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  1. I have yet to see any of our coins on the E place. Guess we are not worth much. <_<


    My wife bought me one off eBay for $20USD as a Christmas present. Then I found another one I got for $13USD.


    I really wanted them so I figure they were worth it.


    I'm curious to see what our CFG coins are going to go for.

  2. It coincides with the Central Timezone that runs along the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border, and probably has something to do with that province not observing daylight saving time - except for Lloyminster.


    Just a guess!!!!!!

  3. Dolostone is correct. I was looking for Silurian Dolomite, but just looked up the word and Dolomite and Dolostone mean the exact same thing.




    Couparangus: on to you.


    Anyone feel an earthcache happening?

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