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  1. 53 minutes ago, Atlas Cached said:

    Todays Garmin devices are priced quite fairly, and are generally a bargain.


    I totally agree. My first gpsr was a blue eTrex Legend and I loved that thing until I got a 60C, then a 60CSx, but I would not waste time on any of those models at this point because the improvements in new models have been massive and impressive. I still like my Montana 650 a lot, but will eventually get a 700 series.

  2. 19 hours ago, HHL said:

    The question was: "Is there a cost effective gpsr". :rolleyes:


    I paid $300 Cd each for my two 66S units on Black Friday. They are back up to their regular price of $529 at Sail now, though.


    Back in the day, I paid over $500 each for a 60CSx and a 76CSx. 

  3. In addition to the maps you end up with on the 66S, you can also connect the 66 to your smartphone, assuming you have one, with Garmin Explore and Garmin Connect, two very useful apps. Explore allows you to download many maps including Topo and OSM to the app on your phone, making it possible for you to see tracks/waypoints etc you sync from the gps to the app. You can create waypoints and routes in Explore and send them to the gps, or create collections and send those as well.


    Here's a couple of screen capture of my 66S syncing the day's activities to the Explore app, and a second screen capture from my iPhone, taken while I was walking a trail this afternoon. 


    You can also download Birdseye map segments to the 66S for free. The 66S is an awesome device. 


    IMG-8293.thumb.PNG.a84693d97c4580b3acec9bedccf8d802.PNG IMG-8292.thumb.PNG.0844378d932b84ba4632a6c1721b5a53.PNG




  4. So my 66S stopped syncing my activities in Garmin Connect recently. I tried everything to make it work again including contacting Product.support but after 5 days, I threw in the towel and did a factory reset. Unfortunately the reset does wipe everything out and go back to the new configuration, but at least it did fix the problem.


  5. Has anyone noticed that the Trip Computer window allows you to reduce or increase the number of visible fields while you're in the screen by pressing the + or -,buttons? The lower text fields, ie the ones not in the Dashboard area, can go from 2 large fields to 8 small ones. This could be handy.


    Seems like a bit of an Easter Egg.

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  6. Well that is totally bizarre. I didn't use the 66s all day and this evening I decided to run more tests and fired both up, switched them to demo mode, and went to Send Wirelessly.


    I was able to send a waypoint, then a route, and then a track! I have no idea what changed as I didn't do anything to the settings from when I was not able to send tracks yesterday.


    I sent a couple more tracks successfully after that. 


    So I have no idea why it didn't work before, and what changed and allowed it to work now. I sure hope we won't be plagued with weird behaviour on this model.

  7. 20 minutes ago, Atlas Cached said:

    Just for fun:


    If you send the track from GPSMAP 66s #1 to the Montana 650, can you then send the same track from the Montana 650 to GPSMAP 66s #2?


    Yes. It's only from one 66 to another that there's a problem.

  8. 3 hours ago, Mineral2 said:

    Which Montana do you have? The older 6x0 units don't have bluetooth and transfer all data to other units over ant+
    The 66 series does have bluetooth transfer capabilities. So if transfer between each of your 66s units and your Montana (6x0) is successful in both directions, it may be that the 66s bluetooth isn't functioning correctly.


    The Wireless transfer between the Montana and the 66 is ANT+. My Montana is a 650.


    I turned off Bt and WiFi on both 66 units and they still connected, but the track transfer stayed at 0% for the 5 minutes I left it on. They remained connected the whole time, but no transfer happened.

  9. Checking out the Garmin Explore web site a little more, it seems that having a 66S or compatible unit and your smartphone is almost as good as having an InReach or a Spot unit. You can set up a password protected tracking page which you can share, and which is updated as long as you have cell signal. Really useful!

  10. 4 hours ago, Cheminer Will said:

    Maybe I have just not "explored" it enough to know what I am missing?  I do use Garmin's other three -  Express, Connect, and BaseCamp a lot, but not Explore.  I will follow this thread to see what I might be missing out on.


    Do you have a compatible gps like the 66? There may be others with the same features, but the web site for Garmin Explore doesn't list any. aside from the 66.

  11. I searched and found many instances of "explore", but none for Garmin Explore. I wonder why? Are people not using this app? It's awesome, if your gps is compatible.





    I don't have a Garmin InReach, nor do I need one to use the site, as it says above. I bought a couple of 66S units the other day and so I downloaded the app to my iPhone and iPad, downloaded maps to the apps, and connected the apps to my 66 and lo and behold, tracks I had saved on my device are now showing up automatically in Explore. Pretty sweet!


    I also had a lot of tracks saved on my Montana so I transferred some to the 66S using ANT+, and they also showed up in the apps on the phone and tablet. 


    Doesn't get easier than that!





  12. On 12/5/2020 at 10:49 AM, Atlas Cached said:


    Sounds like you also have a pretty healthy collection of Garmin GPSr.




    We have the following: 

    • Nuvi 1450LM
    • Nuvi 780
    • DriveLuxe 50LMTHD
    • Nuvi 2597LMT
    • Monterra
    • 2X Montana 650
    • 2X eTrex Touch 35
    • 2X 66S

    So yes, a pretty healthy collection indeed. The two Touch 35 units are gone now. Sold one, gave the other to my son.

  13. On 12/2/2020 at 8:53 AM, Ramblin_Man said:

    I am considering buying a new GPS  Garmin GPSMAP66s.   Does anyone have any comments concerning this model. 


    SAIL (in Canada) had the 66S as a Black Friday door crasher last weekend for $300 Cd. I didn't know I needed a new gps when I started the day, but I knew I had to have one. And when I got home, my wife sent me back to get one for her too.  Bought silicone bumper cases for them from Amazon, red for my wife's and black for me, so we can tell them apart.


    I like it a lot. 


    Like you, I also have Montanas though unlike you, I love the touchscreen on that. Happy to go with the 66 buttons though, as the touchscreen on my  eTrex Touch 35 is not great.

  14. We do try to clean up and restore caches if necessary. Saw some while camping last Summer and one in particular was placed by a Forces member who'd been moved away, but nobody wanted to adopt it. We changed the container and log book, and added some decent swag.


    I find it annoying that people like yourself prop up old junk thinking they are helping geocaching by doing so. <_<


    That's your prerogative.


    I do what I think is best.

  15. I noticed the original poster and L0ne.R haven't placed a cache based on their profiles. There's nothing wrong with not placing caches, but maybe you should consider placing a few quality hides in your areas. Monkey see - monkey do. Maybe if folks see some quality hides, they will place some of their own. Just an idea.


    My wife is the one who logs the caches we find. We own a few in our area and check on them as often as possible.


    I can hardly find the enthousiasm to log my own finds, but my wife has logged 439 finds and 6 hides, most of which I participated in.


    We do try to clean up and restore caches if necessary. Saw some while camping last Summer and one in particular was placed by a Forces member who'd been moved away, but nobody wanted to adopt it. We changed the container and log book, and added some decent swag.


    The number of times I've reported caches in need of maintenance and never heard back is also annoying.


    But it gets tedious to always find the caches in similar condition.

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