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  1. Congrats to all the lucky finders (So far ) I have to be honest and admit the Halloween has only just become popular in NZ Which meant I missed out as a kid , well a little kid anyway . But never fear, Elmo's here We have a stash of treats for all those that pay us a visit on the "Great" night. You guys over there certainly know how to have fun This is what us "Kiwi's" need!
  2. Very We have some pretty creepy crawlies down here, I hope you can find time to pay a visit, I'm sure you would feel right at home
  3. Brownie Batter was it, congrat's. Congrats A&T I missed out on this comp. but my guess would have been "Hokey Pokey"
  4. Don't hold your breath for any more Geoleprechaun coins I have captured Him And here's the proof He was captured in this cache PuzzleSeeker Multi Cache I suspect he was down under to attend the Geocoinfest Multi Event and liked this puzzle cache so much he revisited it, either that or he accidentally locked himself in side Either way I grabbed him and his little pot of gold from the cache and brought him home with me for a little while. But Don't panic fellow coiners, I will set him free in to another cache real soon so he can continue on his travels and share his lovely gold with some more of you Thanks GeoLeprechaun for sharing your wealth here in New Zealand.
  5. 1. Participating - Oh Yeah 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received!
  6. Nice #3 in the series, Thomas (9yo team member) needs one for his set Thanks
  7. If I wasn't already going to Hawaii, New Zealand would be the next one I would pick if given a choice. Oh wait, I live in north Texas and have zero funds... You know guys that you will be welcome IF you could make it over here This is the one I will be attending
  8. My latest cache has you keeping an eye out for a flying pig Count me in
  9. Hmmm... This coin was concieved by a fellow New Zealander yet I see (or don't see) that New Zealand has slipped off the edge of yet another coin
  10. A double banger post for us today Sent our mission but also recieved our mission package, all the way from Germany Inside the package was a very Bright and shiney GW5 Sunburst in Chrome, We had a beautiful sunny day today and definately needed the sunglasses to look at this coin Also inside was a fun "Keep on Cachin'" Truck and very cute Beaver (Canadian Micro) Thanks heaps Wutzebear Whoops...Secret Mission sender 1. Participating - Yes, e-mail sent 11/7/07 2. Received Name - Yep, 13/7, Research has began 3. Mission Complete - Package sent today 4. Package Received! Woohoo, yes!
  11. I know a few people have received packages that they haven't noted on this thread....could those who are in this category please let us know if you have received your package please? I am not loking at anyone in particular, but there is someone just over the pond to my east who keeps forgetting The date which packages need to be received by is September 30th, so we still have a few weeks! Not me, I have the memory of an epha... elphe... elef... How do you spell elephant again? My package is ready to send as soon as I can get it to the post this coming week I know how people get excited over these mystery missions, the wait is the hardest part
  12. AE's appear to be all gone But got a LE + couple of others And a very cool "Rusty" Hope you had a successful break Jim, great work again you guys have done on these coins
  13. Thankyou Secret Mission Sender This is what I found in my mail box today... A great wee package (Thanks Again ) As you can see it contained a Geocell Coin (Very cool), an Evil Micro XLE (Boy do I love these guys!), "Geocaching makes you (Me) Happy" micro, 2 pins (a Geobash Duck and Top 40), Dorkfish Seahorse Patch (Glow) and a micro capsule! Thanks again for the awesome package, who ever you were
  14. Thanks Shilo, it's fun watching our racers in the Premier Race too These races are fun and a great way to get more travellers out in to the wild
  15. I've got all 8 Jeeps on my radar! I'd like to send you some prizes if that would be ok! I LOVE that you are using the Jeep Racers, this is just what I designed them for! When I saw the Jeep Racer coins I knew we could make use of them, They are cool and were ideal for our race. Thanks for the offer of prizes you are great. Have fun watching the racers, we certainly are Hopefully others will catch on and buy these cool guys for what they love to do, Race. By the way we had a keen cacher visit town last night and get 3 ftfs (1 dnf), shuffle the coins a bit and pick up Elmo's Red Racer at 10.30pm, taking it out of town, woohoo
  16. G'Day Dave, You know life is never easy and there are always things changing that you have to deal with the best you can, But with the wee geosprog on the way you are going to be having a heap of fun despite the hassles that may come along, kids are the greatest reward in life! I'm glad I got the chance to meet you in here and we will definately be keeping in touch. Take care, talk soon, and remember even if you are just passing through, you know where we are Talk soon Mate. Mark (Elmo) P.S. You better let me know your new Addy, I have this parcel to send, I really want to spoil the surprise but I know that you and your sweetpea along with the new weeny will love it
  17. But in all honesty, that red on the black looks... (hint hint ) Go the CRUSADERS! ( Kiwi Joke)
  18. I have this FTF coin travelling FTF Braggin' Coin It's mission is to be placed into a new cache to be retrieved by the FTF, then in turn for them to create a new cache for the coin to be once again placed in to, and so the cycle contiunes
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