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  1. You might want to leave some room for serendipity as well. One of my bugs is on its way from Michigan to Groundspeak HQ by way of Denmark! Can't say I'm upset by the detour....
  2. That's what I was thinking. My enjoyment of caching comes from the journey, not the hunt. (Sure, sometimes the hunt is fun but most times I just find it tedious.) Bring on 1 foot accuracy! The challenge of the hunt (for those that crave it) will still be there for some caches. The key variable is still the "Z" coordinate (height). I mentioned tree caches, but I have seen a few other situations where there is an abrupt change of height in a very short distance (foot bridges in parks - is the cache over, under or on the bridge?) (staircase in park from upper level to lower level that circles back on itself) (very steep slope with trees). Trees can be tough, no doubt. One of of most intensive hunts I ever engaged in was somewhere on a corner of a multistory parking garage. Never did find it...
  3. One of the tricks some of the researchers I once knew used was to elevate a remote antennae with a length of PVC pipe to clear some of the ground level clutter and get a better fix on the satellites. It's not much help in deep mountain valleys or between skyscrapers though. Most handheld units today don't take remote antennas, but they are small enough now you could put the unit to averaging and elevate the whole thing.
  4. I recently logged this cache myself and found it to be very entertaining and creative. While the permission issue did cross my mind, I was not uncomfortable searching for this cache, which is more than I can say for many caches in public view. I did not notice a warning sign at the entrance door to the stairwell, but there definitely was one on the exit door. Other than a very strong smell of urine, I noticed no issues upon exit.
  5. I'm not Atlanta-based, but was there today and found The Buckhead Dragon (GC1875). While the cache itself isn't anything special, the presentation is inspirational. Unfortunately, it's north of downtown and not really close to MARTA, IIRC. There is an earth cache in one of the MARTA stations, I have on my wish list, but haven't gotten to it yet.
  6. I think the main thing I would emphasize is the difference between the TB reference number (TBXXXXX) and the actual tracking number itself and when the use of each is appropriate. This seems to be one of the main sources of confusion among most new geocachers and even some seasoned ones in my experience.
  7. The engraving machine in my local Wal-mart does them for $5.
  8. That thread plus another similar one were what prompted my brain to travel down this road. While both have some good information, there are not a lot of specifics as to what works and what doesn't. Dry boxes tend to be one the expensive side compared to other cache containers and I'd rather not try to reinvent the wheel if there is knowledge already available.
  9. The title pretty well covers it. Specific brands and model numbers would be a plus. Any other techniques, such as using double containers would be useful information as well.
  10. I have a Yoda travel bug (TB563RE) who started out in a Death Star cache (GC4C31F). T0p R00ster, who owns the cache, is the real hard core SW fan, though, as he showed up at the local spring fling dressed as a Jedi.
  11. Brian, you are a better man than I am. I do not know that I could be as gracious under the circumstances. I applaud you for taking the high road. I still think you are owed a very public apology, but doubt you will ever see it.
  12. I realize there are privacy concerns which must be addressed, but can't we find some way that doesn't trip the noobs to the site up and result in bad feelings and missed communications? Those of us who've been around for a while are aware of the issue, and can take steps to avoid it, but most new folks to the site just hit the reply button and never pay attention to the header. It would seem to be in Groundspeak's best interest to fix this problem or at least warn people about it.
  13. The Pelican 3000 series are rated to 100'. I'd save the camera case for rainy days and kayak/rafting trips.
  14. I tend to favor English muffins and bagels for sandwich makings as they are less likely to get squashed in your pack like softer breads. Onion rolls work well too.
  15. Often times, older, well traveled bugs will be on multiple watch lists of people who have moved it along at some point. I regularly check on the progress of bugs I have handled in the past to see how they are getting along. It does bum me out a bit when one of them goes missing, but that is the price of admission, I suppose.
  16. I have noticed duplicate find logs when logging caches with the iPhone app with a spotty or intermittent data connection. It seems to be some sort of fail safe mechanism gone astray. I usually double check on the computer and delete any redundancies, but somewhere along the line I've missed one and cannot find it.
  17. Peanut butter jars don't seems to survive very well in my neck of the woods, even if you run them through the dishwasher. They must still retain some food odor and seem to attract critters. Maybe if you bleached them out?
  18. Lots of stump holes in my neck of the woods (so to speak). I try to fill them up with ammo cans so folks don't accidentally step in them and break a leg. Who needs to dig?
  19. And not just one carrier either, as some cachers will be on AT&T , others on Verizon, still others on Sprint... As you can see it has the potential to become problematic.
  20. There are some caches north of me that are works of art in their own right. It might be nice to have them immortalized in a book.
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