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  1. This is disappointing! By choice, we have researched and found over 400 Benchmarks, some from the 1700's, many of them with unique names. We prefer the old-fashioned detective work necessary to find a Benchmark to using a cellphone to do an Adventure Lab. Yes, that is merely a choice, but it's our choice. We're sad to see Benchmarks go!
  2. I had to revise an Earthcache listing in a National Park, including adding and editing waypoints. The original Lookup Codes remain in the listing. Is there a solution for this?
  3. I just bought a Garmin GPSMAP 64st and tried to add it to my profile, but it's not listed.
  4. We're experiencing the same problem. On March 6th I logged 66 caches and they show in one place but not in our Profile or with our logs.
  5. Oops! In my excitement to get in on this I forgot to include the info: I have an original Droid running Android 2.2.2 Bob "Run&Hike" RunandHike@verizon.net
  6. Wow! You bet! I'd love to try it on my Droid! You can contact me through GC.com as Run&Hike or email me at RunandHike@verizon.net Bob +++++++++++++ Me, myself, and I, not-really-famous creator of the Google Earth Benchmark tool and NGS»GPX, has decided to try making an Android app connected with the stock Maps program. Seeing as how I've only one phone, in a few months when I get around to a version that's stable, I'd like to have some other Android users try it on their devices, just to be sure. If interested, please drop me an email or PM here, with your interest and android device type. Goals are simple for the little app - - Browse an area on Maps, mark all stations nearby. - Use NGS's live database, not a cached one like my GE utility. - Allow clicking on one to pull open the datasheet. Cheers, --Mike.
  7. I paid for the official Geocaching app for my Droid, but I still prefer to use c:geo because of some of the unique features. I understand the bandwidth demand the apps cause, and that Groundspeak doesn't get any income for supporting that from c:geo users, but I still hope something can be worked out. Maybe royalties? user fees? (within reason). My hope is that Carnero and Groundspeak can come to some agreement and he'll continue support of his great app with cooperation from Groundspeak. - Run&Hike
  8. I paid for the official Geocaching app for my Droid, but I still use c:geo more because of some of the unique features. I understand the bandwidth demand the apps cause, and that Groundspeak doesn't get any income for supporting that from c:geo users, but I still hope something can be worked out. Maybe royalties? user fees? (within reason). My hope is that Carnero and Groundspeak can come to some agreement and he'll continue support of his great app with cooperation from Groundspeak. - Run&Hike
  9. Thanks for explaining the removal of the KML in terms I could understand! I'll miss it, but I'll learn to use what is available and be happy.
  10. Wow! Lots said since my first request to return the KML! Sadly, several member's "simple requests" seem to have segued into a major "us against them" polarization, which I certainly didn't want! I can understand that anyone who hasn't used the KML it might think that the maps and PQ's are as good or better, but I've tried both ways, and I prefer and really miss the KML. I have tried the "maps" many times and found several limitations: 1) you must begin from a specific location and pan to explore, spending much time waiting for "requesting geocaches" just about every time you pan or zoom. 2) While the satellite maps do show buildings and roads, unless you know exactly which road you're looking at it's easy to get lost. 3) Essentially, they're fine if you know where you want to start and exactly what road you're "seeing". 4) You're limited in the number of PQ's and I don't always know exactly WHERE I want one for. With the KML in Google Earth: 1) I could see all the caches ANYWHERE I decided to look, anywhere that caught my interest. 2) I could plan trips and days by zooming out and looking for a "cluster" of caches in the general area of interest and then selecting my route and destination to penetrate the cluster. 3) I could see at a glance the higways and roads BY NAME/NUMBER (in overlay) and "follow" a specific one, looking for caches along it and "seeing" rest areas and motels. I'm really missing it as I plan trips and our vacation. Please restore the KML!
  11. When I first posted I didn't realize how many other people missed the KML as much as I do. While I know that there are other ways to see an "area", I've found that designing and creating a "one-time" query is sometimes limited compared to opening the KML and scanning around an area. For multiple areas it's a no-brainer -- the KML wins every time as a planning tool. I'm certainly one of "the 200" that really would appreciate the return of the KML download/open link. I'd sign the petition, but now I see that THAT link is gone. PLEASE! Restore the KML feature! PLEASE!
  12. I've been looking through "postings" again, and, if I understand correctly, we can expect a "improved/enhanced" "Cache Along a Route" function. I have tried that feature several times and found it cumbersome and limited, since we quite often choose "our route" AFTER looking at caches in the area we're passing through/around. It used to be quick and straightforward to download the KML and "scan" for caches. For now, I guess my best bet is to start with a ZIP or COORD search and MAP>Satellite and scan around, but those maps take FOREVER to update after you you move sideways or zoom. PLEASE! May we have our "Download Geocache browser in Google Earth" link back? PLEASE!
  13. For the last year or so I've opened "My Account" and clicked on "Download Geocache browser in Google Earth" as my favorite way to plan trips and caching days. Yesterday I tried to do that and discovered that the link IS GONE! Has it "moved" somewhere? Can we "get it back"?
  14. On my way to an event several caches popped up and I tried to get info on them with my Motorola Q smartphone, and discovered that the website not only displays incorrectly, I can't use a search for a Zipcode OR a Waypoint from either the Homepage or the.Hide and Seek page. I ended up using the WAP site, but it limits to five logs.
  15. I've found that the "WAP" site works fine for quick logging of Traditional Caches from my Motorola Q Smartphone, but... If I do an EarthCache that requires posting a picture I can't upload a picture through either the "WAP" site ot the Geocaching.com, so I can't log it. Would it be possible to add an "Upload Image" feature? Additionally, when I've been logging and wanted to start a new line, using my "Carriage Return" seems to send the message, so I have to write one continuous paragraph (I admit, I haven't tried this again since the first "Oops!" premature "sends").
  16. The pages do not display correctly. The "menu" normally at the top left (Getting Started, etc.) is now somewhere at the bottom of a VERY LONG screen, and each "Menu" choice is in black text overlayed by an HTML duplicate of that, slightly offset from the text. I honestly don't know if it's been reformatted and exceeds my screen width, or if it contains Flash, which my Motorola Q browser won't support. My daughter, who has a newer "Q", is experiencing the same problems. Other websites are OK, only Geocaching.com is not working right. I know I can use the "Lite" site, (WAB.geocaching.com), but that limits cache pages to 5 logs and no maps. I guess I've gotten spoiled, being able to pull up a cache page while out "on the trail". It worked fine until sometime last week. I noticed it for the first time on Friday the 25th when I started logging in for a week's caching. I'm not sure this makes sense -- you just have to see it on a "Q".
  17. Since the upgrade, after I download a cache from the Cache Page to my Garmin 60CSx I have to change the Icon from "Found" (open chest) to the "Unfound" (closed chest). It took me a while to realize what was happening and why the downloaded caches didn't show up with "FIND", "CACHES", but were in the "WAYPOINTS" menu, showing they had been "Found". I hope this makes sense...
  18. Sometime last week I tried to open the website on my Motorola Q Smartphone with Windows 5.0 Mobile and Internet Explorer. Most of the features seem to be missing now. It used to work fine, and we could search and log caches anywhere I had cellphone signal. Suddenly it doesn't work! Is this known, and will a fix be made soon?
  19. Several TB's were taken from our TB Hotel without being logged, and I haven't been able to find out where they went. I finally went to each TB page and clicked on the "mark Missing" link to get them out of inventory, but they're still there. How do I get rid of them?
  20. Thanks for responding. I've been told the problem was with our Motorola Q phones, not the web page, but you're confirming what I thought, that the web page is violating some limit in Windows 5 Mobile's Internet Explorer. Hopefully, somebody can offer a "fix".
  21. Several of us have Motorola Q phones with Windows 5 Mobile. Prior to the Database Upgrade, we could get on the Geocaching.com homepage. Since the upgrade, download begins OK, but at 200K+ the screen suddenly blanks. IF I hit "Stop Downloading" at around 200K, I can use the features that have already downloaded. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas? I can use the "lite" wap version, but I like some of the links on the regular homepage. Run&Hike
  22. I usually plan a day of caching with My Account > Search for nearest caches (filter out finds). Unfortunately, we've now found most of the caches we intend to find, but the list is cut off at 50 miles! Is there a way to extend the search to 100 miles, or even to a selectable range? Additionally, we live on a narrow peninsula, and many caches that are listed as being within 50 miles are actually on the other side of the bay, almost 200 miles away! Would it be possible to limit the direction of a search to a certain quadrant? Right now I'm resorting to looking up zipcodes and searching around them.
  23. Yesterday we found "Tigger from North Carolina" in a cache in Maryland. We took pictures and brought him with us to relocate later. I attemped to email his owner but the address bounced. Does anyone have a new email address for fojon@aol.com? Run&Hike
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