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  1. Are you running the latest version of the Jepp unlock wizard? This may require you to call the Lowrance tech support line. (800)324-1356. I've been getting through to them with a hold time averaging 40 min on a different issue. Z
  2. Pep..., I had this discussion with them after I bought my 600c. You will have to swap out your 512 for a 1024 thru them. You can do it at the same time you purchase a new Jepp update. I decided to keep my 512, and use it for aviation purposes. It has room for a fair amount of TOPO data. When I want to be strictly a land-lubber, I use a separate 1Mb card, Straubman did this swapout awhile back. He visits here occasionally, and you could send him an email through the forum. Z
  3. Are you referring to that bad-hair day in your avatar? Z
  4. Was that the national news story of the crazy person spinning donuts in the middle of I-39 Z
  5. sardiver3, I don't think you will find any GPSr's software that will do what you are asking. There is the ability to modify and create your own maps with specialized software for the Lowrance and other units, but it is labor intensive. If you need auto navigation abliity, then a different brand that uses newer Navonics road mapping may be what you are looking for. I think you will find problems with every unit. But, if Lowrance falls behind and other units meet your needs, then I would return the iFinder and get the one you like. No sense holding on to something that just dissappoints you. BTW, this is JMHO. Z
  6. Well, the Canadian TOPO does not have detailed Alaska information...sorry. Z
  7. sacrifice, I will have to look at my Canadian TOPO after I get home to see if it has Alaska...there is a lot of overlap into the US with it. Z
  8. Scoob..., I placed an "Invisishield" on my AirMap600c, and also purchased the Lowrance case. It is the one with a clear full window top, and neoprene back and sides. (Wanted the visibility while encased, and the little bit of flotation provided by the "wetsuit". Looking at the LEI extras website, it's the same case as mine, the HL-7: http://www.lei-extras.com/store/search.asp...+Held+Accessory I looked at the case that Steel City refered to and it is nice...would be a great combination with the Invisishield. Z
  9. Scoob..., Here is a thread for you to browse while trying to sort out your memory card problems http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=115044 You can make unlocked maps to use on any card...just need your initial card to allow creation. Make a medium sized map, and then try it on your various cards. There have been people commenting on Kingston problems in the past. SanDisk is the one most highly recommended, but there are complaints with the Ultra II line. I purchased the plain-jane 1Gb SanDisk, and it works like a champ. Lets us know what you find out. Z
  10. It sounds like the card is not registered to MapCreate (if you are using MC 6.3) Also, make sure the card reader drivers loaded with the MC installation. There is also a thread to make an unlocked map that you could give a try : http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=115044 Maybe something there will help...let us know. Z
  11. I've had good luck w/ emails from them...might want to send again...the postman may have lost it Z
  12. Same destination/same problem (I'm sure Canada had nothing to do with it, though ) I called ShieldZone, and they say it's their recommendation to not use the plastic covering cases, and said most people just cut the plastic out. Not being like most people, I just wipe a little baby powder on the screen and inner case window, dust that out and no big problems. I have to say ShieldZone has been top notch in their customer service. I've had a couple of defective covers (one was leeching adhesive thru, one had a optical "prizm effect")...both times no questions... sent out the replacement. Looks like the third time is a charm Z
  13. Yea, and if it ain't spiders, it's all the homeless at the urban cache's I've been trying
  14. kidnitro, Here's the thread that goes into all that detail. .lcm is the locked to a specific SD card file(I believe) lee-rimer has an excellent discussion on all this: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=115044 Z
  15. D&B, I will give you the process on my AirMap...I believe yours is the same. Press and release ENT (save) from any page. A dialog will pop up for Create Waypoint with several options. Cursor down to "entered position", and hit ENT. Hit ENT again for "Create" There's your fill in box. Let us know if this is not the right menu sequence. Z Oh...welcome to the forums!!
  16. Airmapper, Did you find a Lowrance data cable there...I can't. I want to get an aftermarket power/data cable combo. Z
  17. Here's the tough problem w/ opening a door: 4' x 6' (an average size) = 3456 sq " times 8psi (average at altitude pressurization) = over 27,000 lbs of force holding it shut. Overwing exit 2' x 4' = over 9,000 lbs. Just ain't gonna happen. Besides, there is usually a small army of passengers to pound the jerk/jerkette into the floor that even attempts to open one. Guess we'll be able to sound like our grandparents some day and tell our kids/grandkids "Yea, I remeber the days of flying when we got a can of Coke and peanuts on the plane. We could even get our toothpaste and brush out at the end of a 4 hour flight and spuce up a bit. Heck, we even used metal butter knives." Z
  18. From the Lowrance website: GPS/Mapping << Precision 16-channel GPS+WAAS receiver Antenna port for connecting optional external GPS+WAAS antenna Dual processors for high speed screen updates You are the proud owner of a super fast, double-barrel mega GPSr Z
  19. M$ S&T is an input option under GPSBabel...did you try to convert from there? (I don't have S&T up and running right now to check) Z
  20. Some aluminum foil on the head and some double-sided tape may do the trick :laughing:
  21. The manual for my AirMap 600c states 2Gb is supported, but I'm not willing to try it yet. 1Gb is still the plan. Z
  22. I have seen plenty of positives on the Gillson brand antennas. I'm pretty confident you will be happy...and $90+ richer by not buying the LEI one Z
  23. W..., The antenna that I (and Airmapper I believe) have is the one included w/ the aviation units from Lowrance. It is active, and has the 90 deg connector. It fits well with the RAM mount and lays flat on a surface outside the mount. I would guess the straight plug would protrude at least 1/2"-3/4" including the strain relief. Something to plan for. The connector snaps in nice and tight. Z
  24. WR8Y, It seemed real hit or miss on what cards had problems when I was reading about that. I know a few had problems w/ Kingston (which is a decent brand). A Ritek 1Gb I have worked fine for one card. I fixed the whole deal and bought a 1Gb SanDisk on sale at Circuit City for $24. Z
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