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  1. My highest level (Level 3) just has a small line in it, per the instructions from the link above in this thread. Here is a screenshot, what is incorrect? Thanks.
  2. I have used the above web page as a guide to build several maps. I have been very happy with the results thus far. My first map was a tough one and took several tries to get just what I wanted. After doing a few maps it has become much easier. I also like how my homemade maps can be integrated with Mapsource. Now when I get ready for a hiking trip somewhere I look forward to putting a map together as part of the overall experience. I'll be using the most detailed of the maps I have made later this week for a trip to "The Great Sand Dunes" in Colorado. Manyhatz I'm using the free version of cGPSmapper. I have gotten as far as creating topo file with imported stream data (GPSmapedit), but can't seem to complie and create the map for Mapsource using cGPSmapper. I get an error message : File cannot be open POI info sorting Layer>>>>>>>>>0<<<<<<<<generation Nothing was imported into Layer0! Aborting program due to errors. Check error message above. Layer0 cannot be empty! Any ideas? I'm getting the same error and I have went over everything a hundred times! My Level 0 is not freaking empty! I'm about to say the hell with it!
  3. I am trying to download a Shape File from the NHD GEODATABASE. I go through all the procedures, including entering my email and the file is never emailed to me. I have tried several times last night and this morning and still no file emailed to me. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Shouldn't Garmin be doing this for the 60 and 76 C(S)x units? I would think so, IMO.
  5. After the update my 60CSx still ocassionaly shows #35 blinking in the ESE from here in Indianapolis. Of course, we all know this is still incorrect because #35 is now SW of Indianapolis. Come on Garmin, when will you truly address the WAAS issue?
  6. The latest version of Topo? I have the disks and U.S. Topo is installed on my PC. Where do I go to get the Topo update? I can't find such an update on Garmin's web site. Did you just mean the Mapsource update?
  7. Well, this thread is a bunch of BS, IMO. The way this thread is entitled, it appears that Garmin has released a new firmware version for the 60C(S)x. No wonder you have 48 views an only two replies. WISE UP! Is it illegal to title a forum with a title that directly relates to the subject the question is about? Don't think so! I think the point of the other poster involved your using an exclamation point at the end of your subject line. It makes it look as if (!) there's a new firmware update available, and naturally everyone will jump on the message. A question mark might have been more appropriate. Just a friendly suggestion! --Larry Thank you, Larry.
  8. Well, this thread is a bunch of BS, IMO. The way this thread is entitled, it appears that Garmin has released a new firmware version for the 60C(S)x. No wonder you have 48 views an only two replies. WISE UP!
  9. nathantw, I'm not harping on you; however, I just don't understand how anybody could spend $400 on a GPSr and not spend another $15-$20 on a protective case. It baffles me to no end, but I see this often with other expensive gadgets, as well. I have my amateur radio license and I see other Hams with expensive hand-held radios, scanners, etc without protective cases. These transcievers and scanners will cost you from $200 - $500+. Yet, I still see many a hand-held radio with scratches on the display, as well as other blemishes, cuts, nicks, etc on these radios. Unbelievable to me.
  10. Well, #35 is currently located at 142 degrees west; therefore, #35 is located SW of Houston and not ESE. Apparently, your GPSr is searching for #35 at its old position which was ESE of Houston. My 60CSx is also searching for #35 in the SE direction from here in Indianapolis. Hopefully, Garmin will fix this problem with the next firmware update.
  11. Press and hold the PAGE key to turn the electronic compass on or off. Thank you.
  12. I must be missing something. Can the electronic compass be turned off or disabled? Thanks.
  13. I have had good luck with a vent mount I found on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...&category=34289 . The holder is adjustable and will even secure my 60CSx while in its Garmin protective case. $8.99 + $4.99 shipping is a good deal to me.
  14. I just don't understand the discussion about not being able to use lithium batteries in the 60CSx. Sure, the lithium batteries may perform a little longer in cold weather; however, I have used NiMh batteries in cold weather with good results. I'm not trying to flame anyone, but some people just need to get over it...lithium batteries are old technology...plain and simple.
  15. It's my understanding ,that the 60CSx does not have D's and the WAAS sat will show as a hollow bar, just like in your pic. The numbers you stated as EPE are near the stated accuracy. Not true, here is a pic I took just today of my 60CSx with the "d's".
  16. I had thought that US WAAS was compatible with European EGNOS and recievers could use info from either/or. Sort of yes and no. This is from a Garmin engineer who said the following about #33 (AOR-E): I have used AOR-E (EGNOS) in the past, but the system broadcasts a "do not use" indication much of the time during developmental phases. AOR-E is visible from the East Coast of the US but again the corrections are of little value because the system does not transmit IONO correction outside the coverage area of its ground stations. Right now the US WAAS system is the only system giving reliable correction information.
  17. Well, I just checked an apparently #33 is EGNOS. Interesting. So, I do believe that I was not actually receiving error correction. Anyway, I'll just wait for #48 to move into position.
  18. I posted on a previous thread that I can't see any "d's" on my 60CSx. I have only had my CSx for about one week. The usual WAAS satellite that has been trackable here in Indiana in the past is #35. However, #35 is being moved to the west and hence not trackable from my location. Well, today I was outside with my CSx and I began to track #33 just above the eastern horizon and my 60CSx is showing "d's"! Anyway, I thought I would confirm with my Nuvi 350 and sure enough the Nuvi began tracking #33; however, no "d's" were showing. According to other users, the Nuvi apparently does not show "d's" when tracking WAAS. Anyway, below are a couple of photos. I am beginning to feel a little better about my 60 CSx and WAAS. Notice how both units are displaying the exact corrdinates? Very interesting. By the way, is #33 one of the new WAAS satellites?
  19. The reason I purchase Garmin is because of great GPSr's and customer support. I think Garmin will do the right thing on this WAAS issue. I would expect nothing less from Garmin. Though I'm not crazy about the "by October" software update, I do realize that in the world of electronics, computers and sofware, problems sometime take a little more time to fix. Garmin will get it right, I am certain. That's why I keep coming back to Garmin.
  20. I have xImage installed on my PC; however, that just dowloads or uploads images to the GPSr. My question is how do I take the screenshot on the GPSr (i.e., what button(s) do I push?)? Thanks.
  21. How do I take a screenshot with the 60CSx? Thanks.
  22. Well, take a look at this. Back in January, I emailed Garmin regarding my Nuvi 350 having the blinking #35 and the hollow signal bar for #35. Garmin said that I should be seeing a "d" in the signal bars. Here is there reply: Thank you for contacting Garmin International. Any of our new units that use the Sirf receiver chipset, when using WAAS,the WAAS satellites will never give a solid bar signal denoting that the unit is receiving ephemeris (WAAS) data from them. The Sirf chip will denote the "d" in the signals for the regular satellites showing that differential positioning is taking place though. This is normal and is due to the way that the Sirf chip operates in case you are questioning whether their unit is working correctly. Well, still no d's on my Nuvi or my 60cxs.
  23. I am so ticked off and baffled myself about this. I have tried 3 GPSr's. My 76cx gets no WAAS and the 60Cx I had for a short time didn't either here in Connecticut. It finds sat 35, shows a hollow bar then it drops off the screen and doesn't exist. BUT........! on my aviation GPS a Garmin GPSMap 396 I get solid was reception on Sat 35, and get the "D's" showing 3D differential navigation down to 6ft!! So its not my area! So I'm reading some that have 76cx 76csx and 60cx and 60csx that are getting WASS with ther D's. Then some other are like me getting nothing...And Garmin is telling us tough, get over it you don't need it...This is BS!!! I very unhappy with Garmin.....I'm almost thinking of ditching the "x" line and get a 76Cs maybe...GRRR!!! : buzpilot Garmin owner Garmin Products I have: GPSMAP76Cx (handheld, outdoor, geocaching use) GPSMAP 396 (aviation, handheld) GNS 430 (aviation, mounted in aircraft cockpit) GTX 330 (aviation transponder, mounted in aircraft cockpit) I could accept the fact if Garmin said get over it IF and only IF ALL of the x series units were reacting the same; however, this is not the case because some have the d's and others, like myself, do not have the d's. This tells me that perhaps some of the units are defective. I get the d's with my 76CS, but not my new 60csx. We need some answers from Garmin and we need then now!
  24. Well, some say they are seeing d's (yet still no screenshots). If that is true, why would some 60cxs units have the d's and other units not? I also own a Nuvi and get the same condition...no d's. I emailed Garmin and they indicated that I am still receiveing WAAS correction even though my Nuvi is not displaying the d's. Yet Garmin has also said in other emails to users on this board that the X units don't receive WAAS. Which is it? This is ridiculous and is piss-poor marketing on Garmin's part, if in fact the X units don't receive WAAS.
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