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  1. There's so little discussion on here nowadays that I have to wonder if Geocaching is soon to be a thing of the past. I've been caching for a number of years, and remember the heady days where that's all I wanted to do in my spare time, but the last few years, finding caches has generally been a disappointment. Most of the time the caches are mouldy, smelly boxes of tat, the kind of stuff you'd normally throw away. And good luck finding a pencil, or a sharpener to fix that broken one you do find. And don't get me started on travel bugs and that sort of thing. The number of tags and coins I put out and never saw or heard from again is really a huge letdown. Now that people are more into games like Pokemon Go, perhaps Geocaching won't survive. Am I wrong to feel this way?
  2. I sold my 78S to buy a Touch 35. I like it a lot as a handheld unit, preferring it to my Montana 650 when hiking. The Bluetooth is limited, but what it does do, it seems to do quite well. It syncs from the device, through my iPhone 5S, to Connect and Strava without me having to do anything but save the activity on the device. My wife had been using an Etrex 20 as her handheld unit, but it seemed to be very inaccurate, especially in comparison to the Touch 35, so we sent it back to Garmin for a refurbished unit, but that one was every bit as inaccurate as her first so I called Garmin to complain. They made me an offer I could not refuse: send them back the faulty 20, and they would send us a Touch 35 in exchange! So now we have two Touch 35s. Now we have a question - it looks like the Touch 35 units, using GroupTrack in Garmin Connect, should be able to see each other's devices on the gps screen when they are set up to do so. Does anyone know if that is the case? I've been trying to set that up but we never see anything but our own location on our screens. The screen shot below is an Edge 802 but I think it should be the same on the Touch 35. This video shows how useful the feature might be:
  3. You wouldn't be doing the recipient a favour, imho.
  4. WRT batteries, my Garmin Virb camera uses the same battery as the Montana and Monterra, and so I use whichever gps I have on the bike to charge batteries. But when I need to switch the battery between the gps and the Virb, the Montana shuts down and restarts in a fraction of the time the Monterra takes. It's about 2 seconds for the Montana, and anything up to a minute for the Monterra. Doesn't seem like much, but if you have to do it twice in a day, it gets annoying. This is just one of the reasons I prefer the Montana. I have both, but the Montana is almost always the one I choose.
  5. Why not give it up and buy something else? This is a great gps, at a great price: Refurbished Garmin Etrex 20 at Cabella's for $119.
  6. I use Virb Edit for day to day stuff because I like having the gauges on the videos. And I'm not doing anything important; just ride videos or ships going through seaway locks, etc. Here's one now! And here's a video I shot to try out better sound, using a windsock over the microphone. Wind noise on a motorcycle generally destroys any audio from the camera, so the windsock is important, if audio matters to you. If I was planning to document a holiday, I'd create videos using VE to get the gauges included, then export the videos and bring them into iMovie or something else to have transitions between the movies themselves.
  7. There's also new versions of Virb Edit. I use the Mac version and it now has titles, clip transitions and a few other interesting features. On the Windows side, you need to get the Beta version to see clip transitions etc. This is the Clip Transition tab: basic, but it's better than nothing. Here's the VE Export screen: I am liking this version a lot. I've just created a short video with different types of clips and transitions, and it worked really well. Here's a quick test video. Includes titles and transitions, going from 720p/60FPS to 1080p/30FPS, to 720p/30FPS.
  8. A new version of the firmware for the Virb is available through Garmin WebUpdater. Changes from version 3.70 to version 3.80: Fixed issue with slow boot-to-record times when using non-English languages. Remember A/V cable preferences across power cycles. Not a lot to get excited about in the change log but Garmin often quietly bundles in other fixes and I'm sure this one is no exception.
  9. Changes made from version 5.90 to 6.10: Fixed issue with barometer when auto calibration is turned off. Fixed missing ascent, descent, and elevation statistics when reviewing certain tracks. Fixed issue with power off pressure trending. Fixed issue with geocaching filter when the OpenCaching.com geocaching style is selected. Use Garmin WebUpdater to get it.
  10. That was a rental bike but he's now got an identical but larger Horse Thief of his own. Too bad the 64 didn't work out for you. I bet it's an awesome device. Would love to get my hands on one. Eventually.
  11. The other advantage to the Garmin mount is that it's really easy to move from one bike to another. My son owns many bikes, and will often rent one for a day, and he only needs one mount, and a bunch of nylon ties, to always have his gps with him.
  12. My son goes on very long rides on his bikes, doing all kinds of stunts and downhill sections and he's never once feared about losing his eTrex 20, which I think uses the same mount/cable ties. This is one of his recent rides. There is absolutely nothing to worry about with that mount.
  13. A hard reset on the Monterra is to be avoided at all costs. It truly does wipe everything clean, and is the last thing you should ever do, when all hope is lost.
  14. No, it doesn't show your location, or the co-ordinates, or anything like that. It will record a track and information from ANT+ devices, but it can't be used as a gps in any way.
  15. I've got a couple of older gps units which I've decided to sell. The first: Garmin GPSMap 76CSx - Looks practically new. 8 Gb uSD card included with OSM Canada maps from late March 2014. Asking $175. The second: Etrex Legend Cx - used but still works well. No scratches on screen, but shows minor signs of use on back cover. Asking $75. Send email if you want a shipping estimate to your location. Local pickup, near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is possible.
  16. Tried updating to version 2.3.2 in Windows 7 and now Virb software crashes when trying to open. Have you been able to update to the newest version 2.3.2? Have you tried uninstalling the previous version, or the flawed version first before installing it again? That would be my first choice.
  17. You'd hear a whole lot more cheering if this did fix the compass problems.
  18. 1.16 and 1.17 are identical. I asked my contact for the Beta program at Garmin about that. Here's what my contact said: "I figured out where 1.17 is coming from. Just I suspected this is a factory release. This release is identical to the 1.16 release. No changes at all. Someone pulled this from his device and is handing it out to others. Funny that someone hasn’t figured out that it is not different than 1.16. Name Withheld Software Quality Specialist - Outdoor"
  19. Since we bought a Garmin Montana, this has had very little use so it's time to sell it. It is in perfect shape, and hasn't a scratch on it. The gps is excellent for Geocaching, or navigating, if you load the right kind of maps. You can load City Navigator North America, Topo Canada, Enhanced Basemaps, whatever you want, on a Micro SD card. No maps or sd card is included in this sale. The gps is fast to acquire signal and display maps, and is very accurate. The onboard camera takes reasonable pictures which are geotagged, and are saved as waypoints. A Smartphone camera takes better pictures, but it's usually not waterproof like the Oregon. Includes everything it originally came with except the Garmin rechargeable Ni Mh (corrected ad - thought these were Ni Cad) batteries which were worn out, and have been recycled. We usually use this with Lithium batteries so it works in very cold temperatures. Alkalines and Ni Cads do not work for long in low temperatures. Has been updated to the latest firmware, version 6.60. Included in this sale is the Oregon 550, a usb cable, the battery charger, and the original literature it came with. Also includes a RAM plastic cradle, and a soft case with lanyard. This is in Canada, near Ottawa Ontario. Prefer a local or near local buyer but willing to ship at buyers' cost. Asking $200. Send email if interested.
  20. I have both a Montana and a Monterra. The Montana is the one I choose if I want a gps. The Monterra is what I choose if I want to use a computer in the bath tub.
  21. From what I've read I thought GPS usage in China isn't a commonly allowed thing especially for foreigners. Kinda the same like in Cuba. Nothing I've heard of before. I usually have one in my carry on and have been search. You see automotive ones quite a bit. My wife bought me a DVD about a couple of Canadians on BMW motorcycles doing a ride around China and in the first episode they mention how difficult it was for them to get anything to do with GPS there. Google "The Middle Kingdom Ride".
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