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  1. I have some sad and serious news for all South African cachers. With immediate effect (from 26 August 2015) - there is to be NO CACHING in the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve. All caches will be disabled by the Reviewer - and any found logs will be deleted. We have had a meeting with the Reserve Management - and he is not happy with the geocaching community over the years. In particular he has cited: Climbing fences and not using designated entrances Not paying relevant entrance fees Littering Moving off trail Parking in non-designated areas Continued disregard for rules Contravention of the National legislation regarding Protected Areas. We will be having a meeting in October 2015 to get a final outcome. So please respect this decision and moratorium in the light of ensuring that caching remains the positive hobby it is meant to be - one in which local legislation, land owner rules and respect for nature and property is upheld.
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