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  1. If I'm not mistaken it seems that most, if not all, of the interest is leaning towards geocaching.com anyways.


    I have a lot of 2 cents to offer and I keep getting blank stares from Mrs happy. I'd like to see this unfold, even just a little bit at a time. I haven't seen the US benchmarks though so I have nothing to offer as far as formatting goes. Is it similar to the format on the other Grouondspeak site?

  2. Res,


    I can answer that question about the list. You have to do a query at the CSRS website, after creating an account. The file is downloaded as a .pdf. That's how I did it anyways.


    My thinking would be that we each run a query for a certain section close to your home co-ords, then, while out caching, go find the benchmarks and record them as you would all of the critical benchmark information. There is an actual format.




    I'll sign a petition in a heartbeat.

  3. Over to you 2H2G


    Hey, I like that abbreviation. Can I use it or do you have some sort of ownership rights?


    I will use my Wonder Twin powers to thinkup a question at work today.



  4. There seems to be enough interest in the category to warrant a look into it. If maintaining the database is an issue, there are counteless numbers of us who would - I'm sure - have no problem donating their time. We already put the odd hour here and there into this hobby, and I know adding another dimension to it would cause no extra stress around here.


    I downloaded the CSRS list from their website to all benchmarks within a 10 km radius. I got something in the neighborhood of 50 pages. Now it's just a matter of getting out there and checking them out. This task woulnd't be difficult as I'm out there already. Am I making this seem too simplistic?


    Maybe it's just me and my, "Make a molehill out of a mountain," mentality.

  5. Blue Quasar:


    I have visited the site that you have mentioned and have found it not as user firendly as this site. I have also posed this question about Canadian benchmarks. We would like to see Canadian Benchmarks added to geocaching.com. I don't believe that this would be an enormous task, and would be as easy as brining back the earthcache feature. There are plenty of us here in the "Great White North" who know of at least several benchmarks. All we would need is the format similar to the American format, for recording benchmarks.


    Why are we, as Canadians, being denied the opportunity to expand our influence on this fantastic hobby?

  6. Well, I guess I overdid my first kick at the cat here. I will leave it up to JD and husker to duke it out over who takes the next question.


    Here are the answers that I was looking for:


    Part 1:

    Lack of co-ordination

    Mental confusion

    Slowed reactions - husker

    Shivering - husker



    Part 2:

    Goes to JD for nailing it right on the head: heart failure.



    Husker was the only one to offer up any suggestions on beating hypothermia. Here's a pretty good article though for those interested.


    Thanks for being nice. I'll try something a little easier next time.



  7. Some of us here are involved with electronics, satellites, etc and I have to go along with the April Fool thing.


    We all know that electronics is shrinking all the time... look at your cell phone, iPod, etc etc and MEMS technology is coming along just fine.. and for that matter so is Nanotech

    but what do you suppose is the technology used here to do the "tracking"?




    Yoctotechnology!?..or was that a trick question?


    Here's a deep thought...technology on an atomic scale...I'd rather ponder the size of our universe.

  8. Recently I had a problem with my GPSr. I contacted Magellan and they forwarded me to their Canadian repair facility. I sent the unit out last Friday, and yesterday, when I got home from work, it was in my mail box. I was floored. I figured it would be 3 weeks minimum.


    So...I would like to publicly thank Bill's Electronics in Mildmay, ON for their exceptional speed, professionalism and quality repair work. I know it was something really minor, but I believe that if someone does a great job then they should be thanked for it.


    I don't know if anyone from Bill's is a geocacher. If they are could they pass this onto the staff (if there is any staff)? I'm really impressed.



  9. JD nails it the main cause of death.


    I'm still looking for 3 more symptoms.


    We have:

    - Shivering

    - Slowed reactions


    First one, by high noon 12 Jan, that can come close to my list takes it.

  10. Shivering - yes

    Numbness - in the extremeties due to...?

    Impaired vision, slower/shallower breathing - yes (slowed reactions)

    Slow/weak or irregular pulse - yes, and ties in with part 2


    Exposure isn't the primary cause of death, but it is the primary cause of hypothermia.


    Prevention - all are valid points.

  11. Since winter is now upon us - in Simcoe County anyways - and most of us will no doubt be out caching in the cold, I thought that a cold weather question would be a good, educational approach to this topic.


    This is a two parter:


    First part: what are 5 of the major symptoms of hypothermia?


    Second part: what causes most hypothermic deaths?


    And as a bonus, for anyone who has winter/arctic survival training, what extra measures should you be taking when physically exerting yourself in the cold?


    Ok, I guess that was 3 parts.


    Good luck.

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