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  1. I have a pristine Rhino 120 for sale. Original box, manual and cable. Never used without a screen protector over the display. I bought two new color GPSs and this one must go. Works perfect and is as new. Thougt I would see if you were intetested before I put it on E-bay. Check out my feedback on E-bay, user W0PPD That's a zero in the username not the letter "o" . email direct: petepope@yahoo.com
  2. Had no idea that would be a copyright issue, sorry. I have my full Map Send Topo that I bought and it will not work. MAGELLAN IS NO HELP !. That's why I wanted to do the test before I bought the new topo software only to find out it won't work.....Big Bummer. You are also right about all of Wal-Marts dead cameras, and heaven help you if you need to find someone that knows anything about the products that you have been reseaching and need just a little help to make a decision. Pete
  3. Hi all, I have an expieriment I need to try before I waste my money on software that may or may not work with my Magellan Crossover GPS. Anyone out there have a Map Send Topo 3d that they could create me a map from and send it to me so that I could see if it will work ? I think from what I understand that this version of the software asks for a serial number of your GPS where my version of Map Send Topo does not, and this just may be the key. Please e-mail me at petepope@yahoo.com if you could assist me with this expieriment. Thanks, Pete
  4. Hey JetSkier, Thanks for your reply, you have been so helpful. The world of Megallan is somewhat hard for a old die hard Garmin user to get use to. I really like the product, and as stated before no one GPS is perfect. I do think from what I read I hope I never have to call them to find something out. Now if Magellan just comes through on the topo and Advantage Point I am going to be a very happy camper with this gps. Thanks, Pete
  5. Hi, I was reading about the use of Magellan's Vantage Point software in another post here. I did not think that it would work with the Crossover GPS, however something I read made me think different. I downloaded the software and I did notice that it also displays a picture of the Crossover on installation and when starting the program. Problem is that I can not get it to see my Crossover on my computer. Can anyone verify that it will or will not work with the Crossover yet ? Sorry to ask so many questions of late, but I am new to the Magellans and I want to make sure that I am not doing something wrong. Thanks for everyone's assistance and patience with me. Pete
  6. I would be really interested in hearing your review on the PN-20. I have a Garmin GPSMap 76s and a Garmin Rhino as well. I was thinking about selling them and looking into the PN-20 a little deeper. Please post your views on this unit once you have put it through it's paces. Thanks Pete
  7. JetSkier, I just did the same thing on my lunch hour and it appeared to act the very same way. They must have changed something in the new topo software. Looks like they have us for another purchase....I guess it keeps companies in business. Do you know for sure yet what topo version we need to work with the Crossover and other Magellan products that won't recognize our current software ? Thanks for all your help, Pete
  8. I just found this on the Magellan Website, concerning maps, of which I am concerned with the topo for US. This would make me think that my MapSend Top that I own should work, except for it not generating a serial number when the region is saved. The post from Magellan is below. Any Ideas ? Oh, here's the link where I found the support information that is posted below. http://www.magellangps.com/support/products/crossover_sd.asp Support Requirements to download maps/charts from MagellanGPS.com or MyMagellanGPS.com for use on the Magellan® CrossoverGPS™ SD Memory Card - A 512Mb SD memory card or larger is ideal as you may decide later to load more than one map/chart. PC & SD Card Reader/Writer - Windows 2000 or XP PC equipped with the ability to read SD cards through a built-in card reader/writer, or an external SD card reader/writer. Internet Connection - high speed connection recommended for faster download times Detailed instruction is included in the downloaded file. (Below you can view the basic flow of the process) Download and save the file from the Magellan website to your computer's desktop. Transfer the map/chart file from the PC to the SD memory card, using the SD card reader/writer. If your PC has a SD card reader/writer built-in for SD/MMC memory cards, then an external card reader/writer is not required to copy the map to the SD card. If your PC does not have a SD card reader/writer built-in, then an external SD card reader/writer is required to copy the map the SD card. A SD card reader/writer can be purchased at your local electronics retail store. Remove the SD card from the PC or external SD card reader/writer and insert it into the CrossoverGPS.
  9. I just bought a Crossover last Saturday. Nice GPS with other poster's downfalls acknowleged. It does work well with GSAK as I used it recently to input caches from the website. Hope this helps. Pete
  10. Hi all, I am in need of some help. I just bought a Magellan Crosover GPS 2500T. They say it can't use my MapSend Topo Map software, that you have to buy SD cards with the software on them. I have heard that you really can use the Topo software if done correctly, excpet I can't find out how to do it. I have MapSend Topo, USA Version 4.20D, it was for the 330 series gps. I have tried to put a selected topo region on my SD card, but the unit doesn't see the file. I suspect that the files must be named a certain way, or in a certain directory structure but I can't find anything out about it yet. Does anyone know exactly how to do this and the exact steps I need to do to access the topos that I put on the SD card ? If you can assist me with this please help ! I really need more detail than what's on there and other than this issue and the fact that I can't zoom in closer than 200 feet in outdoor mode, this is an otherwise GREAT product. Please leave instructions here or contact me at: petepope@yahoo.com Thanks, Pete
  11. Hello all, New to Forums and Need Help. First, I have been caching for a some time and enjoy it very much. I have had three GPS and all three were Garmin. They were all handhelds and I used them both in the vehicle and in the filed for hunting, fishing and Geocaching. They were and are great at locating and placing caches. Now, I decided I wanted a new color gps. What to buy? Well I want color, bigger screen, voice for use in the vehicle and in caching. Enter the Magellan Crossover. I read about it and drove to Cabalas Saturday to pick one up. Very nice, stuck in on the dash and in two minutes on the parking lot it was set and guiding me back home with no effort at all. Twas about an 80 mile drive and I played games, the re-routing feature worked great ! Satalitte aos was fast and strong. Very, very happy with the in vehicle navigation. Saturday night, I got home and upgraded software to version 2.14. No problems worked great. Here's where I need some help. software and outdoor use. I took it out Sunday to look for 2 caches, never found either one. The dang thing appears to react to slow to a person walking and at a 200 foot zoom in level in outdoor mode, don't seam good enogh. My other gps's will allow me to zoom down to 20 feet, easily shows your movements on the screen. I also noted it doesn't seam like it is very responsive in detecting walking movements, this could be because of the zoom level. I thought I walked way past one cache and did a 180 turn, had to walk about 12 feet before it noted the movement. I don't think at this rate it's going to help much caching. If you can help me with the above please let me know what to do. Second is software to download tracks and waypoints from field use to computer, and to download cache locations from the site and convert them and upload them to the GPS. The software that came with the Crossover does not make sense at all. I also tried the Mapsend Manager mentioned in the forms, but it wouldn't even see the loc file to convert it. If you can help with the above, please let me know. I know nothing about Magellan formats so start simple and please be detailed. Any and all help will be deeply appriciated. You may leave a message here, or e-mail me direct at: petepope@yahoo.com Thanks in advance, Pete
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