free to message me. Customer support for Magellan is lousy. But I've only had to deal with them once. The second time I went straight to the repair guy here in Ontario and he had me a brand new unit back in less than 5 days. There are ways around dealing with customer support. These forums are usually your best bet. GSAK is free to try for 21 days. It will work past that, but there is a really effective nag screen built into it. You will find that paying the $30 is worth it. You will need GSAK no matter what device you use. It's the standard for uploading caches. I've never used the website for uploading and I don't think that I would knowing what I know now. It seems to me that (this is my opinion) if you maintain the same methods for uploading caches you are going to run into the same problems. I would like that verified by a Garmin user. Remember that rookies have to start somewhere, so don't get too frustrated with things until you check into what's going on here. There's a lot of folks with just as much experience and can help you with most of your problem solving. If in doubt, join a local organization, see what everyone is using, weigh the odds, look at the solutions, and make your determination off of that.
  10. Wan2look...it's unfortunate that you didn't like your Magellan. I've had mine since the beginning of this year and swear by it. I don't quite understand why you found it so difficult to use as I can attest that it's no more difficult than using a Windows OS. I'd be curious to know what you did and why you believe that the unit is that complicated. My questions: - did you set up your Pocket Queries? - did you have GSAK set-up properly to upload your queries to your GPSr? Even though Geocaching is supported by Magellan, that doesn't necessarily mean that the caches appear in the unit after 10 minutes of trying. I think, and I may be wrong, that you may have missed a couple of steps when trying to upload to your GPSr, and I'm not so sure those steps were brand related. PS: don't be so quick to dump one brand for another, you may find the grass isn't always greener. Mind you I'm a die-hard Magellan user.
  11. They all start with "b," except for groundhog.
  12. It's bang on, (un)fortunately!!! hehe
  13. 142 metres. (just visited the cache a couple weeks ago!!) Greywynd Greywynd...take it away.
  14. THIS IS NOT A CACHE SPOILER In the village of Dorset, Ontario there is a Virtual Cache (Dorset Lookout) that overlooks the village and two lakes. How far above those lakes is the viewing platform; in metres?
  15. Looks like it... still not the correct answer, but not too many possibilities left. Norway?
  16. I recently decided to organize a CITO, but then I got called away on a military tasking and had to rely on some others to pull the event off at the last minute. I had less than a year's experience geocaching. My only suggestion is don't do it alone unless you're organized and talk to a bunch of past CITO organizers; they will have lots of tips for you.
  17. He is getting married, and apparently NOT geocaching on his honeymoon..weirdo Honeygeocachingmoon in Dorset. It's a done deal now.
  18. If one of you fine folks wants to take the next question give 'er. I'm going to be busy getting married this week and not going to have much time. Cheers,
  19. If it's Dave Ulmer I would never have known. I won't take credit for answering this correctly if I did.
  20. Don't forget to bring along your skis and mukluks. The snow in Toronto can get quite deep in August. I also advise bringing a military issue respirator just in case we do get one of those heat waves. It may save you from a trip to a respiratory therapist when you get back home. When you get here make sure you stop in at Canadian Tire. Pick up a couple of bottles of Deep Woods Off, this item is more necessary than clothing at this time of year.
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