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  1. Upgraded from 60 CSx to the 62S. On the 60CSx on the map screen, you got a small blue triangle for showing your current position on the map. However, I find this arrow way to big on a 62S: when you zoom out to for instance 200m the thing is huge in comparison with map-details. You just cannot see anything that's near your current position. This results in the fact you have to zoom in to see the details and afterwards zoom out again, etcetc... With the 60CSx, the triangle was small enough so you were able to see enough on the mapscreen, without much was hided by the triangle itself. Is there a way to change this thing? Or to make it smaller? How do other people handle this? Thank you for your answers. Leffunk
  2. Have one since years. I really like it, because it protects the GPS very well. OK, like already mentioned, when you want to connect with USB, you have to get it out the case. And to put it back in, you have to do a little effort regarding the string. However, my screen is still totally scratch-free after years of geocaching with this unit and even the GPS dropped already several times to rocks and other surfaces, no signs of that are visible. Maybe also due to the case. When you do not want to connect the GPS everyday or have to put it on a bike mount or car-mount, I find it a very good case. I have to admit, after 4 years, the hole for the string is a little bit damaged (so it's become a little bit bigger). But ok, that's due to the use off course. Erik
  3. A friend has also a Vista HCx and last weekend the only thing we did was uploading some waypoints from my computer to the unit. No problem, the unit was working correctly until at the evening it suddenly started beeping and the only way of shutting it up was removing the batteries... One day later he phoned me to explain this error and that his GPS was broke, but guess what: when phonecalling he booted several times his GPS and the problem did not occur. So even without upgrading any unit-software it suddenly has this beeping-error, but apparently not everytime. All tips are welcome to solve this annoying error. Thx, Leffunk
  4. After playing some time with an Oregon in a store I have some questions about doing multicaches with an Oregon: - is there a fast way to enter an new WP or alter an existing one and hit the "go to" button? With the CSx it was hit find-button twice, choose WP, alter the coördinates to the ones you've just found and hit the go-to in the same screen. In the oregon I didn't find that way of working: first I had to pick a WP in the WP-manager, change the coördinates, leave the screen, in the menu, pick the "go-to" button, there pick the "WP-button", select one and finally press "go"... Seems rather many steps in comparison with a CSx? - changing the coordinates of an WP: first you have a screen with arrows to go left or right in an coordinate and when you hit the "v" you get the numeric keys and you can change the numbers of the coördinates BUT, when you get to the letter "W" or "E" you have to change your keys to letters, typ the 'W' or 'E' again and change back to numbers to alter the rest of the coordinates. Or is there a way to "skip" the W or E when you have the number-keys on your screen? It seems rather stupid to always have to enter the W or E back again. Or to save the coördinate after finishing the N-coördinate, recall it, use the arrows to go to the W or E coordinatenumbers and hit the "v" back to get the numberkeys? The " ° " and the " . " are locked, so can't you lock the W or E somehow to avoid to must typing it in everytime? - Can you select an WP when you are in the mapscreen and alter the coordinates? Just like the CSx does? These options I use a lot while doing multicaches, so every answer is more then welcome about the questions above. Thanks, Erik
  5. Just a word of appreciation for the fantastic job g-o-cashers is doing in providing us this information so quickly about the Oregon. Thanks ! Looking forward to learn more about your experiences with this new device Leffunk
  6. Hi there all, until today we (my girlfriend and I) have used one username to log the caches we have found (more or less 60). Because of the fact my girlfriend want to start with TB's, she created her own username on GC.com and she would like it if all the caches we found and that are logged with my username (Leffunk) are also logged with her username (Globy). So is it possible to somehow "duplicate" the logs from one username to another, without having to log each cache seperately again with her username? That would save us a lot of time... Thanks in advance, best regards, Leffunk
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