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  1. Thanks for all your advice - we persevered and went after some different ones today and found 3 - we were ecstatic!
  2. GC25TR6 By the stream GC21MB6 A Bridge to fear GC3E5ZT Red Phone box Braunston in Rutland GCEE87 Church micro 2562 Braunston GC2B23K Boy’s Bridge The other 2 – one is on the railway bridge in Oakham and know I need to feel to find this and the other don’t know which one it is as just following my GPS
  3. Same! My friend suggested it a couple of weeks ago and armed with my Geomate Jr the kids and I et out yesterday - we've been to 7 different spots over the last 2 days - but haven't actually found any! I'm not sure we've got the hang of it , but we've been on some nice walks Any adivce/help really appreciated!
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