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  1. The box was made of wood, and inside it was the actual cache container. The box was made to look like the bench it was hidden on, but the bench was a loose structure which could easily be flipped over to find and remove the cache container. This was on a sandy play area right beside some play structures. I am SO glad someone took action immediately as I see it's been archived already. I felt there was a problem there, but was getting nowhere with the owner. Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hide
  2. He only posted that "it was covered with a smelly substance" and that gloves might be a good idea after my note was posted on the cache page, and he requested I remove my warning. Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hide
  3. The other day I found a cache container which had been coated with a preservative, and after handling the cache, then getting back into the car I realized that my hands smelled a lot of the preservative, to the point that I was quite distracted by the smell. This made me wonder if this was such a good idea, coating a cache container in a preservative coating. Has anyone here ever run across another cache preserved in this way? Any ideas on whether this should be done? The preservative in this case is Recochem’s Copper II Green Preservative, Copper Napthenate suspended in a petroleum distillate solution. This cache was actually in a children's playground, low enough that anyone playing in the playground could come in contact with it. I wrote to the cache owner but did not get a response for 2 days so I then posted a note about it, to which the owner took offense. Since I had no idea what the preservative was at the time I wrote the note, I thought it was best to warn others who might venture out to the cache to be prepared, and bring work gloves. Was this justified or was I over-reacting? Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hide
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