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  1. Thank you MrsB. I will approach this drop with caution. One of the coins has done 18,000 miles so I would hate it to go missing on my watch!
  2. Hi all We are attending our first event this weekend (a halloween Mega event - in fancy dress no less!). We have two coins we'd like to drop off but are not sure how this works at an event. Do we just put them in a cache like normal? One of the coins specifically wants to go to golf courses. We found it at the side of a canal so would like to help get it back on track. Is it ok to ask people if they will be caching near a golf course and then get them to grab the coin? Thanks for your help Lu
  3. A mission note or tag is helpful, but many don't bother with it. Too, there are a lot of existing TB's that were out long before people started adding mission tags. Don't sweat it, if you see you cannot help its' travels, simply don't harm its' travel either -- just drop it before taking too far off course. That said.... you will find that some people don't seem to give a hoot anyway. Oftentimes TB's are dragged in the opposite direction. So... yes, there is an etiquette, but not all bother with it. You can take all the TBs that you can tote. The idea is to move them, not to leave them languish. Side-Note: The tracking # is important (as you discovered). It is also important to hold that tracking # until your logging is complete and finished properly. It is oh-so often that people mislog, only later to find they cannot correct it 'cuz they don't have the number (duh!). Thanks for the info. I will keep note of the tracking # for the one we have got, just in case we get the log wrong when we set it free.
  4. We are new to geocaching and were lucky enough to find our 1st TB today which we took. We then found another an hour later which we didn't take becuse we weren't sure of the ettiquette. Is it OK to take more than 1 TB at a time? Also the first one had a handy little note attached saying what it wanted to do, so we knew we could fulfil this task. The second one didn't so I was worried we wouldn't be able to help. I also tried to log that we had discovered the 2nd one but I hadn't realised I needed the code on the TB to do this, so hadn't made note of it. I just mentioned it in the log. Is this ok? Thanks
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