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  1. Thank you all for those great accounts. The Hi-Viz Vest and the CLipboard is a cool one. So is CITA. Very clever. This has helped a lot... Thanks again and happy caching everyone :-)
  2. Greetings Cachers. I'm fairly new to geocaching and I am also a business traveller. This puts me in the unique position of being able to not just cache in my home zone but everywhere in the country. Mostly I'm in cities and my biggest problem as a beginner are not the ones that are hidden in the boondocks. I was looking for a cache around the Jacksonville, FL airport but it was hidden right next to a well-frequented gas station. So how do you act in this situation? Casual (with the Blues Brothers Soundtrack playing on the iPod when Jake and Elwood sneak into the Palace Hotel Ballroom past all the cops) or is it more like a wait for the right moment and be quick? These days where everybody is completely paranoid about people that root around in shrubs and bushes, how not to draw too much attention? Because sometimes not even after dark it's any easier, I think it would be even more suspicious. Or is it more like this, that people are busy with their own tasks that they pay little to no attention to others at all? Thanks for any (serious) advice on this matter, I couldn't find anything about Stealth Mode here.
  3. I use the Garmin Dakota 20 and it's doing a great job. It displays everything you need, including hints and previous logs. Overlay the preloaded basemap with topo or satellite map and you have all the info you need to be successful.
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