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  1. Thanks, Hopefully this happens and I recieve a confirmation to my e-mail that I have just sent. :blink:


    Failing all else at least I have one version to add to my collection of the previous years evil micros. :blink:


    Because of my recovery from the addiction I have limited myself (unfortunately) to the compass roses and these fellas (Evil Micros), as I have at least 1 metal from each year they were minted. :blink:

  2. Hmmmm.... Interesting....


    Quote: "We have a few Nickel and Gold versions left."


    Yet after recieving your noticication e-mail (last week) and I went to order some the site kept saying they were out of stock! :angry:


    Finally managed to order a copper one (at which time the site still said "Out Of Stock" of all other versions)


    Even e-mailed confirm they were "Sold Out", and am still awaiting a reply! :blink:


    It's going to be too expensive to place another order and have shipped to New Zealand, Now they are magically back in stock?! :blink:


    Very disappointing :blink:

  3. I have just tried uploading a new version of my cartidge (to replace the existing) but it comes up with:


    Error Occurred

    Wrong Local header signature: 0x41430A02



    I'm sure it's obvious to someone out there, Ideas :)




  4. I'm in the same boat, so to speak :P


    I'm tossing up between these two... 60Csx :unsure: Colorado (but struggling to decide)


    I don't own a PDA and from what info I have the Colorado would be my best option, more cacher friendly, with the abitity to load listing into the unit, hence no need to carry any paper :lol: .


    Hopefully there is plenty of others in here that can add their own experinces and put ours minds at ease :ph34r:

  5. 1). ChocoEmail Sent - Yes

    2). ChocoName Received - Yes

    3). ChocoMission Sent - Yes

    4). ChocoMission Received - Yes!


    Both Mission recieved B)


    It's school holidays down here and we have been away for a while, on arrival home had a couple of Choc mission packages waiting for us, in the first a "Chocolate Heaven" cook book, USYOOPERS Poker Chip an All seasons caching "Summer" coin, and of course a very tasty chocolate bar (Which was gone almost before everything was unpacked :) ) Thanks USYOOPERS :D


    In the second package another very tasty Milk Choclolate Bar (From almost the complete other side of the planet :D ) a Solan109 wooden token and a very cool Elle77 & Solan109 "Sameland 08" coin (in copper, my fav), included with the coin was someting adding a great touch, a link to a web Cam of the area depicted on the coin B)


    A Huge thanks to the secret mission senders, especially USYOOPERS and Solan109 :DB)B) from all us Kiwi Chocolate/Coin lovers in Team Chelmo :D

  6. MISSION ONE....

    1.) choco email sent - yes :blink:

    2.) choconame recieved - yes :mad:

    3.) chocomission sent - not yet -

    4.) chocomission recieved - :unsure:




    1.) choco email sent - yes :mad:

    2.) choconame recieved - yes :(

    3.) chocomission sent -

    4.) chocomission recieved - :)



  7. Absolutely no way I could ignore this one, chocolate has been my life long addiction...


    Yes I'm a chocoholic!!! ;)


    Would love to try some international choc bars so I'm in for a couple of these missions :ph34r:


    Did someone says there was a coin involved as well? Bonus :(

  8. :( You go away for a while and this sort of thing happens :D


    It great to see everyone in here is the same friendly bunch they have always been (or mostly anyway ;) )


    Thanks to acadiahiker for the nomination and of course forthferalz for the cointest :D


    In case anyone was thinking I had fallen off the planet, I have actually started my own company and had a few hassles re that just recently (haven't even had time to go caching :ph34r: ), all seems to be honky dory now (fingers crossed). Hopefully things will settle in to a rountine and I can come back to visit you guys again before too much longer :D


    Keep on coining!!! Go the Crusaders!!!


    Thanks again to my Trans Tasman mate :D

  9. Team Chelmo :) The Cache-A-Teers are happy that you like your missions they sent!!! They are also very excited to open yours that you sent them!!! It is under the tree....along with the mission that someone sent me!! LOL I have been making us all wait LOL is that bad??? maybe I'll cave by Christmas eve....either that or when Karma stops by....she'll just tell the kids to do it and they will ROFLMAO!!!! We are all most anxious to open them :)


    Glad it made it on time :) You certainly have some will power :) Just remember Christmas arrives a day early here, so I guess you could get away with opening it Christmas eve your time :D


    Merry Christmas :)

  10. This recipe follows the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid :) )


    Toffee Pop Truffles


    Stuff you need:


    2x Pkt "ToffeePop" Biscuits (Not sure if you guys have em but there is sure to be an alternative :) They are a vanilla biscuit base with caramel on top, covered in chocolate)

    1x Tub Cream Cheese

    Milk/Dark & White cooking chocolate


    What to do? :)


    1. Crumble the biscuits and mix in the cream cheese (Hand mixing is best, very messy but more fun)

    2. Roll into "Bite" size balls and chill

    3. Melt the chocolate and coat the balls, then drizzle the opposite flavour chocolate over top.


    That's It! Not even any cooking required :) And if it wasn't easy enough, don't even bother with quanities, it doesn't really matter, they will turn out Yummy what ever :) Just remember like every good cook it is compulsary to sample the production line in the interest of quality control :D

  11. Happy Holidays Everyone from all us coiners here in KiwiLand :) (Where it is the middle of summer, Woohoo :) )


    Thanks everyone for the fun, especially all the cointests over the year :D


    Here is a pic I found that made me smile, hope ya'll (or at least some of you) get it...




    Merry Christmas :):):)

  12. You guys are just too generous :D This round of "Secret Missions" I decided to put in the Junior Chelmo's for a couple each, and I can honestly say they thought all their Christmas' had come at once :D




    In this mission they recieved an individual parcel each :ph34r: Inside each was a heap of individually wrapped small packages <_<




    Which they both promptly "Cracked" in to :D




    As you can see there was a heap of other "Goodies" for them in addition to the handfull of coins each :D




    And there are some items I couldn't lay my hands on when I took this photo! As you can see the coins recieved in this secret mission included 2 of Happy Holidays set, Not another micro, Cache-Aid Kit, Morpho Butterfly, Do unto others, Oak Xmas coin, HappyTrails Micros and a LoriDarlin v2 :huh::P:)THANKYOU


    In the other mission was another perfect selection of coins for the kids :) Inside the box was a velvet pouch each cointaining a selection of coins each, for Thomas a Neon Cacher car, Cachesaurus and a very very cool :D Geo Nerd (Clamm 31 :D ), for Brittany a "Watch Out for Me" Skunk coin, Good/Bad Karma and The Cutest ever Clamm Path Tag :DB) As well as a few other goodies (Camo Teddy, Duck and Lanyard, plus a Dorkfish patch)




    On behalf of the kids, thanks for an awesome start to the Christmas Break and again showing how great everyone in this community is :blink::huh::PThank you Mike & Lisa, and Lori All the best for the holidays to you and your families, from us here in Little ol' KiwiLand :D

  13. 1. Participating...Yes

    2. Name Received...Yes

    3. Mission Complete...Package mailed 3/12/07

    4. Santa Arrived...:wub: Yes, and a great surprise too :)


    I put in for a joint mission for my two GeoKids, and they were sent a package each! :) I will have them this weekend so will give them their parckages and get some pics to post at a later date. Thanks to our "Secret Santa", you have well and truely outdone yourself


    Thank You!!!



  14. I was going to post a pic of another of Santa's little helpers but she was R18 so found this one instead... for all the Simpsons fans




    As for the Holiday Gnome very cool, just remember that here in New Zealand we are first to celebrate the holidays :)

  15. 1. Participating - email sent :D

    2. Received Name - 17/10/07 - Research underway... :)

    3. Mission Complete - 3/11/07 - Package sent :D

    4. Package Received - 20/11/07 :)


    A little late posting but yay! My package arrived early in the week :D It was all done up in it's own pouch and inside was two more pouches all covered in leaves. Inside each was a coin, the first a Pirates of Harriman IV (these are very cool coins, love em :D ) in the other a motogrrl memorial coin, thanks. Also in the package was a hand full of geo pins, Thanks for a great package secret mission sender :)

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