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  1. I get the same 500 error if I go to my profile and try to look at my found caches. Other people have told be they get the same 500 error when going to my profile and try to look at my found caches.Must be a bug in the programming.

  2. Cachers who submit a cache that has not yet been placed. It is dishonest to put a check mark on the submission page stating the cache is in place, when it isn't. It gets published and there is nothing to be found at the given location. It is a waste of time and energy for cachers who are searching for a non-existing container. This has happened to me on several occasions.


    The rules set forth by Geocaching.com are there for the safety and enjoyment of all who participate in Geocaching. There should be some consequences for those who disregard these rules.

  3. From another response, I am not the only one that this has affected. Everything worked fine until GS changed the form. So wouldn't it be easier to fix the bug in the program than requiring us to get new email addresses? How long does it take to work out the bug?

  4. Disappointed in GS reply. There is a bug in the program that doesn't recognize a single letter domain. Evidently they don't know how to fix it so it became my problem and I had to get a new e mail address. :(

  5. I have been trying for hours to submit a new cache and when I get to the last page to save and review I get this error message:"Value provided in ContactEmail is not a valid email address". I am using the same email that I have been using for quite some time and it works just fine for everything else Geocache related. I never had this problem until the new form was put into use.I submitted this to Groundspeak 2 days ago and still don't have a fix.

    Anyone else experienced this problem? Any ideas for a fix?

    I have tried redoing the email but it comes back as already a validated email address.

    Thanks in advance for any input.



    typed in caps on purpose

    I tried it and don't seem to be having any problems. I went to the secret menu and it now shows Waas satellites which I didn't have before.

    What kind of problems did you encounter?

  7. I have several used SNN5595B Motorola oem batteries that fit the Explorist 400, 500 and 600's. I have been using them in my 500 and haven't had any problems.

    $5 each plus shipping to your location.

    Send me an email if interested or if you have any questions..

    Thanks for looking.


    Hi, do you still have any of these left? If so how many and how much would you want to ship to 92065?




    I still have some left. I will email you direct with exact price. Becasue it is a holiday I will let you know on Tuesday.

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