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  1. My wife bought me one off eBay for $20USD as a Christmas present. Then I found another one I got for $13USD. I really wanted them so I figure they were worth it. I'm curious to see what our CFG coins are going to go for.
  2. That's all find and dandy, but is it trackable?
  3. Dang, I thought I had it for sure!!!!!
  4. Here's mine: Maginot, water-tower, John-Deere Green.
  5. I have a coin that I keep with me all of the time - just one. It will be up for discovery at all events. I'm using it to track my personal mileage between caches.
  6. Thanks AV. It's a perfect size to fit through the laminator at work too..hehehe.
  7. Here in Canada if you qualify for Veteran plates, they're free. It only costs $5 to send the paperwork to the Legion so that they can check your eligibility.
  8. I think they did change the rules. You can also replace your personalized plates if they get damaged or wear out; but it does cost $$$$.
  9. So that when they put up the fence to defend against the evil Manitoban Empire they don't have to pay extra for the curvy sections?
  10. Thanks for the link. It looks like they support "Friendly" nations' militaries as well....so I joined.
  11. It coincides with the Central Timezone that runs along the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border, and probably has something to do with that province not observing daylight saving time - except for Lloyminster. Just a guess!!!!!!
  12. I've never been in on one of these, but it sounds like a fantastic idea.
  13. I only know superficial, so I can only help someone that far...
  14. For your second part JD: Because frostbite causes your skin to go numb, applying too much heat while warming up may also cause burns.
  15. Count us in for Canadian Benchmarks, especially in Central Ontario. I'd like to see another survey done too, the interest seems to be increasing. Cheers,
  16. I'd like to set one up in Central Ontario. Can someone fill me in on the details? PM or e-mail!
  17. Dolostone is correct. I was looking for Silurian Dolomite, but just looked up the word and Dolomite and Dolostone mean the exact same thing. Cheers, Couparangus: on to you. Anyone feel an earthcache happening?
  18. Silurian era is correct, now what type of rock? Hey, I'm an army guy, it's all geography...LOL....
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