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  1. Wow, that was pretty quick Glad you like it. Here's something else to bring a smile to the people that missed out...
  2. G'Day Glenn, It's good to see the sunshine spreading to the rest of the world. If you would like one released here in New Zealand I would be happy to (unless someone else from down this way gets in soon ) Mark (Elmo) haha, just had a thought... if a coin comes down this way it will have a slight advantage as the 9th here is the 8th there but then again 2 disadvantages, NZ is only 3500km long and it's coming up to winter so some cachers are slowing down. But then being winter we could do with some extra "SunShine"
  3. Yours may not be the only one not recieved! I posted both missions on the same day from down here, the MayDay package was recieved on 23 April but as yet (as far as I know) my Geo Birthday hasn't made it to it's reciepient, well they haven't logged it anyway There is always hope Edited to add: "You were not my mission!" Sorry
  4. Phew... Invoice recieved and paid Thanks Guys
  5. Fantastic coin guys After mine I knew that because you were excited about it that it was going to be one of those "Must Have's"! Pretty sure I won't be able to make it to GW5 But will be keeping an eye out for one afterwards. That is unless someone wants to pick one up for me and do a trade
  6. And the winner of the XLE is... Congratulations Dressel Dragons! (let me know your address and there will be a Chelmo NZ residents coin on it's way to you! The other winners were: #1 Crowesfeat30 (Two Tone LE Chelmo) for correcty guessing "Footrot Flats" was the other idea I had for my coin. #2 Stellarscape (Gold Chelmo) for posting on the number of cache finds I have #3 Ble68 (Gold Chelmo) for correctly guessing the bird in the print I have hanging on my wall (The Chatham Island Black Robin) #4 OshnDoc (Silver Chelmo) for being the last to post before I did to say my coins have arrived. and last but by no means least... #5 "Dressel Dragons" the winner of the XLE Copper/Silver Chelmo for being the random post number Thankyou everyone for getting in to the spirit of this compitition, it has been awesome to see the response of you all (I wish I could give you all a coin), I hope you have had fun learning and seeing some of the beautiful country I live in. Thanks and Congrats again to the winners, Mark (Elmo) Oh OshnDoc & Dressel Dragons make sure you e-mail me you address
  7. Just a quick post previous, the very second I snuck home from work to see if the courier had been. And just as I pulled up so did he I really have to get back to work now so congrats to OshnDoc for being last to post before I did. Give me 5min to go generate a random number to find the winner of the XLE, back soon...
  8. If you mean what time is it NOW it's about 0940 on Monday (Central Standard Time in South Australia) . . . or did you mean in EnZed? Sorry, I should be more helpful - try here. It's lunchtime (1230hrs) But still no coins!!!
  9. Sorry guys, no coins yet It's 7.20am Monday and I have to go to work now. Man I hope they arrive today, you guys have been really patient. These coins have now officially taken 72hrs longer to arrive than the first batch (and also 72hrs since another kiwi in town recieved some extras he orderd direct). For everyones sake I hope they arrive today
  10. G'Day Guys (and Gals) Just a quick update, I have received another 5 coins to be released here in NZ. Thanks Glennk721 and The Moops, they will be on their way real soon
  11. Yeah I know, but it doesn't hurt to ask... SEEKING: Australia '06 OFFERING: Chelmo XLE (NZ Residents Coin), two tone Copper/Silver
  12. Now this sounds like fun I'm pretty sure I can find a "Chelmo" to enter the race
  13. Ok guys, I'm really sorry this has dragged out the last couple of days, you have all been really good sports, BUT... there is no chance for any packages to arrive for the next 44hrs (Monday morning kiwi time) so you can have some time off Catchya on Monday (Kiwi time) I do have a good feeling about Monday though as another local who ordered some of my coins from Castle Coins and Pins had their coins arrive yesterday. Fingers Crossed for Monday for all mine. Yes got your package Liz, Thanks
  14. But isn't it already tomorrow (Friday) there??? Yep, It's Friday here today.But I'm really hoping for a Saturday morning courier delivery Please please please...
  15. I wish I could say yes , but no Trust me I'm hanging out for them too, hopefully later today of tomorrow morning, before things stop for the weekend
  16. You forgot to mention that we use the "Metric" system (Although because of my job I still use feet and inches at times, which is weird cause I was brought up on metric )
  17. This is a great story and when you look at NZ you can may even start to think whether it could be true
  18. There is plenty of room dowm here Maybe we could catch up when you visit
  19. Team chelmo


    No way! You have no artistic taste or simply must be blind if you think this... isn't as nice as this. Silly New Zealander...no taste at all. I do agree that the "07 has a much better design but the quality of the coin let it down, in particular the overfill, (Unless the problem is that us foreigners got the reject coins ) Anyway your picture is of the gold, the Nickel ('06)looks way better. Oh any Crake coin has to high up on my list too
  20. Team chelmo


    I agree, these are my two favorite coins too The Dorkfish v1 LE I just recieved is right at the top of my list (Thanks Glenn) The '06 Compass Rose puts the '07 one to shame!
  21. Yeah I think that would be more than a days hike, but there is probably a few other caches you could pick up along the way Making it a worth while trip
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