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  1. This was a real tough question so I think I will let TOMTEC have it.

    Heh, the reason I didn't include GD was that I didn't want to have to ask the next question... Oh well, here's a quick one off the top of my head.


    We'll stick to the Ammo Can theme... assuming you have a standard M2A1 ammo can (often referred to as a .50 cal) which measures somewhere in the neighborhood of 7.25" high... How many would you have to stack (round to the nearest 10) to make a pile as tall as the CN Tower?





  2. Have you ever seen the picture of the little fish being eaten by the big fish and then by the bigger fish?


    If you have ever used a ammo can for a cache you will more than likely notice they have very unusual markings on them, right.


    More often you will notice that a Canadian ammo can will have markings like IVI or CAL.


    The three part question is this.....


    1. What does IVI and CAL stand for and who owned them?

    2. Who bought out IVI and CAL?

    3. What MAJOR defense contractor bought out the owner who bought out IVI and CAL?


    1. Industries Valcartier? Incorporated & Canadian Arsenals Limited

    2. SNC-Lavalin

    3. Uh, I think they only bought SNC Technologies, not the entire company. I'll let someone else take a stab at this one... he he.




    Here's the technical answer.


    1. IVI = Industries Valcartier Industries (bilingual)

    CAL (more commonly CA-) = Canadian Arsenals Limited


    2. Correct


    3. SNC-TEC (IVI, CA-, HFI...) was bought out by General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS) in 2007. It has made the receipts off contract a complete nightmare.


    Lot numbers are read as follows: e.g. IVI90F01-10 - IVI (mfrs monogram), 90 (year of mfr), F (month of mfr - A-M excluding I), 01-10 (run number)

  3. An aeroplane flying through that goofy hotel that looks like a sailboat?


    That goofy hotel that looks like a sailboat is the Burj al Arab...and that is the correct answer.


    The clue had to do with the World Wide Flash Mob event on 10 Nov from 12:00 to 12:15. Theoretically, if you attended the event, and looked west, towards the Persian Gulf you would see this landmark.


    Link to the WWFM in Dubai.


    Over to you Couparangus, and Merry Christmas everyone.

  4. It's neither of the Palm communities, and I suppose there could be a man eating lunch in this loaction, but I'm looking for an extremely famous landmark.


    We've determined that it's not the Burj Dubai, it is a burj though, and it's often associated with gold, marble, and seven stars....hint, hint.

  5. If you were standing at N25 08.015 E055 11.093 on 10 Nov this year, at approximately noonish, and looked to the west, what would you see?


    That sounds about the time and location that some building under construction surpassed the CN Tower. So you would be looking at the world's tallest man-made structure.


    Right location, wrong landmark.

  6. Ok, here goes. What is the highest point in Ontario?




    Ishpatina Ridge


    Where is that? Curious minds want to know more!


    We did a winter ex up near Timmins back in '92, and if I'm not mistaken we bivouaced in and around this area. That name was deep in the vaults for some reason.


    Plus I developed a website years back. It was all on useless Canadiana. Provincial high points were one of those list items in the site. If I had the capital I would restart the whole thing.

  7. I'm going to say Allumette Lake. Mostly because it's the only lake in Quebec I know. But, it's not really just in Quebec and it really is part of the Ottawa River.


    That is my final answer.

  8. I must admit I am finding this very interesting. I figured it was one of those things that "everyone" who ventured out there knew so I am feeling better about posting the question.


    Just to reiterate..we are talking about a cacher on foot..not troops or logging trucks etc.


    Troops are on foot... :lol:

  9. If I'm not mistaken, it's 8 - 10 inches of good ice. There are different qualities of ice and most are not stable.


    I know that we've done ice bridges with 2 feet and more, but that was for moving a lot of troops and equipment across large areas.

  10. areas without trees either have grass under them, or thin ice. try and look for the snowflake attribute on caches, that will tell you if it is "winter friendly" generally


    Also avoid any areas that contain the phrase, "beaver activity," whether in the listing or logs. There's a really good story behind this.

  11. The List:


    (1) Tequila

    (2) moop

    (3) Swifteroo


    (4) Juicepig

    (5) CouparAngus and his companion Mr. Shotgun :)


    (6) 2happy2gether


    I haven't found this cache yet, so my assistance will be for the experience as well. I just hope that you can wait until I reach the 1000 mark because this is a milestone in so many regards.

  12. Did you also learn to recognize beaver dams through 4 feet of snow?


    It was technically a beaver lodge (as i was in the middle of the lake), but yeah


    LMAO...sorry...I decided to walk around so I only saw the frozen jean effect.

  13. What do the rest of you do in winter to prepare for next season?


    For next season? I am planning Spring Fling 4, which will hopefully be close to Mega-status..


    But between meetings and waiting for callbacks, I go caching with snowshoes and some hefty winter gear.


    which reminds me, I would just like to thank 2happy2gether for saving my life last year. Much appreciated! Only in retrospect does it really stand out how stupid winter caching can be (1) on your own, (2) 30km from the nearest road can be. Sometimes that ice looks solid..


    When you fall through the ice people, make yourself a fire IMMEDIATELY :( About 30 minutes later I was a pigscicle, but only lost a toenail...


    Thanks but I don't remember starting the fire. I think Malevolent Monkey and Flat Rapids Gang(?) did that.


    Did you also learn to recognize beaver dams through 4 feet of snow?

  14. Ok, now I'm really confused.


    Most of this guy's caches, found and hidden, are in an area that is specifically designated as protected...as discussed earlier. I won't open up a can of worms about the Bruce Trail, because if it weren't for geocaching I wouldn't have hiked the darn thing.


    Now, unless the Big Old Pipes are sacred in some way, I see no difference.


    C-A, you have my support because I want to complete Mono Cliff Hanger before it's untimely archival.

  15. Two instances that I can think of where I've run into a problem. One was simple, the cache was destroyed, I phoned the owner and told him I was pulling the container. Cut and dry. The second was with a local maple syrup business. The owner approached me as I was coming out of the woods and pretty much had me explain myself to him. I did, there was a misunderstanding and I vowed to contact the cache owner; which I did. Again, very simple and non-confrontational.


    I don't understsand how anyone besides the owner, someone the owner has given permission to, or a land owner can blatantly pull a cache. I haven't completed the Mono cache yet, although I have been in the park. What I do know about the cache though is that it meets/met the guidelines for approval by all parties and therefore should be left as-is. Removing a cache that is clearly not yours without the owner's permission is showing a seriously large set of cajones.


    Just because I don't like a micro in a playground I'm not going to pull the cache based on my beliefs.


    I assume that Parks Ontario is aware of the cache and that all is fine and well with all of the stages. Afterall it is theirs and your decisions alone whether or not a stage should stay. They have people who get paid big bucks to do environmental surveys of these places.


    my two cents

  16. Bring extra sets of gloves just in case you have to dig around for caches buried in the snow. I also bring the dog along, she's pretty good at digging them out if I get her going enough.

  17. Question 1 - Yes.


    Question 2 - No. I dealt with the issue as politely as I could. All was well with the result.


    I have also run into situations where a caher has logged saying they were with so-and-so, but didn't sign at the time. To deal with that I asked that they please revisit and sign the log; problem solved.

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