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  1. I haven't got the week 2 souvenir yet, and I had at least double the required 30 gold.
  2. I recently went looking for an FTF. The coordinates seemed to point to a hedge in someones yard. I found the perfect spot to put a cache, but no cache. I gave up and tried again later on the other side of the fence. The property owner came out because I was wandering around his fence and turned out to be a geocacher also. He had no idea that there was a cache nearby! I gave up after an hour of searching and someone else later claimed the find. I have also found a two-stage multi. The first stage was in a tree in front of the house and the final was a large ammobox chained to their back deck.
  3. In my "local" area, we have Maritime Multi (GC6NYWT), a PMO Multi. To find the final stage requires finding the three other stages, which are located in one of the three Maritime provinces, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.
  4. I was out with a friend today and spotted a U-haul truck. Nobody around, so I took a quick photo of the side. My friend became concerned that I was violating the privacy of the driver of the truck, since I was going to be uploading the photo I took with the GPS coordinates of the photo, which tells everybody who cares to look where the truck was at that point of time. I was wondering if there is a policy that allows this.
  5. Ah, yes. I just remembered that I had been using this, and also confirmed that that script is the one which is showing this information right there. For some reasons, I had never noticed it before. Yes, I knew about EXIF. I was just surprised seeing the information right in front of my eyes just by casually reading the log on the web site. Thanks for letting me know about this script.
  6. I came across this article today: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2016/09/octopus-attack-memorial/ and thought we should have a category for hoaxes like this. Or maybe for Public Art like the Trump statues. I can't find a category for either. Correct me If I'm wrong.
  7. We have found the same thing. Sometimes over the years cemeteries are known or referenced by other names which is very confusing sometimes to find the cemetery on FAG. It would be great if we could search for a cemetery by coordinates, that way if it is reasonably close it could be found even under a different name. Or better yet, you could search for local cemetery locations when planning a trip. As for the coordinates, we have found the same thing. One we would never have found if a sign was not on the main hwy. Unsure how you go about changing the coordinates, except possibly contacting FAG directly. Though I have tried this and did not get a response or was it changed. We do not have mobile phones, so am not familiar with the app. I use a computer and keyboard (programmable). The best way to fix this is to manually submit a correction on the FAG Forums, under https://www.findagraveforums.com/forum/4-cemetery-corrections/
  8. I've been a contributor on Find A Grave for more than 7 years now (#47078252) I have 2 cemeteries in walking distance from where I live. Sometimes I find errors, but submitting corrections is easy. Some are really egregious, like once finding a father-son stone with them linked as married.
  9. I see some of these have been adopted out, which is a much better solution than archiving them all.
  10. I remember tossing out a wet lolly once. However most caches in my area have a habit of accumulating water, so most people don't leave anything. I like to leave erasers, since they don't go bad and work even if left in an ammo box, where most things get mildewed after a time. I also replace old pens with golf pencils.
  11. I think it was a news article about someone who hid a cache that looked enough like a pipe-bomb that someone called the police to destroy it. That was back in 2004. I researched it and made an account. I looked for a few local caches, but managed to DNF on them all. Since I was busy in college, I let it slip, since gps units were expensive. Then in 2013, I got upgraded from my flip-phone to a smartphone. I discovered it had a gps chip, something my old phone didn't have. I'm not sure how I remembered geocaching, but I found it was still going. I couldn't remember my old password, so I created a new account. This time I was actually able to find a cache, and it went from there.
  12. If you are afraid of germs and moldy logs, the best time to cache is right now, in winter. All those damp logs will be frozen and you won't need to worry about bacteria. The downside is that you need a good pair of gloves, boots or ski pants to find caches. Digging around in the snow raises most caches difficulty by one or two easy. Still a good idea to wash your hands.
  13. Still happening for me. I get the error message when I try to post a new log, but the log still goes through. The state/province selection now works.
  14. I have been trying to add a new waymark, and I keep getting this error message: Could not find a part of the path 'E:\inetpub\Waymarking.com\xml\scoring_schema.xml'. The error also shows up when posting a new log. However the log goes through. When I add a photo to the log, I get "An error occured in the File Upload Service. Could not find a part of the path 'E:\inetpub\Waymarking.com\xml\scoring_schema.xml'." The photo also goes through. The error occurs whither I have an E: drive connected or not. This is getting really frustrating. I have had no problems previously posting new waymarks.
  15. That's what it was. I use HTTPS Everywhere. Thanks for pointing this out.
  16. Still 404. It was like that last week, btw.
  17. I'm not sure where to post this, but when I search now and click the Search FAQ button, it links to http://www.geocaching.com/blog/2015/03/faq-the-new-geocache-search-tool/ which gives a 404 Not Found page, with nginx/1.4.6 (Ubuntu) underneath. Could someone fix this?
  18. Link from the Aftonbladet: Mannen i Falun kan ha dött under geocaching This event is nearby: Meet and greet in Falun And mentions it in this log: http://coord.info/GLGQPCYD Figuring out which cache it was is difficult, since I see a number of Mystery caches in the city. No cache is listed for the bridge itself, which makes me think it is one of them.
  19. GS doesn't allow images, even with BB code. So why is Project GC offering them?
  20. I wanted to update my sig here with some interesting statbars from Project GC, but all I see is a link saying Image. How do I fix it?
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