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  1. I'm still waiting for 3.40 if it has features or bugfixes that justify the upgrade. I will keep 3.10. Regards, Luis Sismeiro
  2. The Palm Desktop Software can be donwloaded here: http://www.palm.com/us/software/desktop/. With it you can upload palm files. Regards, Luis Sismeiro
  3. Just an ideia. Put some info also regarding the differences between City Navigator/Select and Metroguide. Regards, Luis Sismeiro
  4. I have a 60CSx and been doing geocaching for about 3 months now. I couldn't be hapier with my GPS. Remember, the 60CSx is very popular, there are many people using and reporting problems and Garmin has been very good updating the firmware to solve them. In a few more months, the 60CSx will be even more stable. You will have a better and tested GPS unit than others but that's up to you to decide where to spend your $. Regards, Luis Sismeiro
  5. Hi to all, I fully aprove the creation of a portuguese forum at Groundspeak. This way geocachers from all over the world can interact with portuguese geocachers, ask questions, provide sugestions and be informed about geocaching in Portugal. Regards, Luis Sismeiro
  6. I can report that in Portugal I receive the #33 bird and have D's all over the bars (except on #33 bird). I din't notice any improve in EPE. Regards, Luis Sismeiro
  7. I want google maps back!
  8. Just want to give some input about these. A few days ago I did a car trip at night with my 60 CSx of about 1 and half hour and had no problem with NIMH rechargable bateries. The firmware version is 2.70 and the GPS SW is 2.50. Some of the times the backlight was on and I didn't notice any abnormal consumption of bateries. Regards, Luis Sismeiro
  9. Nice input. It is also important to give a positive feedback when the problems are solved. I also have a 60 CSx and had some of the problems described were in the forum but overall I am very satisfied with my GPSr. And we can see in several post in the forum that many people love their 60 CSx. Regards, Luis Sismeiro
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