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  1. To be honest the grenade looks very similar to one used by the US for riot control. A good rule of thumb for stuff like this is to note its location, walk away, phone the police, give them a point of contact and brief them when they arrive. Do not approach the item again until such time as the EOD guys ask you to accompany them to the item. The police will call in the miltary for recovery if it is in fact ammunition. There are plenty of legacy items like this still circulating around, some are still live. This stuff has been designed for one purpose; to maim or kill. If you don't know what it is and it functions as deisgned guess what!!! For safety sake, and from a professional standpoint, leave well enough alone if you happen to find anything like this, please. Don't assume it's not real. Oh yeah, take what I say as gospel; I sneak up on grenades for a living.
  2. When you come up for the Fling you can stop by Angie's Outdoor in Barrie, but I'm not recommending them. I'd go to Landsharkz first.
  3. If I do notice I may just post a short note in the log that the TB is missing.
  4. You have a place to crash here at Camp Borden too, and I can help you on your way up to North Bay or down to London.
  5. AC Team is planning on the second COG CITO in Barrie, at Ardagh Bluffs. I don't know the date yet, but they are working out the final details.
  6. 25,000? TOMTEC 8,000ish..it's not an exact science.
  7. 120mp/h I happen to know that is too low... but only because I cheated... It can't be low by very much. And 2h2g... tsk tsk! *Miles* per hour?? I know, I know...but can you tell me how many feet per second detonating cord detonates. Some of us are still stuck between two worlds.
  8. 120mp/h I happen to know that is too low... but only because I cheated... I was going to guess in the 360's, but I remember seeing something about this and that he had to slow down considerably otherwise his parachute would have failed.
  9. Hi everyone. I see that the Spring Fling IV listing has been enabled again. The look has been upgraded and the event looks like it's going to be very exciting. I can hardly wait to attend.
  10. Ibycus, Kudos for all of the maps. I'm a brand-new Garmy guy - my eXplorist died this past week. I found the maps easy as pie to install, extremely detailed, and my new Garmin runs like a charm with them loaded. The eXplorist would slow down and lock-up all the time. I'm really looking forward to field testing them sometime this week.
  11. Sydney, NS...or Cape Breton, or wherever Sydney is.
  12. It's a known reference point on land that the satellites use to calculate their relative positions. Just a guess.
  13. My guess is along the same lines as Mrs LS, but... They are gun sheds and used to house the avalanche control guns in the Rockies.
  14. Kingston is a great area to cache in. If you apply yourself you can complete the entire area in 2 weeks...hehehe. Binrat will explain.
  15. Consider the issues involved with purchasing a "new to the market" GPSr. - You will be comfortable in knowing that the unit is the latest in technology and will last for a few years; and - You will be the envy of the geocaching community and will make lots of "Garmy" friends . I'm a big believer in justifying the expense upfront and having a gadget that I know will last me the 5 years or so that I need to justify spending the original amount. If these arguements fail, beg!!!
  16. Apparently Garmin has the new Colorado up on their website. You should look into that and be the first kid on the block with one.
  17. I guess passing 2nd grade math is not a requirement to be a CTV reporter..... Technically speaking, 11,900 is over 7,000. They just ballparked it a little low.
  18. Would it be called a pence farthing?
  19. Definitely interested, but won't commit just yet.
  20. It's not really Canada if there isn't 4 feet of snow and a moose nibblin' on the pine tree in the back yard.
  21. Alert's FM radio station is no more! CHAR-FM had its license revoked last week at the request of the base commander. http://www.crtc.gc.ca/archive/ENG/Decision.../db2007-422.htm The base is seasonally significant because Alert always reported when Santa Clause took off from the North Pole to start his rounds on Christmas Eve. I don't know if the loss of the radio station will affect this announcement! That's correct and extremely sad at the same time. On to you.....
  22. I like the Christmas theme going on here. What is the name of the radio station at N82 28' W62 30'? Bonus points if you know why this is seasonally significant, the name of the location and its claim to fame.
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