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  1. Thought I'd come back and give an update... in case anyone is still monitoring It has been one whole year (almost) since the last post... lots of adventures since then! I am very excited as I am just one cache away from qualifying for Tequila 81! So amazed that I have managed to get this far. I've been trying hard to get qualifiers old enough for the California Fizzy, so I am just 3 away for that one. How is everyone else doing who is still working on this challenge?
  2. So it's been a while since anyone posted... how are those of us still working on this challenge doing? I am happy to report that I am now up to 70 of 81 qualifying caches found! Of course I am left with some toughies. This is what I still need: D1/T5 D1.5/T5 D2.5/T4.5 D2.5/T5 D3/T5 D3.5/T4.5 D4.5/T2.5 D5/T2.5 D5/T3.5 D5/T4 D5/T4.5 Not too shabby for someone who started working on this challenge in 2017 (I began with 41 already found) Carolyn
  3. So incredibly disappointed to see that the Classic app (which I paid good $ for) has begun to display a message that it will cease to work on March 23rd . I have both, but use the new app as a vehicle navigator to the cache location only, and then use the Classic for the hunt as it is vastly superior to the new app. The lack of attributes and that stupid "you are getting close newbie chime" makes it unusable for me. I also find the mapping much better in the Classic. I have been resisting, but I think it is time to purchase one of the competitive apps people have been recommending.
  4. That one does sound interesting, albeit a bit frightening (just reading inuksuk and terryer's account makes me a tiny bit nervous about tackling that one)... definitely needs the right experienced person doing the planning for it
  5. I have gone through all of the posts in this forum and have created a spreadsheet containing the known caches with ratings changes... if anyone knows of any others, please advise (I can't get this to format nicely... tried a couple of different fonts): GC Code Name--------------------------------------------Tequila D/T--Current D/T--Status----Source-------Notes GC1537R Evil in the Park - Monkey See, Monkey Do!-------4.5/3.0------4.0/1.5------Archived--Posts 52-54 GCX84E A Grand Word Search-----------------------------1.5/4.5------1.5/3.5------Archived--Post 75 GC1498V Rocky Hike, Scenic Drive------------------------1.5/4.5------2.5/4.5------Active----Post 106 GCFG140 ACT277------------------------------------------5.0/5.0------5.0/4.5------Active----Post 323 GCB332 Crooked Creek-----------------------------------2.5/3.5------3.5/3.5------Active----Post 358 GCKR3F Organic Panic-----------------------------------5.0/3.0------3.5/3.0------Active----Post 524 GCX3K4 Eagles Nest; Caverns Walk-----------------------????---------5.0/5.0------Active----Post 524 GCYTYV Shoe Inn----------------------------------------5.0/1.0------5.0/1.5------Archived--Post 520 GC1207H Bridges of Strathroy - multi--------------------????---------3.5/3.5------Archived--Post 522 GCK4FJ My First Cache.---------------------------------2.5/5.0------2.5/4.0------Active----Paul N Susan--TOMTEC adopted and changed the rating 'cause you can walk there in winter Caches that have been restored to their original rating after having been reported as altered: GCH1MZ Silver Peak-------------------------------------2.0/4.5------2.0/4.5------Active----Post 355 GCHM4W The Talented Mr. Bean---------------------------5.0/1.0------5.0/1.0------Active----Post 524
  6. Good to know! Are you actively working on this challenge? I bet you are far closer than I am (I'm only just over half way, but I just got started focusing on it).
  7. I'm wondering if anyone monitors this old thread A group of us in the GTA (Toronto area) are working on this famous cache. Since some of us are relatively new cachers, we don't have any way of knowing which caches have had a ratings change, save for the list provided here. Does anyone have any updates to the list? Thanks
  8. That's a good idea. I think I will delete that query entirely. I am out of town anyway, so publish emails would do me no good anyway. When I get home to will try to set it up freshly, change up the choices a little and see if that cleans it up. Of course, if I could choose to have my email in non-HTML format, I suspect I wouldn't have to do all this fussing... sure hope I can find a solution, as publish emails were one of the things I liked best about being a member.
  9. That's not always the case. Though I don't think it applies in this case (but throwing it out just in case), gc.com is using different servers to produce different mailings to members. There have been times in the recent past where gc.com's mailing list has been in poor condition, with many 'dead' addresses. By sending out mail to so many 'dead' addresses, gc.com's server develops a bad 'reputation' with various ISPs mail servers, and those servers can on that basis refuse to talk to gc.com's mail servers. When that happens, mail doesn't flow from gc.com to the ISP, so you wouldn't even see it in a spam area. There's some possibility that your ISP is unhappy with whichever server gc.com is using to deliver these particular email messages. gc.com says they've been working on cleaning up their mailing lists and clearing out the dead addresses, but it could be that an ISP tightens down on their rules. The ISP does this because with many bad addresses being detected, it looks like the mail is coming from a spammer who is just shotgunning emails out, hoping some of them get delivered. Intriguing possibility... still hoping for a definitive explanation from Groundspeak. I've been emailing back and forth with one of their "community advisors" - unforunately the suggestions posed so far have not been helpful (I feel like I'm dealing with level 1 support when really level 2 or 3 is needed for this issue).
  10. It's not in my junk mail folder, I check there daily. And it isn't in any other folder either. I think it is being blocked as SPAM and not delivered to me at all. Curiously though, all other Groundspeak emails get through. You would think if one was blocked, all would be blocked. It is a puzzle.
  11. Well, at least I'm not alone... Can you get other notifications with the same query? I can turn on archives, enables (pretty much anything). Those come to me, but not the publish.
  12. I think that's likely my problem with my Notes account... I don't see the publish notifications at all any more (just archives). I suspect that they are being pre-screened by the corporate SPAM filter and eliminated before I get a chance to see them. It must be some unique property of the publish notification that makes them look like classic SPAM, as all other types get right through to my inbox with no problems. I wish they would at least arrive in my junk folder, but nope
  13. One more peculiarity, I can forward the email about the publication manually from my gmail -> my notes. Those come through fine.
  14. Since the format of the notifications have changed, I have ceased to receive any notifications of new publications. New pulications were the only thing I was monitoring for, and they have come successfully for the last two years. This was one of the two biggest benefits to having a membership (the other being the pocket queries)... I feel like I have lost half the value of my membership I have tried everything to get them back, and no dice. Adding other types of notifications to the same query successfully delivers them (i.e. I can get archives, requests for maintenance, notes, etc.... everything but publications). I even added a new gmail account to my profile, and I can get publish notices to come there, but that is relatively useless to me, as my Blackberry email account is my IBM Notes account, so I've essentially lost the real notification feature. I have to go to a website and run a pocket query or go to the website and login to gmail to look for a publication... some effect, and that isn't a notification IMHO. I am wondering if it is all the unnecessary junk that has been added to the subject line? Is it possible that this is making it look like spam to my server? It's not ending up in my junk mail folder, so I can only imagine something about the format is considered to be SPAM. It's the only thing that I can see that seems to be unique about the publish emails. I'd like to know if anyone has any ideas, and I would dearly like to have an option to have the old format back. Thanks
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