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  1. quote:Originally posted by The Alethiometrists:So, did your friend's family give any of these caches a try? What did they (especially the kids) think? He thanked me for the info and talked about doing them after the weather cools down and the tree cover is lessened. I'm guessing he has a tough (re-)selling job to do on his kids. I'll keep at him, though, and if I ever do hear they've logged any I'll let you know. Thanks for asking.
  2. I've got a good friend in Chapel Hill who has tried Geocaching with his two kids a couple of times, but they've always been skunked. Can you recommend a few kid-friendly caches around that area that are worthwhile finds while not overly challenging for beginners? Thanks for your help.
  3. Bump. And while you're at it, the 500 cache limit on a "caches I've found" query is sooner or later also a likely source of frustration.
  4. Also, make sure to disable your "battery saver" mode. You'll never get a WAAS satellite lock if battery saver is on.
  5. quote: I'm looking for a locationless cache about odd/interesting traffic signs. Could this be the one?
  6. If you have found one cache that's going to be near where you're going, take the coordinates for that cache, and plug them in on the "Hide and Seek a Cache" page. That will bring up a list of caches centered on the one you know about, and show you the distances from the starting cache.
  7. I tried to find the English text, but I saw only this message when I chose the flag icon: "Erreur lors de l'accès aux données dans la table !" J'ai essayé de trouver le texte anglais, mais j'ai vu seulement ce message quand j'ai choisi l'icône de drapeau: "Erreur lors de l'accès aux données dans la table !"
  8. quote:Originally posted by Markwell:The ID field is a numeric field (the last portion of each cache's url). http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=_50000_ It's an issue with Topografix programs not displaying it (yet). That explains it, then. I now understand, and I withdraw my original request. Thanks for the help. Hmmmm... have I been Markwelled without having been "Markwelled"?
  9. I don't pretend to understand much about how GPX works, so I may be missing something here. I'm hoping you can help me. Are you saying there is an ID field in the XML that is separate from the Waypoint field? If so, I don't see it when I bring the GPX file into ExpertGPS. I also only see "Waypoint" listed on the "Available Columns" menu. Perhaps something's missing from ExpertGPS? If they both exist in the GPX file, and the ID field has the leading zeroes, I'll take it up with TopoGrafix. And in that case you're right, I wouldn't want to mess with the waypoint field either. Thanks for any information you can give me.
  10. GC0A2C, not GCA2C. On behalf of all the "older" caches out there, I thank you in advance.
  11. quote: I fixed the problem. It now retains the right info. Thank you!
  12. I know there is a problem with getting pocket Queries delivered right now, so I can't completely verify this, but it appears that the dropdown for "EasyGPS Format" always reverts to LOC, as opposed to sticking at whatever's been chosen originally. The problem with this is that someone could create a query and request a GPX download, then go back in to modify something else in the query. If they make a change (or don't make a change, for that matter) but then just scroll down and click the "edit this query" button at the bottom assuming that nothing else changes, the EasyGPS format resets to LOC, which is probably not the result they intended.
  13. Could you consider posting these (what should I call them, "cache ads"?) in the South and Southeast forum, and perhaps save the rest of the world a little bandwidth? Thanks a lot.
  14. quote:Originally posted by rkvarner:How do I update a cache page (I need to add some additional information regarding access times for the cache site)? Asuuming you hid the cache, log in, go to the cache page, and click the "edit this cache" link about four lines down from the top right corner. That link (along with the "upload pictures" and "archive this cache" links) appears only on pages for caches you own.
  15. quote:Originally posted by Elias:The forums give you a grace period of about 10-15 minutes (I'm not exactly sure what the time is) where you can edit your post as much as you want to make sure it looks and reads the way you like. After that grace period, any edits will include the last edit tag. Is there any chance of extending the scope of that grace period to let it permit deleting your own messages, like when you accidentally hit the ENTER key? See my posts in this thread for an example. Thanks.
  16. ... but many of them are multis. The closest "traditional" cache to your listed location would appear to be in Indiana. The closest one that doesn't require artificial breathing equipment is probably this one in Virginia.
  17. quote:Originally posted by CYBret:Connor went geocaching with me about 2 months before he was born . . . beat that! Bret I'm sure it won't be long before we read here of a child who was conceived within ten metres of GCxxxx.
  18. quote:Originally posted by Team CacheCows of Wisconsin: Considering that by definition, locationless caches have no location, I'm assuming that you don't mean you want to search by city, state, zip, country etc. That wouldn't make any sense. It may not make any sense, but in order to run a Pocket Query you have to specify a location, even if the only cache type in the query is locationless. If you leave all the location choices blank, it will not accept your query. To further complicate it, some of the choices are mutually exclusive. There are two separate lists for countries that have states or provinces and countries that don't (although Mexico, among others, is in the latter list when it should be in the former). So you can't select ALL countries to obtain a list of locationless caches, and you can't select NO countries. The queries do narrow down their results based on your geographic criteria. Many locationless caches have latitude-longitude and/or country-state information. Anything you leave out, either by choice or by force, will not be a part of your result. The reality is that there does need to be a more logical method of identifying and selecting locationless caches.
  19. ... because I ran into something very much like what you describe. It may have something to do with an older URL or link you are using. Some of the Web programs on the site were changed recently from xxxxx.asp to xxxxx.aspx. If you're using the wrong extension (because you're pulling it up from a bookmark or a shortcut), you could see the kind of behavior you're describing. I can't tell you where to find the bad link, but if you are using saved links or shortcuts to get to the logon page, you might try going there from the geocaching.com home page link and then logging in. But I could be wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.
  20. quote:Originally posted by robertlipe:... yesterday and today, mypop has shown no new traffic. 'Topics I'm watching' simply shows "no new posts or replies"....My gut tells me that if it was something globally broken there'd be an outcry ... Identical lack of results here as well.
  21. quote:Originally posted by Black Silver:These two hobbies seem like a natural combination. Any cachers doing it in conjunction with APRS? de Hans, K0HB Hans, Suggest you take this to the GPS and Ham Radio Forum. There are plenty of APRS threads already there. 73
  22. quote:Originally posted by Rockdoctors:Not sure that authorities would blame the whole geocaching community because a few individuals decide to go against the park or recreation area rules/regulations. Perhaps you missed this thread or the newspaper article referenced by the first post in that thread. They want to ban Geocaching, and they can't even prove that any rules were even violated by cachers or anyone else.
  23. quote:Originally posted by blahginger:OK, when I first saw the hints in the MobiReader, I could have sworn that there was a link from the cache description to the hint. But on further inspection it appears that there is no link. When you're in your query result "book", if you tap on the menu triangle on the upper right hand corner, you should see a menu item that says "Appendix 1: Hints". Tap that. From there you can do a search on the waypoint number to get the hint you need. Since it's only searching the hints, you'll get to the one you're looking for fairly quickly.
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