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  1. Well done Thanks for a bit of fun
  2. I would love to trade for one of your personal ones oh oh... me too (Well I can dream can't I )
  3. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shilo for putting together this years coin race and the mountain of time that it must take to keep the Standings table up to date. THANKYOU
  4. Down here in NZ we also have the Red Poppy as a symbol to remember our war heroes, it dates back to WW1 and flanders field where a huge number were killed. Every year we celebrate ANZAC (Australia, New Zealand Army Corps) on the 25th April, prior to this date we have "Poppy Day" where Red poppies are sold to raise funds for the Returned Services Assc. Although the last time NZ was involved in a major "War" was very many years ago ANZAC day ceremonies are being attended by more and more people, this is surprising considering there is not that many "Old Diggers" left, what I see on ANZAC day is an increased number of young children attending. It is great to see that we can still remember the sacrifice of those that have provided us with the freedom we have today. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them. Back on topic... I know where you are coming from with regards to the use of the Red Poppy, considering the significance and use of it world wide to remember those fallen in wars but guess it is very hard to stop a "Naturally" occuring item being used for other purposes, at least in the case of this coin it does not offend.
  5. 2x Jeep Racers 2x Jeep Racers 2x Jeep Racers 2x Jeep Racers There are 4 local cachers that have decided to have our own coin race, The "Ashvegas Jeep Race" Also in the package was a few coins, seeing as he has visited NZ for some bungy jumping. And an Atlanta Gal 3rd Anniversary for keewee
  6. 1. Participating - e-mail sent 9th July 2. Received Name - Yes, 15th July. Research Begins... 3. Mission Complete - Package sent 30th July 4. Package Received -
  7. 4-6 weeks It doesn't even take the sailing ships and Horse & carts to deliver coins down here that slow (Last coin package from US - NZ = 5 days since order placed, Thanks Jim )
  8. What would I do for a Yime A ton of stuff!!! So how far is it... NE 14256.9km... hmmmm...If I hurry do you think I can make it
  9. Love it! Great work Will definately be up for these, keeping both eyes open Sooo....what I'd like to know is: Are you interested in this coin? Yes Do you like the idea of sets?? (one standard, one LE) Yes Would you rather see them sold separately?? As well as the LE set, Yes Would you like the option of being able to pre-order this coin?? or do you like the mad rush and frenzy of wearing out your F5 button?? Hmmmm... after recent sales on popular coins... Definately. Yeah sure somepeople don't like them because they don't like parting with their $ too early, BUT, if you are guaranteed the coins you want then why not. In short heck yeah
  10. Well at least there was something apart from the bills A nice something too... Antique Silver GW5 Sunburst
  11. Add me to the list of people that has had this happen to , and take ages to find that "Standard" Option, it does work
  12. 7 Very interesting coin indeed Congrats to A&T and rivercity
  13. It looks like there is plenty of GOLD out there to be found A big "Well Done" to all recent finders, it's awesome to see the photo's being posted, definately some happy cachers finding a 'lil pot o gold at the end of the RAINBOW
  14. "Holly Toledo Batman" Arrived down here in NZ in just 3 working days since ordering from Castleman ... 3x GW5 SunBursts also 2x Northern Right Whales (Still in under a week!) Very nice coin Karma
  15. Black Nickel with "GLOW" - Jolly good show old chap
  16. When I saw these coins were on they way I couln't wait to see what they actually looked like, and I must admit that the photo's look great I know from past experience and it is one of Jim's favorite sayings but I know these will look even better in hand Ordered 2 of each of "Black Knight" and "Chrome Knight" Good work guys
  17. Congrats to the latest finders and the best of luck to all those laying bait or watching for drops to hunt down their own fairy (in a good way of course )
  18. ETA Lunch Time Tuesday! BLAST!!! I wish I had a desk job, Will have to see what a certain keewee is up to
  19. Hmmm... off to find out what time that is here in KiwiLand
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