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  1. I think our game fair would be a great place to promote geocaching. Anyone interested to put up a display or even just info on the subject? Please let me know as I would be interested in doing so, could help with accommodation in the area! http://www.gamefair.co.za/index.php
  2. Where do you see these pic's???? and get that history?
  3. @ Shaun,how can you take it for granted that we are being disruptive at a site, we repacked every single stone! I live and farm not more then 5km away from these two sites and have been in the nature conservation industry for over twenty years. @Gitchee-Gummee thanks point taken, if you know the area it is flat grass land with very few stones so to find something that looks like stone henge is not very difficult. A wild fire has passed through the area and the cache was left in a 1lt plastic yoghurt container, I assumed it was burnt. I will now know in future to just log a no find. O and a last point, I did not replace the cache, I have mailed the owner asking if he would like me to do so as I saw he lives more then a 3 hour drive from the site and says in his bio he only get to our area once a year.
  4. Well I must say we got very excited about the whole geocaching concept, bought all the kit and a gps. We spent the past 2 days searching invain for two caches that I believe are not in-place anymore. @Thunder Dragon we spent just more then a hour unpacking a stone Kern to find nothing, then @Royal Sport we found the old gate and the rocks that look like Stone Henge and again nothing. We are fine with it but the 3 little ones, very disappointed. Is there not some sort of rule that if a cache is not maintained or logged for say 6 months then it is taken off the map? We are now in two minds if we are going to be wasting our time spending the summer trying to find the ones in and around Sabie.
  5. Hi all We are from South Africa, have not found any cashes yet. Still wish there was a page with all the lingo/slang terms and what they mean LOL
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    Hi all Raymond and Kate, we are very new to this got our first gps yesterday and farm just outside Dullstroom in Mpumalanga
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