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  1. I also just recently (like 4 days ago) got the 76CSx, and am thoroughly impressed. Just now changed the Map points Max zoom, and it indeed is the option to show or not show RR tracks on CN7. When using Topo US (west), the tracks remain visible out to .5m when set to MOST. With detail at LEAST, they drop off at zoom of 500ft. Probably somewhere in between is where you'd want it. I do believe, however, that I read elsewhere about the shading on Garmin Topo maps not displaying, but I don't remember it being unit specific. The declutter and selectable type sizes for all the various displayed items works great for me. (almost TOO many options sometimes). I don't know if that's helpful or not - I just hate to think you feel like you wasted money - it's an amazing piece of gear in my book, and I can't really find anything yet that ISN'T adjustable, although some things are not exactly on the menu I'd expect them to be on. I have gotten it kind of hinky by changing too many things at the same time, but a quick click on DEFAULT gets me more a less a clean slate. (Then I can tweak it into uselessness again)
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