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  1. Before the 60csx I have used my Magellan Explorist 210 for several caches. I loved this device with a great accurancy. I still carry it with me as backup. I have no experience with a Garmin Legend. Greetings, Hans
  2. on this document it is mentioned only to be valid for devices purchased in second half of 2006... Maybe there is a newer version of this? Greetings, Hans
  3. I use Gsak in combination with a reporting macro (findstatgen2db). it generates a HTML page which I partly copy into my profile section on gc.com. You find all info on the gsak macro forum. Greetings, Hans
  4. Remember there is still a huge number of geocachers who don't use the latest models of GPSr, which means they don't have map capabilities on their device. This will never mean they will find less caches than others... Go for it. Greetings, Hans
  5. You should look in "Custom Waypoints" (in standard sort order somewhere below the list of POI types). Greetings, Hans
  6. Well, I can't tell if it harms or not, but I did it already a few times and we didn't crash :-) Look what nice effect this has on the first image: flight from Pisa (Italy) to Brussels-South (Belgium) Cool, huh? :-) Greetings, Hans
  7. Because there is an pc interface (serial) on the Venture, this should be possible, yes. That's why the interface exists :-) Try this: - install mapsource - menu>edit>preferences>transfer - activate "search for garmin ..." - port: auto - click "OK" - menu>transfer>receive from device Follow the transfer wizard. Check the left "waypoints" pane, there should be listed some waypoints. I don't know what your new/upgraded device is, but let's guess it is a USB enable garmin device: Make sure you have the latest garmin usb driver (downloadable from support.garmin.com). Hook it to your computer, click send to device. This should do it... Greetings, Hans
  8. Hopefully a gpsmap 60HCSX is coming too :-P Greetings, Hans
  9. If you want to add one cache at a time: use the "Send to GPS" button Do you rather want to upload a batch: see my blog for a step by step explanation. Greetings, Hans
  10. Wasn't aware of the existence of text message notifications. I love the idea, anyway! greetings, Hans
  11. you might find some useful explanation on www.geocacher-u.com Greetings, Hans
  12. even the $30 for a year subscription is cheap if you see what a hobby you get in return :-) greetings, Hans
  13. What about the translation tool on gc.com? greetings, Hans
  14. In my opinion: Quality for free does not exists...but it is worth the money ($24 - $34) if you only want to use your pda: + GPS Tuner 5.1. + BeeLine GPS I have used gpstuner 4 when I only had my pda for geocaching: it was great and I still use it as backup. Greetings, Hans
  15. You find an explanation on paperless geocaching with a Palm on www.geocacher-u.com. I didn't use it, as I am an iPaq user, which is a pocket pc. Regards, Hans
  16. Hi Cedarflutman, To use the "send to gps" button on the detail cache page, you'll need this plugin. After installation this button enables you to send the info directly to your gps. In a gpsmap60csx you can find it as follows: hit "find", select "custom waypoints". I have posted an article on putting geocaches in bulk to your gpsmap60csx. It is using pocket queries (Premium membership required), gsak and garmin's poiloader. Good luck with it! Greetings, Hans
  17. Hi TnB, I like the idea, but I am not sure if people are willing to do extras like changing batteries. Maybe it is better just to put your camera in your cache as a fix goodie (not replaceable). Then you ask your visitors to take a pic of them and once in a while you upload the pics to your detailed cache page. Sounds kinda fun too, no? Greetings, Hans
  18. I use gsak in combination with Poiloader (see signature for the method I use). Once set up, it works like a glance: 20 seconds and +2.000 caches are put on my gpsmap 60csx... Greetings, Hans
  19. Ohw God... More addicted people :-P Enjoy the club! Greetings, Hans
  20. Hi Deatons, On my blog you find how it could work with a Pocket PC. But here you have it for Palm. Greetings, Hans
  21. can you tell which topographical data you have already installed? I 'll go to Italy next week but have not found any of this. Thanks! Greetings, Hans
  22. Hi Iamregin, therefor you need the plugin for google earth. Log on to geocaching.com Go to your profile page. At the right side you find a link "Download Geocache browser in Google Earth" (or: http://www.geocaching.com/kml/buildnetworkkml.aspx) This should do it. Greetings, Hans
  23. You can use GSAK too for the conversion of LOC files to GPX. Import the LOC files first. Then export them as GPX file (file>export as> gpx files). Quite simple, doh. Related to the pocket queries: Probably you forget to activate on of the days on which the query needs to be processed and be sent to you. If you choose the current day, you'll get it immediately. Greetings, Hans
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