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  1. I can no longer view cache pages on the website, I could this morning and now it just says: 403.6 - Forbidden IP address of the client has been rejected. The requested page can not be accessed via anonymous proxies.
  2. There were definitely features on the old system that were much easier to use than the new one. One of the things that made it easier was the fact that most of us knew how it worked. No one seems to have a good idea how this new thing works and people don't like this type of change. I'm sure that if everyone knew that the sneak peek of the advanced search tool was going to end replacing the old one the reviews of it would have been very different. If this doesn't make a lot of sense I was talking to a three year old why I was typing this. To be honest though, when we were looking for something that required a complicated set of search criteria we would use the pocket queries to narrow it down, and we still do.
  3. We don't really like this search tool compared to the old one.
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