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  1. GPSmap 62sc which has been working fine, up and quit displaying any maps or useful data today, for no apparent reason. Now all it shows is a blank screen with the "you are here arrow", and the long. and lat. coordinates across the top. It also tracks. But all of that is useless of course without the freakin' street maps! No idea why that (basecamp program) disappeared. Any way to get it back? Did I accidentally change some setting? Changing to new batteries made no difference. Thx

  2. There's a brand new cache in my area with no finders yet. The owner just posted the following note ... "We have gotten several e-mails asking us to check and see if the cache is still there, and as of first thing this morning it is still there. Good Luck!" Apparently, 'several' cachers have decided not to post DNFs.


    I have also read a number of logged DNFs that say something like ... 'since I see others have posted DNFs, I guess I'll admit to mine also'!


    Seems as though some cachers are embarassed to post DNFs. I just don't understand that, unless ... mmm ... wonder if it could have anything to do with the huge, traveling, 'DNFers Wall Of Shame' that is on display at all our area events? :laughing:

  3. I have been caching for about 3 weeks now, and have already noticed too many similar cache types. Mostly of the urban variety. Stuff like micros in free town paper boxes, and micros under lamp pole skirts. There are too many of the same type, and it kind of takes the fun out of finding them because you know exactly where they are. Do you see common cache types in your area? If you do, what are they?


    This has been the case in my area, but luckily, there are a couple of innovative hides to break the normal mediocrity ... one is beside a sewage dump site (very lovely - especially this time of year), and 'urinary track' (draw your own conclusions). Be careful what you wish for! :laughing:

  4. Well, I ended up figuring out how to add a log. I think it's going to make a cool hide. Also, I'm definitely using the idea for a multi stage - thanks for that idea! And, the owner of the business selling these containers did email me with an answer as to the purchasers of this particular container ... it's those zaney folks at mousetrapcaching.com. :laughing:

  5. I've seen non-standard "logs", including a real log that you had to sign. But one way or another, a signature is required. Your cache won't get published (or won't stand if you somehow sneak it by) without some means of finders putting their "X" on it.


    I don't want to have a cache published with no log. I'm just curious, because this person on e-bay has a business selling geocaching 'containers', and says she is a geocacher, so who is using her logless caches? Maybe some of the other sites like Navicache? I don't know, I'm just asking. Again, I'm not wanting to publish a cache without a log.

  6. Might I interest you in a reading of the guidelines?


    I am well aware of the guidelines. What I am wondering is, are there some places in 'geocaching.com - land' where the 'log required' 'guideline' is overlooked? Has anyone out there ever heard of this, or better yet, actually done any logless caches?

  7. I was looking at buying some cache containers on E-Bay. This is from the description I got from the seller in an email ...

    "THIS particular cache is a little different than the rest. It does not come with a log to sign... people respond either by phone number or email to you letting you know that they found the geocache (i.e. the space for that info on the bottom of the cache)."


  8. Crayons and chapstick melting - I haven't had any trouble with that, but, I suppose it's possible if the cache is sitting in the hot sun...if that was the case, I wouldn't leave them.


    Tractor Supply Company ... National, but maybe not in your area.


    CITO(cache in, trash out) containers ...film canister I get for free, and I put 4 or 8 gal. size trash bag in it.

  9. Items I like to leave include: box of crayons (24 count, usually 50 - 88 cents at Walmart); individual 'bug' wipes, (along that note - in 2 of my caches where mosquitos can be a problem, I have added a can of bug spray, in a ziploc, with directions to use, and put back for others); caribiners; batteries (I leave in wrapping and put in ziploc - never had problem with corrosion); little coloring books; glitter pens; mini puzzles; glow sticks; blinky/squishy ball that I get at pet store (they always seem to be very popular, as always mentioned in logs); little stuffed animals (in ziploc); rain ponchos; hotwheels in orginal package); lots of little items at TSC like tiny plastic animals, little firetrucks, JD tractors; chapstick; in winter - hand warmers; CITO containers; individual handi wipes; lots more I can't think of right now. :sad:


    What I find: 90% of the time - junk!!! Old broken toys; trash (really, people leave food wrappers, crushed pop cans) :sad:


    I leave a sig item, but I still leave trade items.


    I believe in 'trade up, trade even, or don't trade at all'.


    Thanks for lot's of great ideas for new swag items! :huh:

  10. I especially love to visit caches that I've already found, that are located on trails I frequent. Sometimes I leave a note in the log book. I always put a note on cache page, as to the condition of the cache. I hike many of these 'caching trails' so often, that I always carry normal maintenance items, and extra swag to drop in caches. Many times, if there has been a dnf posted, I inform the owner that I would be glad to check on the cache - just to have another excuse to hike there! If that is the case, I make sure to take another cache container along, to get the cache up and running again.

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