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  1. Thank you everyone for your feedback. We do have plans to display the timestamp on the Drafts page once we are farther along with the time zone improvements in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to upcoming release notes, thanks!

    Thanks, LivingInNarnia! I'm sure the time zone issue is more complex than it might initially seem, given all of the different ways one can submit field notes/drafts. Good to know that the time stamps will eventually be coming back.

  2. I'm noticing the same issue as of this morning. In particular, I like to timestamp my logs, and the time stamps are now missing from the field note page. I can still read them directly from the geocache_visits.txt file, but I have come to rely on having them included with the field notes, and if that were to go away, it would be rather inconvenient. Hopefully this is just a temporary issue...


    Not sure if this is related to another topic another topic I recently posted about, but it does seem to have surfaced around the same time.


    (1) On the field notes webpage, some drafts now show a date of "09 April 2017" when they should show a date of "08 April 2017 hh:mm:ss". The odd thing is that if I click on "Compose Log", then the 'Date Logged' text box is auto-filled with the correct date "04/08/2017".


    (2) When I upload field notes from my Garmin GPSr, then the date is shifting ahead. Dates and times had previously been correct when uploading field notes via Garmin's geocache_visits.txt file upload. Somehow, that process is now faulty. As noted in #1 above, the auto-filled date is correct when the "Compose Log" link is selected.


    For example (#2): The following 2 entries both auto-fill with "04/11/2017" after clicking on the "Compose Log" link, but on the field notes webpage the former shows "11 April 2017" and the latter shows "12 April 2017". If these were uploaded yesterday, they would both show the correct date of "11 April 2017 hh:mm:ss". I am in PST.


    GCD,2017-04-11T15:00Z,Found it,"" --> webpage shows "11 April 2017"

    GCD,2017-04-11T16:00Z,Found it,"" --> webpage shows "12 April 2017"


    Hopefully, this is just a temporary glitch? It would be extremely unfortunate and frustrating if uploading field notes directly from Garmin geocache_visits.txt files continues to produce incorrect dates.

  3. Also I have this issue: All times shifted now by +8h, also today's upload. Even already uploaded Field Notes waiting there for some time to be logged, have now the shift. This for sure wasn't the case 1 week ago.


    My time zone 'UTC +1 Amsterdam ...'

    I've noticed that field notes submitted through the API (via Cachly or the "Classic" Groundspeak app) used to be 8 hours BEHIND my local time zone (US Eastern). As of a couple of days ago, field notes I submit that way now have the correct time. Notes that I upload from my Garmin, however, are now 8 hours AHEAD of local time, where they used to be correct.


    I wonder if they made a change to "fix" the time stamps submitted via the API, and in the process, inadvertently broke "classic" field notes?



  4. Using Firefox I'm finding that the tabs in my own profile won't work (just bring up a blank page) but everything is fine if I look at a friend's profile.

    Similar here.


    Chrome seems OK-ish (it still opens new tabs where it should be opening content in the same tab).

    Safari also seems OK-ish (it still opens new tabs where it should be opening content in the same tab).

    Firefox viewing my own profile opens blank tabs instead of content.

    Firefox viewing someone else's profile tries to display content but stalls out trying to load some element(s), resulting in a blank brown page (it's been spinning for several minutes now....)


    By clearing caches, I was able to Firefox to display my profile page and get most of it to work. However, I do not care for the fact that there is now no separation between the bars in my bar graphs and the tables do not have grid lines anymore. Makes it much tougher to view and read data.

    For folks having the issue with the FindStatGen tables missing grid lines.. I figured out what is causing this. The new profile page is loading a stylesheet called normalize.css, which has a default rule that collapses spaces between table cells. I was able to get my grid lines back by adding the following to the top of my profile:


    <style type="text/css">
    table { border-collapse: separate; border-spacing: 1px; }


    You can experiment with the border-spacing value to see what gives the best result.


    Everything now seems to work fine with Chrome, but with Firefox, the iframe is not resizing for me, and I can't click on any tabs or inline content within the FindStatGen section. Not sure what the issue is there. [update -- I tried with a completely fresh install of Firefox, and it worked fine. So apparently, something in either my settings or extensions is messing it up. Will continue to experiment with it.]



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