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  1. You must download the plug-in from Delorme ( http://www.delorme.com/geocaching/plugin/ ) and choose which platform and browers you want the plugins for. I chose just IE. The plug-in install was quick and painless, went perfectly and operates invisibly. I then picked a couple of caches to transfer....transfered a few from the cache page ane then transfered a few from the search results page. Both methods worked perfectly. Now, Just waiting for the Cache Register Widget and the firmware update. The update release from DeLorme is just about there.....
  2. We are not asking for anything new, just restore the functionality that we used to have before the "improvements".
  3. I have the same issue with the Palm Treo 750 running windows mobile 6 and IE browser.
  4. Is there any word on when mobile browser use will be Restored? I use Windows Mobile 6 with IE and it has become very difficult to use the site since the upgrades? An early email response stated that GC does not support mobile browsers, but I there was no problem until the improved site went up.
  5. I have a few caches that are "in plain view" and can be seen from a hundred feet away from several directions....the thing is, like the images seen in an earlier post, the containers are handmade and designed to appear to be where they should be. You can go to the pages for a couple of these and see how experience helps to find caches....Some new cachers and a few experienced ones even, have had their hands on the containers three, four or five times before their mind clicked and they realized what they had. Kipling Cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f2-397c834c4a23 Nutts - Road Washed Out: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...64-63ed597c02cb From the logs, you will find that some found these quite easily and others made numerous trips before asking for hints. I have found too, that sometimes, children have a much easier time finding caches because their minds are more open to "different" ideas and less locked into a certain mind-set. The more you hunt, the more you study ground zero, the better you will become at thinking like the person that did the hides. Good luck and stick with it!
  6. Just curious...which TREO do you have and what OS and browser are being used? I am using a 750 with win mobil 6 and IE to post this. My other TREO is a 755p Palm OS and Blazer browser. The GC web site does the same thing you described with both devices.
  7. All these pejorative comments are not getting our problem solved. I emailed Ground Speak about the new, improved website and the reply I got was simply, "At this time, we do not support mobile devices." Strange that everything worked just fine until the "improvements" to the site were made--for me and others, it was a giant step backward. The ability to use my Treo to log finds and do searches in the field was one reason I became a premium member. My issues with the new site are stated in an earlier post, so there is no need to repeat those here. My hope that my annual contribution would help fund advancement, in fact, did not come to be. The problems the new site has with mobile browsers is important enough to warrant attention. The move toward paperless caching naturally suggests that the site be repaired so that mobile browsers will once again work properly.
  8. My Treo 750 has Windows Mobile 6 Professional and the browser is Internet Explorer. I have no problems with other websites I visiit with the phone. On no other site I visit do I find action buttons that refuse to perform the action they are supposed to. I really don't need to use the google mobile site because the mobile Internet Explorer will format the pages as needed to make the pages work on the screen. I tried goodgle mobile to see if it would help with the inactive action keys and it did not.
  9. My Palm 750 with Win Moble 6 will not work properly either. When entering a zip code and clicking on "seek", geocaching.com returns to the same page where I just entered the zip code and my seach zip is still in the field. It will report caches if the search is done from the ADVANCED search page. On several pages, clicks on hyperlinks are simply ignored. After doing a search on a zip code, for example, the first page of caches comes up normally. If I try to navigate to the next page of listed caches, clicks on the hyperlinks do not register. I use my treo a lot for logging finds or doing searches for caches if I find myself in a new area and decide I want to do some hunting. At this point, that can't be done very well. I have tried using Google mobile portal and the issues still exist, and if you enter the portal with a laptop/desktop the simple search by zip code fails as well.
  10. Hello, and welcome to the addiction. Unfortunatly, the only way to send coordinates to the PN-20 is using one of Delorme's mapping programs (Topo USA or XMap). You may have gotten Topo USA with your PN-20. The only other way is to enter them manually one at a time. You might want to check out Delorme's Forums for more help. Perhaps some day Delorme will see the error of their ways and allow (help) third partys (GPSBable) to download to the PN-20. TBC thanx i will try that. Actually DeLOrme makes it pretty easy to import GPX files downloaded from gc.com......you are a premium member so do a query for your area of interest. When you download the query, unzip it and put the gpx file in the Delorme Docs/export folder which, by delfault is located in the root of your hard drive. Open your topo 7 program, click on the Draw Tab. Then on the bottom of that window to the right of the symbols, click on File. The little window that opens shows all the draw layers you have associated with the current map, if any. On the right side of that window, click in Import and that will open a popup window showing the "export" folder where you just placed you GPX file. Choose the file you wish to use and click on open. You can rename the GPX file prior to adding it or you can rename it after it is added to you list of draw files. Click on Done on the right side of the screen and your GPX file is saved to the list of draw files. Click on the little square box to the left of the file you just added to set a check mark in it,. Just above the list of draw files, you will see the Up and Down arrows on the divider line.....click on the up arrow to expand that smaller window. At the bottom of the expanded window, you will see listed each cache that was in the file you just added.....You can click twice (not double click, but click, pause, click) on the comment field to see the comments and hint, if any that will be loaded to the PN-20 when you send the file. Keep in mind that the PN-20 allows 800 characters in the comments section on the device, so if you find a cache with a very long comment field, you can shorten it here and make sure that there is room left for any hint which is at the end of the comments. If you need help doing the exchange get back with me. but since you have transfered maps already, you should not have any trouble with that....and besides the topo 7 manual and intro DVD covers that pretty well.
  11. Until the PN-20 got its upgrade that allows uploading of GPX files with comments of up to 800 characters, I was using my Palm Treo 755p with GPX spinner to strip info from the gpx files. I used Plucker to parse the info and display that info in the browser. The Treo 755p does work really great with Plucker and I still carry it so I can get last minute updates of cache info via the internet and GC.COM if I need too, but I am not using it as much as I used to. The last firmware update for the PN-20 all but retired the Palm Treo 755p from geocaching except for logging finds while in the field. As to the price of the Treo, It was on the high priced side when first introduced but had dropped in price since then.
  12. The BNSF Railroad just decided to put their money with the PN-20. http://www.directionsmag.com/press.release...21700&trv=1 DeLorme built a custom data set for them, which you can do as well with the Xmap software, which I believe is still half-price to PN-20 owners if you decide you need even more power than Topo 7 offers.
  13. The speed of the search can vary depending on the type of search you are doing. A search for ALL will take longer but you can direct that to a search from your current location or you can move your cursor to another location near your area of interest and search from map center at the new location. Your desired cache will appear earlier in the list that way and not have to wait for all entries to be searched. You can search all waypoints alphabetically, just by a beginning letter and since the PN-20 allows very long waypoint names, you can search for a string contained in the name. You can also search by icon type (found, unfound, or any other icon you may have in use) Any of these can speed your search by narrowing the possible results. I typically have between 300 to 500 waypoints in my device and do not find the search time to be too bad.
  14. I used the Trimble Navigator on a Sprint phone for a few months and as long as you stayed on the network it was ok It was slow to respond to changes in direction but it did work,. However, off the network it was useless. The link to geocaching,com was nice because you could log caches in the field and then link your logs to the cache when you got back on your 'puter. I was using a Magellan Meridian Gold at that time. After I got my DeLORME PN-20 I never used the Trimble Navigator or the Magellan again. The Navigator went when I bought a Palm Treo 755p. I have been using a PN-20 for the last year and since the last updated firmware, it is super. I gave the magellan away shortly after getting the PN-20. I was using my Palm Treo 755p with Plucker to help with the cache details, but since the PN-20 now has 800 characters for cache comments, I rarely use the Treo unless I find I have time to logon to geocaching.com to post some logs before I get back home.
  15. Consider this scenario without topo. A cache is placed atop a 500 ft cliff. A highway runs at the south side of the base of the cliff and without knowing, you road route to the cache. Chances are your route will place you at the bottom of the cliff, 25 feet south of the cache but 500 feet below it.....would you climb that cliff or would you rather know this ahead of time by looking at the topo map and route to the cache via a gentle approach from the north side that might place your parking area 500 feet away but on nearly the same level? Ok, you say you have no cliffs but the same would apply to other obstacles such as streams. Your topo would show you which side of the stream you need to drive to instead of finding yourself on one bank and the gps showing you 25 feet away with water between you and ground zero.
  16. Check out http://forum.delorme.com and pull up a comfy chair, LOL. Lots of reading and plenty of folks with a lot of knowledge/experience with the PN-20. I have had mine for about a year and very pleased with it, the ability to view many different maps, aerial imagery, sat imagery, NOAA charts..Comes with a coupon for $100.00 of free downloads of these charts, imagery. Can't beat the awesome DeLorme support. And they have a 30 day trial with full refund if you don't like it. How many companies will do that? The PN-20 is a very capable device and with all the things it does, it does have a pretty good learning curve. After I spent time playing with it, working it side-by-side with my Magellan Meridian Gold,I was hooked--Gave my Magellan away.
  17. I'm starting over! Hey, I'm truly over it as 3 Hawks suggests. But if you want to keep layin' it in to me, I'm tough - I can take it. Ah, shuckins, just as I wuz about to git Baxter Black to come in here an' interpret this here thing.
  18. Rugged, Yes, takes abuse well. I consider riding 25K miles in a RAM-MOUNT on the handle bars of my Nomad 1500 to be a lot of abuse to a piece of electronics and the PN-20 has never failed to please. Like other have said, if you are going to use for road routing, works fine but I suggest you do your planning on your desktop/laptop and upload your routes to the PN-20. You will be much happier that way.
  19. No, we bought it new a couple of weeks ago and we were told that down here (Australia) it had only just been discontinued. Whenever it turns on and you get the message, none if the buttons respond if you press them. The oly way to turn it off is to remove the batteries. I do have a cable that attaches to a computer but my computer did not recognise it when I tried it yesterday. I think I might gift wrap it and send it back to the store. Definitely send it back. That unit was orphaned in December, 2005. Not only discontinued but no longer supported by firmware updates or map packages. Support from Magellan for current units is hard enough to get. I GAVE away a sportrack map and a meridian gold to a couple that were wanting to get started geocaching... before the devices were orphaned, I updated both units with the last available firmware but new maps, well forget it.
  20. I have found that after numerous removals/replacements of the Li-Ion, it has become a much easier fit...Initially, it was a very tight fit, but now is much easier to remove. I have multiple SD cards with different clusters of states or parts of states and when I travel, I just swap SD cards as I move from one area to another, thus my rechargable has been moved around more often than many other's batteries.
  21. Chip, no way we know more about it than you guys, but collectively we have given it a run for its money and your support has been fantastic when we reach out. The device is great and gets better with each update. I have been around since AAA Map 'n' Go and with the support we get from DeLorme, I will be around a lot longer.--Gareth
  22. When the units come in be sure to check the firmware version and do any update that is required....is not unusual for units to be shipped with an older firmware version since V 1.3 was so recent and V 1.4 is due for release in February(?) The Topo 7 comes with firmware V 1.3 but when I installed T7, for some reason the firmware update was not passed on to the PN-20 so I re-ran the update and it went fine the second time. If you have any questions, just ask in the DeLorme forum...tons of help there from users and DeLorme staff.
  23. I am still using my Palm Treo 755p and Plucker to carry additional data. Plucker, as an HTML reader, does a great job and with the 2GB memory on my phone, I don't have to worry about how much detail I download. With the increased file size (800 characters) in the comments field on the PN-20, I will not rely on the Treo as much, but it is still nice to have the last 5 logs available to look at and then, if I find a break in caching, I can go to gc.com with the Treo and log some finds. Since I always have the Treo anyway, I will continue to use it to some extent.
  24. Yes, and I would rather know ahead of time that I need drive a little to get to the other side of that creek rather than have to swim it. The PN-20 has the street level maps, plus all the creeks and pig trails to keep me from getting my shirt wet.
  25. Delete of duplicate post......message after sending the first one said it had failed so I re-sent it.
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