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  1. That is actually incorrect. It may be true that rabies has been eradicated in ground animals in the UK there is a similar virus (European Bat Lyssavirus 1 and European Bat Lyssavirus 2) that exists in bats. Wile the virus is different from regular rabies it still has the same effects and is just as deadly. Infact there was a Scottish bat handler who died of it back in 2002.
  2. Well the other day I decided to go all the way to Canada and back to see the falls just for the heck of it. Well this was about a four hour drive you see and I was by myself. Well apparently a lone 20 year old college student driving all the way from Akron Ohio and back in one day was suspicious. So then they asked for my keys and made me get out of my car right in the middle of then lane. They then made me sit down in the lobby for half an hour while they searched my car out of my sight. I don't know if they thought I had drugs or what. I mean seriously if I wanted drugs why would I drive all the way to Canada when the Akron inner city ghetto is only ten minutes away? Any way wile they were searching my car they found something. They thought they had me for something really big. Apparently I made the mistake of leaving an entire bag of CITO canisters in my trunk. So they came into they lobby all big and puffy and said "HEY KID WHAT THE HELL IS THIS! I have to say it was real hard trying to convince them that all of them were just plastic bags in used film canisters. When I was trying to explain Geocaching and CITO to these jackbooted buffoons I made the mistake of using the word trinkets in said of trade items. They then asked me "So are there and of these "trinkets" in these?" All through this I wanted to scream "Do I look like a f***ing druggie to you? You want me to pee in a cup? Sure I'll in in a cup! I'll pee right here if you want me too! Just let me go home already god dam it! I'm not a smuggler or something!" but I had restraint. In the end CITO wins. So lesson learned if you want to geocahe across the border or go across period bring at least one friend, stay for at least one night and not just four hours, and bring nothing but your GPS with all the cords and maps preloaded and some clothing. I would not recommend bringing your laptop with you because they are now allowed to search through your HD for what ever they want wether it be your porn stash or your browser history.
  3. I didn't have my camera (bad me!) but yesterday wile I was hunting GCVP7Z I found a shopping cart sitting in the middle of the Cuyahoga River! lol
  4. I did that and it worked VERY well. People did clear the area and I was able to find the cache. That would be illegal. It's against the law to impersonate authority figures and also that statement is not protected by the 1st amendment. Its a good way to give a bad name to the sport and a very good way to end up in a cell funny or not.
  5. Every time I'm found I just tell the truth. I also have some "muggle cards" in my geo pack. I've only been caught by the police once but the funny thing was he drove up to us and asked "Did you find it?"
  6. Oh no! Not another micro! I really don't like finding micros because there's nothing to play with when I get there. (I like to trade swag and TBs)
  7. For me my high school music teacher announced that he was starting a geocaching club with the slogan "Sign up for the hunt!" So after he explained it during assembly I went home and found geocaching.com. So then I knew I wanted to join this "secret society of treasure hunters". So I got a gps tried a few and then joined the club. Sadly it only lasted two high school semesters. It disbanded last year after his wife had a baby and for some reason left to become a used car sales man. IDK why he did that he was the best music teacher the school had since the one that left when I was in 3rd grade. (I go to a private school and we have grades 1-12 in the same building. I'm a senior now btw.) For some strange reason the one I had in third grade magically appeared last quarter as a office assistant. Shortly after I joined the club my brother got into the sport and bla bla bla... idk... lol. Well and thats how I joined.
  8. I recently found a slug or a small leech stuck on the log book. I just flicked it off and that was the end of it. When first saw it I said "what the heck is that?"
  9. So what would you recommend for a geocahe repair kit that you could carry in the field and to fix various finds that need it?
  10. Go on google earth to the following coordinates: (41*18'38.08" N) (81*31'34.07" S). From there you can see some one who may be doing the final stage of The mosquito Jungle (GCXWVT). Yes you can see people on google earth if they are taken with high quality arial photos like the ones in my area. Its best to find them at shopping centers like the one this cache in hiding behind.
  11. There is a third-party program that I found some where that allows me to translate the .gpx files into a .pdb (palm database). Its called Mac CM Convert, it works very well too. Your going to have to look for it. For your GPS I heard of an app called GPS Babel. Since I've ben using macs as long as I can remember the only way that I know of for internet access any where is through a bluetooth enabled cellphone. I'm no completely sure but your model may have something like a PC card slot on the left hand side, you may want to look in to that. Hope this helps. By the way it's not necessarily apple's fault for the complications its' the market's fault. Most major software companies just don't think that macs are popular enough to invest time and money on programs and technology for them. If you got one of the new intel macs you would have been able to run windows natively on it; I don't think that would solve your mobile internet access problem though.
  12. On the bright side they are only about a week apart.
  13. Aux10

    People I hate.

    It happened to mine, so I sent him an e-mail, and he did what I asked him to do. Then I went and made this thread. Because it happens to others too often. I've seen many caches that say they have a travel bug, and it's not really there. And its still the same story every time I look at it.
  14. Don't you hate people who take your travel bugs, and never log, or re-hide them? What I really hate is when a cacher posts the number of one of my TBs in their cache log. When will they learn that they should never do this because their are people who will find it, and make fake TB logs? I just find them #$@%ing annoying!
  15. I was just wondering how good of a cache container a paint can would be.
  16. When I was 10 years old I was joining my first online club, and couldn't come up with a name. I then looked at my computers power regulator, and saw the words Aux1, and Aux2 (Aux stood for auxiliary) to label the extra outlets. So then I came up with the name Aux10. The name has stuck with me for the past 6 years.
  17. I'm confused. How do I use Google Earth to find geocaches?
  18. I have a Zire 72 Silver Edition. I don't think they sell it any more though.
  19. I live i Ohio, but it looks fun. I just don't have the equipment to find such a thing. If I did I would go and get it.
  20. Thamks for th link to Chachemate! I've been looking for a way to go paperless for a wile now.
  21. When I went caching yesterday the area was full of thorned vines. OUCH! I got pricked about 15-25 times, along with some very close calls. Luckily I had small first-aid kit at hand.
  22. Work you dumb sig work!
  23. one last time drat it still won't work!
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